Chapter 103 Hesitation - Part 2

「Well, umm...」
 Chihiro looked at Suzu, wondering what to say.
「It was intense...」
「Well, Suzu-san knows about it, too. Did she have any special proclivities?」
「Yes, special. As you can imagine, I didn't expect it either」
 Suzu laughs with a troubled look on her face.
 The girls must have known that she was quite a player in this kind of situation.
 In fact, if Chihiro had told them the truth, everyone would have thought it was a lie.
「For now, it's hard to explain at this stage, so... please let's just say +you'll find out soon+」
 Chihiro, not to be presumptuous, fumbled the details of the story with such words. 
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 That night, Chihiro was in no mood to cuddle with a girl.
 So, he just walks out onto the balcony through the room next to the living room, which is not used for any special purpose and is usually used for storing luggage and changing clothes.
 In there, he finds a clothesline, the outdoor unit of the air-conditioning system, and a TV antenna. Only the bare necessities are placed on the balcony.
 As he leans against the metal fence that separates the inside from the outside and looks up at the sky, he can see the moon through the clouds.
(How long has it been since I have looked at the night sky like this?)
 Perhaps because of the convenience and busyness of his life, he tends to spend his evenings indoors. This means that he does not have a chance to reflect on himself.
(Well, I'm so busy trying to cope with the fast-changing daily routine that I don't have a chance to look at myself)
 He has forgotten. He has missed it.
 He could have done it anytime he wanted to.
「It's twilight」
 Clatter... Clatter... someone comes out through the sliding door.
 The person who sits next to Chihiro is Suzu, whose long hair is tied up in an appropriate way and who is dressed in expensive-looking silk pajamas.
 She opens a can of beer in her hand and takes a sip, pouring the cold liquid down her throat.
「Chihiro-kun, do you want an indirect kiss?」
 She offers him a half-drunk beer.
「Well, I'm a little tempted to take you up on your offer」
 Not an indirect kiss, of course, but simply a mood to escape with drink.
 Though Chihiro, who is underage, really doesn't know if drinking "alcohol" is really refreshing or not.
「Something on your mind?」
「Yes. I'm not sure if this is the right thing to do」
 It's a feeling that has been nagging at him for some time now.
 It is a kind of self-loathing, to put it simply, that finally took shape after today's incident with Yotsuba.
 The things Chihiro has done so far.
 He has held girls according to his feelings, beaten up those whom he did not like, sometimes threatened them with cowardly means, and twisted their righteous arguments with polemics and emotional arguments. The situation surrounding Suzu's treatment is just a symbol of Chihiro's methods and what they mean.
 He has pushed adults around, broken their trust, and put Aika and the others in danger by causing more trouble.
 But Aika and the others are fine with Chihiro's methods. And thanks to their trust or their cooperation, Chihiro is now able to do what he does, and he does not think that it is excessive.
 And, of course, Chihiro has his own ideas and thoughts about this path.
 But now, he has given Yotsuba, an innocent and pure student council president, a lewd vision.
 So, he wonders once again if this is the right thing to do.
「...Well, you know, I'm thinking about it, too. Yuu-chan is one thing, but even Yotsuba talked to me about it」
 She ignored Principal Ootori's thing.
 Well, it seems a bit harsh to a childhood friend whom she once almost fell in love with, but it's not like there's an atmosphere to point it out, so just let it go.
 Suzu then sips her beer.
「But, I wonder if what Yotsuba is saying is really a good argument」
 Chihiro blinked, unable to grasp the meaning of what was said.
 To him, this former young lady, who is still an adult woman, giggles and smiles.
「Holding back what you want to do most and living while trying to fit in with everyone else...is that normal and proper? But does that make us happy? Or do we have to be happy?」
「Chihiro-kun, we are not trying to cause trouble for others. I think Yuu-chan is just overreacting this time」
 After all, Suzu is somewhat similar to Maria.
 That dark beauty is aware of her loneliness - she is something foreign to the world, to society, and she is aware and resigned to the fact that she cannot behave as she wants to.
 Therefore, she knows how to get by somewhat wisely and has found a master named Chihiro.
 But Suzu has not given up yet.
 This is probably due to the fact that it started out as a love affair. Many people would not be so convinced if they are told that they have to stand up after losing someone they love - that they have to get back on their feet and find a new love.
 In Suzu's case, this is combined with her accumulated sexual desire.
 Perhaps it would have been different if her head was screwed up to the extent that she could explode and find a random partner. However, in a sense, her upbringing has made her make a rational decision in a strange way.
「I hate it. I think it's good to have someone who recognizes and helps me and other girls like Maria-chan. I would be very happy if it was Chihiro-kun」
「But I don't have the power」
「If you don't have it, just get it」
 She made it sound so easy.
 Frankly speaking, if Chihiro could do that, he wouldn't have a hard time.
 Well, right now, Chihiro is not looking for fighting power, but financial power, or connections. More than mere power, it is not something that can be obtained overnight and without any procedure.
「I wonder. Maybe we can manage it. For example... there is a virgin girl who is practically the only daughter of a rich family and is engaged to the principal of the school」
 Kurohane Yotsuba.
「You want me to get Kurohane-senpai?」
「That's right」
 Train her own sister.
 Suzu's expression was calm, even amused, as she said this.
 The remaining beer is all consumed.
「I thought Chihiro-kun had done Yotsuba for that purpose. It's a classic that a strong sexual experience is unforgettable, isn't it?」
「It's a standard in manga and novels」
「I've heard that story, too」
 With a few jokes in between.
 The big sister, who has chosen the path of corruption, whispers to her companion, the boy, to corrupt her little sister who still keeps her integrity.
「Yotsuba is going to ask you to make her your slave. Isn't it exciting?」
 Indeed, the invitation was irresistible.
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