Chapter 104 Yotsuba's Changes - Part 1

 The next day, Suzu and Chihiro went to school together.
 He used to walk to school alone, but now someone was walking with him. The feeling was fresh and happy.
 Although his relationship with Maria has improved, he still has a problem walking side by side with her. Although it would be acceptable to walk with Aika, there is a risk of being pestered in this way.
 On the other hand, Suzu, who is activating her [Cognitive Obstruction], can be with him without being accused by anyone.
「I'm glad Suzu-san is here」
「...Geez. I bet you say that to all the girls, no matter who they are」
「I won't say it. Only Aika and Suzu-san」
 Five is a lot, but he does not intend to say this to any of the girls in an inappropriate manner.
「Ufufu. I'm so happy」
 Even Suzu, who had been sighing with a glazed look in her eyes, actually seemed to be satisfied.
 After told this, Chihiro was hugged and felt his back arms wrapped between her ample breasts.
「Um...when you hug me, I disappear too...」
 If anyone was paying attention to Chihiro, it would appear as if he had suddenly vanished.
「Don't worry. It's not that you disappear, but that people don't notice you. If someone is staring at you, they will think you are gone when they realize you are gone, not that you suddenly disappeared」
「I see」
 However, inorganic objects such as surveillance cameras cannot be fooled.
 It's just the ability to make living things stop noticing them.
「...What? So the cameras in the school are also recording you?」
「...that's right...」
 There must have been several of those installed at the school gates and other important places. It is said that Suzu's presence would have been noticed by anyone who watched the recorded or live video.
 Well, even if they noticed Suzu's presence through the cameras, it would not be possible to catch Suzu.
 Still, it was a little amusing to imagine Principal Ootori shouting "Come out, Suzu!" to an empty (seemingly) empty space.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 He thinks he hears a strangely prolonged voice from behind him, and an arm covered by the sleeve of the uniform holds his neck firmly. The feeling of the chest plate against his head, which is protruding from the back of the chair, is clearly not that of a boy, but of a girl. And――
 ...It's a fresh sensation.
 As he puts down the lunch box he was eating, he turns around to see Maisaka smiling fearlessly at him.
「What's wrong?」
 He asked him. For some reason, Maisaka looked dissatisfied.
「Well, I mean, what's the matter with you? You should react more thoughtfully. Don't stand behind me...」
「Sorry, sorry. So?」
「Oh, this, this」
 What was shown in front of him was a sheet of paper. On the surface is a simple table with lines drawn with a ballpoint pen.
 The vertical column shows two sets of time from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in increments of an hour to an hour and a half. In the horizontal column are eleven names.
「Ah, a shift list」
 The maid café that Chihiro and the other 1-C students will have at the school festival.
 More specifically, the number of names and the types of names on it indicate that it is a shift list for the members who serve customers.
「I've already asked the other members what they want to do, but you, Fukami-san, and Takatsuki haven't told me yet. That's why I came to ask you all together」
 At the sound of his voice, Aika and the others who were eating lunch together leaned forward. Chihiro sees this and takes the paper from Maisaka and puts it on the desk.
 Only Riko, who was helping the class after school, was calm.
 Note that Suzu has left Chihiro for a meal break. It is a mystery where and how she eats, since she is not supposed to use the cafeteria or the store.
「Izumi is helping the student council, right?」
「Yes. I think I'll be in the student council room for about an hour each on both days」
 He tells Maisaka about the shift that Lucille has just handed down to him.
 In addition, he will participate in the opening and closing ceremonies as a staff member, so it would be better to avoid the first morning of the first day and the last part of the second day, if possible.
「Okay. So, Takatsuki...」
 After nodding, Maisaka then glanced at Aika. 
「Oh, I'm...」
「Same shift as Izumi. Understood」
「I haven't said anything yet!? Thought, I'm fine with that」
 Riko just looked at her with half-open eyes.
 And now, Maria, asked for the last time, had informed the executive committee of her availability. Like Chihiro, she would be unavailable for the opening and closing ceremonies and other events organized by the committee.
「Hmm, OK. So you don't have to work the same shift as Izumi?」
「Yes. I want to come here as a guest」
「Oh, that's a good idea」
 When Aika muttered something, Maria smiled smugly. The girl seems to have a much richer facial expression than before.
 Riko seems to be working not only on the front (serving customers) but also in the kitchen at her own request.
 She says that she is more suited to cooking.
 After the three of them had finished communicating their wishes, Maisaka left the desk, saying that he would give them the finalized version later.
 Chihiro thought that Maizaka seemed to be having a tough time of it.
「By the way, Aika, the infirmary will be open during the school festival, right?」
「Yes. I'm going to help them a little. It shouldn't be that busy」
 No one would be stupid enough to get hurt during the festival by combat training, but there are students who get burns and cuts while cooking, children who fall down while running, and so on.
 The two school nurses at the school have to deal with such users.
 Aika, who usually helps them, has decided to help out as well.
 She seems plays the role of a maid or a nurse(?) and she seems to be busy in her own way.
「Well, can I come and see you when you have some free time?」
「Sure. I won't be able to talk to you much, and I don't want you to come here injured」
 Aika says this not because it will increase her workload, but because she is worried about Chihiro.
 But Riko laughed.
「Aha. If you get hurt at the maid cafe, Aika will heal you immediately, and you're usually with her at other places too」
「That's true, too」
「I'm sorry. I was only half-joking」
 ☆   ☆   ☆

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