Avalon Dungeon


Author: Earl Gray (アールグレイ)
Genre : Adult, Adventure, Harem, ,Romance
Alternative Name : Avalon's Dungeon - Making a Pure and Innocent Princess Shrine Maiden a Tentacle Cock Slave (アヴァロンの迷宮~純粋無垢な姫巫女を触手チンポの奴隷にする~)


The protagonist, who has accidentally acquired a bizarre manhood, is sobbing because even prostitutes are running away from him.

But one day, he receives an order from his father, the king. The order is: "Conquer Avalon's dungeon!".

In that dungeon, created by an ancient mage, may lie the hidden treasure that will restore his manhood! With this thought in mind, the protagonist spends his days attacking dungeons and his nights training princess maidens. Will he be able to restore his manhood to its original state?

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