Chapter 2 - Part 2

 But the second and third person he talked to give him similar information - and when the number finally reached the mid double digits, this is what he finally found out.
 Of course, most of the Krangal soldiers who had volunteered to come here were just looking for a chance to get close to a Sagrado woman who was reputed to be beautiful but tough!
(No wonder the princess-maiden is behaving like that! That princess looks pretty but she's an oni, a true oni. So, I will call her "Oni captain")
 Alexis couldn’t help but thought so.
* * *
 Still, he kept on talking to more and more soldiers, and finally he found this veteran soldier whom he met at the diner.
(Oh, finally! A decent soldier! A decent soldier is talking decent!)
 Alexis was strangely moved by this.
 This, however, seemed to be the underlying cause of the current slowdown in progress.
 In other words, the Krangal soldiers only saw the Sagrado people including Princess Fransisca as women, and the Sagrado people did not trust the Krangal soldiers at all.
* * *
(Now, what should I do from here? I don't think I can do something big as a new recruit, and I don't think I can do anything as it is...)
 In the end, dinner time passes without an answer to Alexis' problem, and it is time to take a bath.
「Hey Alex, you want to take a bath together?」
 It was the same veteran soldier whom he had talked with earlier in the evening that called out to him from the guardroom.
 Like Alexis, he seemed to recognize Alexis as a serious soldier and seemed to like him.
 "Oh, that's nice", Alexis nodded involuntarily, and then realized with a start.
――Wait, am I going to take a bath with the other guys with my dong hanging out?? No, no, no!!)
 Alexis said in a hurry.
「Uh... no, I'll go later. When are you guys going to take a bath?」
「Hmm? Uh, well, we usually finish about an hour before bedtime. What? Are you ashamed of it?」
 His point seemed to have been heard around the room, and a group of grinning soldiers gathered around him.
「What going on? New recruit, you can't be...」
「Are you one of those "short" guys?!」
「No, no, no, you know that? He's just a kid」
 In the midst of this instant burst of laughter, there was one thing that Alexis could not resist.
 It was the word "short". Alexis himself could not help but feel bitter about this...
「No, it's not!」
 Alexis unintentionally retorted, but before he could say anything else, "Then why?", "Come on, show me! "And, of course, the strong men came swarming in.
「No, no, you shouldn't look!」
 Alexis shouted in a panic while avoiding them.
「I've got a monster lurking between my legs, you'll all faint if you see it!」
 In the next moment, the place starts to buzz with excitement.
「What...? A monster that will make us swoon?!」
「Damn, what caliber is that? You're not gonna tell me it's better than my Magnum, are you...?!」
「No, no, no, it's a real monster. I recommend you don't look at it, don't look at it!」
 They gulp at the sight of Alexis's unfunny expression of blood.
「Wh-what do you say!?」
「This dull recruit, no way...」
 It seems that psychological damage has struck them.
 Alexis was relieved, as no one reached for Alexis' trousers anymore, perhaps hoping to avoid further fatalities.
(...I'll sneak out when no one is around)
 Alexis thought so.
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