Chapter 101 Feast with Newcomer ★

「What’s wrong, Suzu-san?」
「I just thought something like this would be good」
 In the bedroom, there are Chihiro and Suzu, and then Aika and Riko.
 Aika is in white and Riko in lime yellow underwear. Suzu, on the other hand, is in the process of taking off her clothes, and her exposed body is wrapped in black underwear that seems to be made of silk.
 The overwhelming presence of her breasts makes the girls’ expressions change as they also notice her expensive looking lingerie.
 Riko is surprised and Aika is jealous.
 But Chihiro just smiles at their reactions and asks Suzu.
「Is this something you want to do?」
「Yes. I mean, it’s like all the morals have vanished, and I’m so happy」
 Three women for one man.
 Moreover, all of them were in their underwear, and were about to start sexual intercourse, which revealed the depth of her karma when she said that she fully affirmed the extremely degenerate atmosphere.
 ...However, whether Suzu is treated as a slave or not is temporarily put on hold.
 The reason is that she has both the unrestrainedness of a cat and the obedience of a dog, and it might be better for her to be "unrestrained".
 Also, her too-ambitious nature, coupled with the age difference, still affect Aika and the others.
「...well, I think Maria and I get along well...」
「I think so, too」
「Oh, that girl. She’s nice, isn’t she? All she thinks about is sex, and she’s a total lewd」
 By the way, Maria and Hana are holed up in the room.
 Apparently, Maria is having some thoughts about the play between Chihiro and Hana that took place on the previous Sunday.
『I thought this would be a good opportunity to give this child a big "thank you"』
 And so, Maria continues to thoroughly torture Hana, one-on-one. Even if she cries and begs her to stop, Maria will ensure that Hana will be treated according to the rules of slavery.
 However, despite Maria’s resolutions, Hana seemed strangely happy as she was being led away. Chihiro is curious about the extent of the "thorough" torture, although he is aware that it will not be of any use to him, but at the same time he would prefer not to know.
「Shall we begin?」
「Yes. What will you do?」
 Chihiro ponders for a moment as he is asked by the cheerful voice.
 When he and Suzu had sex at the log house, they had mainly done it while hugging each other.
 So, he would like to try something else today.
「Suzu-san, I want you to lick it between your breasts」
 Suzu then looked at Chihiro’s crotch.
 Although the words were a little blurred, the intention was conveyed clearly.
「Yes, that’s fine」
 Suzu nodded and walked over to the big bed.
 Chihiro followed Suzu, and he heard Riko and Aika’s voices behind him.
「That size is a foul, isn’t it, in many ways?」
「...Licking is something that even I’m not very good at from the beginning」
 Indeed, fellatio is a skill that takes some getting used to.
 Aika is still practicing, which is probably why she thinks so.
 Chihiro sits on the bed and takes off his pajamas.
 When his erect penis is exposed, Suzu takes off her bra and drops it on the floor. The modesty of the underwear, which is not commensurate with its price, emphasizes the lewdness of the scene.
 First, Suzu blows on the rod playfully.
 Then, after recognizing a twitching reaction of the penis, she reaches out her finger.
 Her beautiful fingers, which had probably never done any hard work before, gripped the rod.
「Mm, shu...」
 This is the second time Suzu has played with her hand.
 Last time, when they first met, he felt her breasts on his back and the situation in the school helped him to ejaculate.
 This time, perhaps because the stimulation was completely by her hand, Chihiro was not quite comfortable with it.
 Of course, it felt good, but the stimulation was not enough.
 Most of the excitement and pleasure came from the softness of her fingers and the beauty of her skin, not from the technique of hand job.
 Of course, whatever the process is, it must be Suzu’s work, and the penis grows slowly as the handjob continues.
 As soon as it gets big enough, it’s ready to go.
 And with that, her hand leaves the penis.
 Then, her ample breasts, which are now free from the restraints of her underwear, are held by her hands, and she approaches Chihiro with her whole body.
 The white twin hills slowly wrap the penis from both sides. At this moment, Chihiro felt a sensation that surpassed the one he had felt from her fingers earlier.
 Her breasts, which were pressed by her palms, lifted his penis straight up. From there, Suzu rubbed and pressed her own breasts to stimulate Chihiro indirectly.
 It was as if she was thinking of masturbating herself as she served him.
「Fuuh, mmm...」
 A faint sigh escaped from his lips.
 And at the overly suggestive sight of an adult woman masturbating his penis between her breasts make Chihiro’s alter ego quickly hardened.
 But then, the way she rubbed her breasts changed.
 Suzu smiles as she changes the angle of lifting the penis, and the tip of the penis seems to protrude toward her face.
 Then, her mouth opens wide.
 Without hesitation, her lips take in the glans and its tip.
 As she begins to suck Chihiro’s penis, the movements of her breasts become more intense, and her tongue and lips wriggle at the same time. Perhaps because the hands were used for masturbation and the tongue and lips for kissing, the movements were much less sluggish than those of the hand job.
 The breasts stimulated the rod with varying pressure points, and the tip was licked and sucked.
 The saliva that was accumulating in her mouth was dripped onto the penis and served as a lubricant, making a small sound as she sucked and licked it. The problem is that the movements are not well coordinated. Well, it’s the first time she’s done this.
「It’s a lie...」
 Aika is stunned by Suzu’s more-than-adequate performance.
 She was stunned at the simple fact that Suzu kept breathing without worrying about her ragged nose, and that she showed no sign of gagging while holding a stick-shaped object in her mouth. She also does not show any aversion to the taste or smell of the penis.
 Perhaps the reason for this smooth movement is the lack of resistance to the sexual act.
 As Riko mentioned earlier, Suzu’s service is somewhat similar to that of Maria.
 If the enthusiasm of the girl who is Chihiro’s "first slave" is based on a somewhat obsessive sexual desire, Suzu’s enthusiasm seems to be mainly based on her interest and concern.
 However, the root of "I like to feel good" is similar between them.
 On the other hand, Aika’s tendency to move slowly due to shyness is not a result of laziness. It is rather a normal thing, well, in such a situation, the person whose head is not screwed up wins.
 As he was thinking, Chihiro felt his penis was getting closer and closer to ejaculation.
 A twitching reaction occurred frequently, and a kind of heat was building up inside the rod.
「Suzu-san, I’m about to cum!」
 When he called out to her, Suzu looked up at Chihiro for a moment.
 She nodded her head and moved her hands and tongue faster. Then――
 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!
 Suzu released her mouth just before the semen was spewed out and caught it with her upper body.
 Her beautiful skin is stained with her bodily fluids, which makes her look even more sensual.
 Suzu scooped some of the white sperm with her fingers and smirked as she took it into her mouth.
*Pant* it’s a little hot」
 The murmur that leaked out was ecstatic.
 The fact that she did not catch it with her mouth might have been on purpose.
 But it was Aika who seemed to be displeased.
 She puffs out her cheeks and glares at Suzu.
 It’s more of a mild envy than anger, but Chihiro has recently come to realize that this kind-hearted girl is actually jealous, despite her appearance.
 Riko, on the other hand, smiles wryly at Aika.
「Well, Aika, why don’t you do it next?」
「Eh? But...」
 Aika tries to interrupt but Riko pushes the confused Aika back and puts her in front of Chihiro, and then she whispers to Suzu.
「We can have fun too, right?」
「Yes. But I’m not done yet, too」
 Suzu reaches her right hand to her crotch as she says this.
 Perhaps she is hungry for pleasure because she has not felt it for a while. Although sexual services alone may arouse her, but it can’t make her feel good.
「Then, Suzu-san, please get on my face」
「Eh? L-Like this?」
 Chihiro lies down in the middle of the bed and invites Aika and then Suzu to join him.
 Aika moves closer to Chihiro’s lower body, and Suzu opens her legs on Chihiro’s face and leans down.
 Aika adjusts her position a few times so that her pussy is right above Chihiro’s penis.
 Naturally, Chihiro starts cunnilingus Suzu with his face.
 He uses his lips and tongue to open up her secret place, and pokes and licks it. This is the repayment for the previous service, in which he sucked her pussy to make her body feel good.
「Mmmm? C-Chihiro-kun. How does my pussy taste?」
 He doesn’t know where Suzu learned those words.
 But she asks him in a shy voice. Well, he wants to answer the question, but it’s difficult to do so now that his mouth is covered, so he slurps her love juices noisily instead.
 Suzu’s body shakes.
 It seems that she has already come.
 As he continued the cunnilingus, Suzu shuddered more. She is getting more sensitive.
 Her secret place is also very wet.
 In comparison with Aika and the others, Suzu’s secret hole is slightly open and has a matured look to it, while keeping its beautiful color.
 The taste and smell of her love juice is rather strong too.
 Maria also boasted(?) that she "never misses masturbating every day" when they just met. However, when it comes to Suzu’s age, in other words, the number of times she had do it by herself must be different from Maria’s.
 Still, Chihiro loves her for having developed herself to such an extent.
 ...And he wonders why Principal Ootori and the former principal were so stubborn to keep their hands off of Suzu.
 But, well, Chihiro, being of the same sex, can easily understand their feelings.
 He believes that both of them just cared about Suzu.
 The former principal cared too much and hesitated to break his hand, and as a result, missed the right moment to do so.
 Still, he is a man of noble spirit who can keep a relationship with someone he loves without touching her, and he did not hold Suzu knowing that he would die in the near future.
 He left Suzu pure for "someone else" who would fall in love with her.
 Principal Ootori also could not hold Suzu, whom his brother had such feelings for. Although it is not clear whether he liked Suzu as a woman or not, or to what extent he felt guilty about Yotsuba, his self-control must have been extraordinary.
 In the end, it was Chihiro who took Suzu’s virginity, not the two of them who had strong feelings for her or who had too much feelings for her.
 Well, this story is not a good one. After all, Principal Ootori’s anger is understandable.
 However, he cannot change what has happened.
 So, Chihiro, who has embraced Suzu, fulfills his responsibility to her in his own way.
「Mmm, mmmー? Mmmー!」
 He makes Suzu come again and again with his tongue.
 But Aika’s cry makes him come to his senses.
 He wants to see Aika but Suzu’s body is an obstacle, so he can’t see her...
「R-Riko-chan, pass me the lotion」
「Yes, yes」
 Lotion? Not condoms?
 As he continued to torture Suzu with a doubts, he heard a few small sounds of water, and then he felt Aika move her body.
「I’m coming, Chihiro-kun...」
 Aika supported his penis with one hand, and his penis was placed on the hole.
 It is different from the usual feeling he had imagined, and is narrower. And the tightness seems to be stronger. Perhaps because of this, Aika seemed to have a hard time inserting it.
 After a gasp that could have been a cry of anguish, the tip split open.
 Immediately, the tip tightened strongly.
「Oh, it’s great...」
 After Aika’s gasp, he heard Suzu’s murmur. She must have been able to see everything.
「...you put the penis in your ass...」
 As suspected.
 If it’s not a vagina, then there’s only one answer left.
 Aika’s back hole, which she has been developing recently, is about to be penetrated by his penis and sunk deep into her anus.
 It seems, after the first anal development, although he had played with Aika several times, he had not yet penetrated her yet.
「Chihiro. A while ago, Aika voluntarily washed her butt――」
「Sorry, sorry. So you don’t mind if I tell him that you sometimes practice on your own, do you?」
 Apparently, Aika had been trying anal masturbation without his knowledge.
 But after hearing this, Chihiro felt somewhat jealous that Riko knew about it. Perhaps it was just an exchange of information among female friends, still Chihiro wants to vent his frustration and he vents it on Suzu.
「Hyan? Chihiro-kun, you’re going too far!」
 Suzu screamed with pleasure, and Aika became jealous.
 But by the time he realized it, it was already too late, and right after that, he felt the sensation of penetration all at once.
 Aika screamed sweetly.
 It seems that she also came lightly by the stimulation at the time of penetration. As she did so, her tight asshole tightened even more, making his penis feel even tighter and tighter.
 And helplessly, Chihiro ejaculated for the second time.
「Oh, I’m cumming...!」
 Chihiro’s fluid pours into Aika.
 Without a contraceptive between them directly - it was the first time he ejaculated directly since the day he first held Aika, and it was more than enough for him to experience the sensation, even if he excluded the fact that he was now inserting it into her anally.
 And now, as he flicked his tongue around in pleasure, the pressure disappeared from his face.
「I give up? Chihiro-kun, I’m coming but you won’t stop at all!」
 Suzu then moved her body to his breasts, saying "It feels good but it’s too much stimulation".
 Immediately, Riko, who had been watching from the sidelines, came to mount Chihiro’s face.
「I’m sorry, Chihiro, but I want to feel good, too」
 Perhaps she was aroused by the sight of Chihiro and the others in action, or perhaps she had been playing with herself a little, but her crotch was as wet as Suzu’s.
「Ufufu. Then, Riko-chan... how about kissing onee-san?」
「Eh? Hey, don’t push... mmm...」
 Suzu, who had turned her body 180 degrees, kissed Riko, and their tongues entwined with each other.
 Aika also moves her hips and starts cowgirl anal sex.
 Chihiro, on the other hand, tasted Aika’s asshole while tonguing Riko’s secret parts.
 After that they continued to engage each other repeatedly in different positions and combinations, and by the time they were done, everyone was in a limp mode. Come to think of it, Chihiro and the others were tired from the school festival, and Suzu had a lot to drink.
 The act should have been light, still, they just kept going with the mood of the party.
 Now, in the lazy atmosphere, Chihiro suddenly asked Suzu.
「By the way, Suzu-san...」
「...Hm? What is it, Chihiro-kun?」
「Do you want to try the [Domination] ability, Suzu-san?」
 The ability to make the affected person strong, but also to bind his or her mind slowly.
「Yes, I want it」
 Suzu accepted it with two words.
 So, lying down next to each other, they hold hands and perform a ritual to make a "mark" appear on Suzu’s body.
 Riko, who had taken advantage of the situation, said something unexpected to Suzu.
「Suzu-san, do you swear to serve and believe in Chihiro whether in health or in sickness?」
「Ahaha, what’s that?」
 Suzu laughed for a moment and then answered with tears in her eyes.
「Yes, I swear. From now on, I can only be held by one person, Chihiro-kun」
 With just one brilliant move, Suzu’s body was engraved with a vivid "mark".
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