Chapter 105 Yotsuba's Conflict - Part 2 ★

 Yotsuba's "desire", which was revealed in the private training room yesterday, was very special.
 That is why Chihiro hesitated to explain to Maria and the others. Even Chihiro, who had seen it firsthand, was doubtful, so it was hard to believe that they would believe him if he told them.
 ...However, he told Suzu, who was Yotsuba's sister, and she agreed with him.
 And this is the vision based on Yotsuba's image.
 The first thing Chihiro saw was the principal's office of the school. The interior illuminated by the lights was not different from the real one.
 Outside the uncurtained window was dark, and stars were floating in the sky.
 The senses suggest that Yotsuba's subconscious mind had specified the condition of "a luxurious room" and Chihiro had associated it with the principal's office. 
 In the room, there are two figures.
 One is Yotsuba, who is wearing the school uniform without any problem, sitting on the principal's chair with her legs crossed. She is sitting comfortably, as if she were a queen, or rather, an empress.
 Her eyes "looking down" at the other person in the room with a smile, but her smile is very cold and somewhat unapproachable.
 It is an attitude that the real Yotsuba would never have.
 At her feet, sitting on the carpeted floor, was not Chihiro but Principal Ootori in a high-class suit.
 This was the first time for Chihiro to see a vision in which he himself did not appear at all, perhaps because his personality did not match the specified conditions.
 In any case.
 Although the girl was a little matured, it was easy to understand at a glance that it was "not an ordinary scene" to see a respectable adult serving a girl who was still just a high school student.
「You are dressed well, aren't you, Yuuji-san?」
 Yotsuba said mockingly.
 Although the voice certainly belonged to Kurohane Yotsuba, the student council president, the impression was completely different from the usual one. It was as if someone else was speaking exactly like her.
 Perhaps it was the same for Principal Ootori, who only looked up at Yotsuba in amazement.
 Then, a cold and solemn voice struck Principal Ootori's ear.
「What is your reply?」
 The toes of her shoes lifted President Ootori's chin.
 And Principal Ootori's lips quivered fearfully.
「Stop it, Yotsuba」
「...Oh my (Ara)」
 Yotsuba's eyes narrowed.
 She stops moving at the unexpected response and releases her legs, exhaling lightly.
 Principal Ootori smiles in relief at the sensation of release.
 A pair of shoes kick up Principal Ootori's chin with a light thud.
 The force is not strong. Considering his body position, the kick should not have had much force.
 However, the shock to the victim seems to have been immeasurable.
「Who allowed you to talk to me like that?」
 Yotsuba looks down at Principal Ootori, whose eyes are wide open. Her foot is now on his head.
「Do you have anything to say to me?」
 Principal Ootori bit down on his back teeth.
 Then, he slowly opens his mouth in humiliation.
「I'm sorry (Sumanakatta)」
「"Please accept my apologies", right?」(Mōshiwake arimasendeshita)
 The heel of her shoes teased the back of his head.
「...Please accept my apologies, Yotsuba」
「...Please accept my apologies, Yotsuba-sama」
 To a younger girl. To his own fiancée. To a student at the academy.
 Being looked down upon, ridiculed, ordered to kneel down must have felt awful.
 Perhaps he cursed his own life.
 Yotsuba smiled happily as she watched Principal Ootori.
「Okay, now I want to see your face」
 The balance of power is completely reversed.
 Or, it should be more than a reversal, since Principal Ootori would not even reject Yotsuba's feet.
 Suddenly, the upper shoes on his head are removed.
 What followed was a new command.
 Yotsuba silently puts her right foot in front of the eyes of Principal Ootori and tells him.
「Take off my shoes. After you take it off, lick my feet」
「...Are you serious?」
 She puts her shoes on his chin again.
「Take it off」
 Yotsuba narrowed his eyes at Principal Ootori's language, but said nothing this time.
 The principal, who was wearing a suit, sat upright on the carpet and extended his hands to Yotsuba's right leg. He took her shoes with his hands and took them off from her feet.
 The shoes randomly fell off from his hand and rolled on the carpet.
「...Hmm. You throw away your master's shoes, huh?」
 As she said that, a pair of dark blue socks was placed against Principal Ootori's mouth.
 She pries open his lips with a forceful twist, and the socks enter his mouth with her toes.
「This is your punishment for being a bad dog. Lick me like this. Lick it, suck it, and get the taste of me all over your tongue and brain」
「Don't make fun of me. I can't do that」
「I said, "Do it"」
 Her foot is pushed in further.
 When Principal Ootori involuntarily let his tongue touch the sock, Yotsuba let out an ecstatic laugh.
「That's right. That's it. Come on, keep going. Pleasure me more and more」
 Her expression and her voice clearly showed that Yotsuba was so aroused by the superiority and ecstasy of dominating the man that she was about to climax.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
「It's a surprise, isn't it? That Yotsuba is into SM, and on the S side」
「You talk about "pure relationships", but then you make a guy lick your feet and almost come, don't you? What would your friends think if they saw――」
「Stop it!」
 Her screams echoed through the park.
 However, Yotsuba was still touching Suzu at the moment she raised her voice. So, her presence is not recognized by others due to the effect of [Cognitive Obstruction], and her voice is not heard by anyone except Suzu and Chihiro.
 Yet, Yotsuba is trembling.
 Not only that, tears were falling on her knees.
「I don't believe it. I can't believe it. I can't believe that was my "desire"」
 With a sob, she spits out words of denial.
 She must deny, must admit.
 If she does not deny and admit it, she can make a mistake――say, that Chihiro planted a random image in her mind, or something like that――she can't deny it.
 Otherwise, she cannot maintain herself.
「Izumi kun, because you made me crazy, I...」
 Still, Yotsuba does not look back at Chihiro, even as she screams out her vindictiveness.
 She is afraid that their eyes will meet, that she will see him again.
 Of course.
 She only knows what exactly Chihiro's ability is through hearsay. There is no way she can believe what she hears from him at this moment.
 However, it also means that she doubts her blood sister as well.
 It is against Yotsuba's pride to put the blame on others without checking the facts.
 Yotsuba shudders at the sound of Chihiro's voice.
「Please don't run away」
「I'm not running away」
「You're running away. ...Because, whether my ability is really what I said or not, it doesn't change the fact that you took it on your own will and you can't forget it」
 Even if Chihiro's ability was brainwashing.
 It is Yotsuba who has accepted the challenge that she might be able to overcome it with her willpower. As a result, it is Yotsuba who is being misled because of her lack of willpower.
「It is true that you are now eager to realize that vision」
 A dry sound echoed.
 It seems she didn't take it easy on him. Still, Chihiro continued to speak, holding back the pain in his cheeks.
 As if he dared to stroke her self-esteem.
「You can deny it if you want. The effect of the ability is already gone, so the memory should fade away in a few days」
 It's normal for things to get fuzzier as time goes on.
 ...unless she goes back to it over and over again, reinforcing her memory each time.
 And then Yotsuba shudders.
「...No way. The school festival is the day after tomorrow」
「So, you admit it? That your sexual desire is so strong that you can't stand it even though you're preparing for an important school festival」
「No way!」
 She almost screamed.
「I can't accept that. I'll never admit it」
 Admitting it would change everything.
 She would be disqualified from blaming Suzu, and the trust of Principal Ootori would be destroyed. Above all, Yotsuba's own self-esteem would be damaged.
 She will surely not be able to forgive herself for being the student council president.
「Then, let's deny it once and for all. Let's look at it once more and let this time blow it all out of the water」
 With gentleness, but without regard to Yotsuba's will, he pressed her cheek.
 He felt no resistance as he turned her face toward him.
「Don't worry. I'm sure you can do it」
 With words of encouragement, Chihiro once again activated his ability, [Desire Exposure], in order to subvert the stout and innocent student council president.
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