Chapter 114 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part Two - 2 ★

「Suzu-san, Yotsuba, could you swap each other’s clothes?」
 Chihiro’s command made them look at each other.
 Yotsuba is wearing her school uniform, of course. She is wearing a blazer, skirt, and blouse with a rouge ribbon.
 Suzu, on the other hand, is in plain clothes. She wears a sweater over a camisole, and a sweatshirt on the lower half of her body. Her body is on the edge in many ways, but Suzu, perhaps with her own sense of style, dresses as if she is just visiting from the neighborhood.
 The height difference between the two sisters is about the same.
 Yotsuba is not small, but Suzu is much taller than Yotsuba. But it can be managed.
「Sounds kind of fun」
「Understood. As you wish」
 As Suzu looks happy, Yotsuba solemnly undresses herself.
 Suzu was the first one to undress. This was because she did not have to unbutton her clothes, and because she was in high spirits.
「Chihiro-kun, what about the underwear?」
「If it looks like the size is okay, I’d like you two to swap too. If you want, even shoes」
「Okay. Yotsuba okay?」
「Yes. Although I’m a little uncomfortable wearing my sister’s clothes」
 Yotsuba, on the other hand, did not seem to stop taking off.
「Hmm. Maybe I can’t wear Yotsuba’s bra. So, I’m going to leave as it is」
 In this way, the bra was left as it was.
 Suzu wore a camisole of a mass-produced product, light yellowish green in color.
 Yotsuba, on the other hand, was wearing a black bra with a lot of lace. It was quite different from the usual impression of Yotsuba, but rather similar to Suzu and Maria’s taste.
 If things went badly, it would show through her blouse.
「I see. So, you’re wearing this underwear...」
「I don’t mind. It’s for Master to see」
「I think it’s good. But I don’t think it’s Yuu-chan’s taste」
「Well, that person likes the white one better. Anyway, I will dye it to "the new me" in time」
 Yotsuba laughed in a lecherous manner.
「Well, here we are」
 Suzu and Yotsuba stand, having exchanged panties.
 Yotsuba, who was wearing Suzu’s clothes, had no problem. The large sweater, sweatshirt, and bra strap peeking out from her shoulder give her a loose look, which is somewhat fresh.
 Suzu in her school uniform seemed to be a little tight. She gave up on the third button of her blouse and wore her blazer unbuttoned. Her navel peeked through the gap of the blouse.
「You are dressed so vulgarly in my uniform」
「Well, it can’t be helped. Then, you two...」
 After appeasing Yotsuba, Chihiro told them about his play plan, and they agreed to it after rolling their eyes a little.
「Fufu. I feel like a high school student again」
 Suzu sits on a chair at the back of the student council room, in front of the entrance.
 Seeing her in the place where Yotsuba usually sits made even Chihiro, who has been a member of the student council for a short period of time, feel strange.
 Same uniform, similar facial features, but totally different.
 The breasts pushing up the blouse and the black panties showing through the slightly opened legs emphasized Suzu’s sex appeal to an excessive degree.
「Chihiro-kun, shall we?」
 Suzu invites innocently and bewitchingly.
 And from behind, he hears a deep, exasperated gasp.
「Even you used to be the student council president」
 It’s Yotsuba.
 She is hugging herself, leaning her back against the door of the student council room. With her eyes fixed on Suzu.
 And the meaning of her words, what she said, was.
「Who is the student council president?」
「Geez? It’s me, isn’t it? And that was many years ago!」
 Suzu became angry while she said this.
「I’m sorry. I just can’t believe it」
「That’s terrible. I told you before that I was serious when I was in high school」
 Of course, Chihiro remembers it too.
 He did not doubt it out of his mind, still he was half-convinced.
 However, it seems to be an undeniable fact.
 ――Both sisters are the president of the student council and engaged to the principal of the school.
 Yotsuba may have followed her big sister’s footsteps in becoming the student council president.
 Chihiro thinks so and shakes his head with a smile and a pain in his heart.
「No, nothing. ...Suzu-san, please take off your panties and open your legs」
 Suzu does as she is told, taking off the top and removing the panties.
 The panties are carelessly placed in the pocket of his uniform. Then, she sits down deeply on a chair, and opens her legs.
 She rolls up her skirt with her left and right thumbs and forefingers, exposing her pubic mound covered with pubic hair.
「Do you think I should shave my pubic mound, too?」
「I don’t mind either way, but... did I mention that?」
「You know, last night. I saw Aika-chan and Riko-chan were so smooth」
「...I see」
 Hearing this, Yotsuba also followed Suzu’s answer.
「Next time, I’ll shave mine too」
 And so, with a thought of the strange and funny way in which the custom of shaving, which at first was only for Riko, is spreading, Chihiro takes off his clothes.
 While he is doing so, Suzu also takes off the borrowed skirt and puts it on the table to prevent it from getting dirty, and slips the panties down lightly to expose her vagina.
 After doing this, Chihiro communicates the intention of "penetration" through eye contact.
 After confirming Suzu’s nodding, he thrust his penis into her vagina without any hesitation.
 A sweet voice escaped from her lips.
 Speaking of which, he inserted it without any foreplay, but fortunately, some lubrication was already ensured. This lubricant was love juice, which Suzu had secreted.
「You still get wet easily, don’t you?」
「Do you not like naughty girls?」
「I like them. They’re cute」
 He whispered to her, and her vagina tightened lightly.
 And so, in a somewhat unstable position, Suzu and Chihiro move their hips, careful not to let the chair fall over. They moved their hips slowly so that they could enjoy the raw vaginal flesh.
 His tongue also flicks out from his lips, which are very close to Suzu’s lips.
 Knowing that he wants to be kissed, Suzu presses her lips against him, and then releases after a short time.
 They keep time to catch their breaths and enjoy the stimulation, even the frustration, as they writhe around and send pleasure into each other’s genitals.
 At this time, Suzu’s face was flushed with excitement.
 This is the expression on her face when she was enjoying the exposure play, not the usual sex.
 If she was the president of the student council, she must have a special feeling for this student council room. And it seems that Suzu is translating that into shame and arousal.
 As Chihiro continues pistoning, her vagina overflows with her love juice, and the movement of his penis scrapes it up and stains the chair and the floor. Everything is spiced up and the intercourse becomes more and more intense.
 However, he glances at the back of the room in between kisses.
 He saw Yotsuba was masturbating as she watched Chihiro and Suzu in action.
 She was rubbing her breasts over her clothes with her left hand, and her right hand was under the sweatshirt. The loose-fitting sweatshirt seems to have been gradually slipping down with their actions, and the yellowish-green panties are half peeking out from underneath.
 When their eyes meet, Chihiro can feel her feeling of insufficiency.
 Yotsuba’s cheeks flush with embarrassment as she realizes that Chihiro has read her mind, and she turns her eyes away from him.
 However, she does not stop masturbating.
 It seems that the two sisters are just like each other in their greediness.
 At this moment, Suzu’s hands reached out to him and turned his face back to her.
「Chihiro-kun, can you look at me now?」
「I’m sorry, Suzu-san. That was bad manners」
 He apologizes and kisses Suzu again.
 They exchange saliva and tongue, and he thrust into her at a faster pace.
 Suzu has no time to moan.
 After all, they fucked each other hard while their lips were still sealed together. Soon, they climaxed together, splashing drops of their liquid all over each other.
 Just at the moment of ejaculation, Chihiro penetrated Suzu’s vagina deeply.
 This is the student council room, and Suzu is now wearing Yotsuba’s school uniform. But she must keep the uniforms clean as much as possible, but it seemed to have aroused her sensuality strongly. And because of this, Suzu shuddered strongly and pressed her body against Chihiro.
 Fortunately, she managed to hold herself back from falling down in the chair.
 After a few moments, she let go of Chihiro’s body, basking in the afterglow of her climax.
「...How was it, Suzu-san?」
「...ehehe. Yes, it felt good. I guess wearing other people’s clothes is more exciting than I think」
「Of course」
 Chihiro nodded, remembering the other day when he was made to wear Hana’s underwear. Well, maybe the vector of arousal is different from that of the opposite sex.
「Oh, I made it pretty dirty. I’m sorry, Yotsuba」
 Suzu, who had calmly checked the chair and the floor, says apologetically.
 Yotsuba, who was breathing hard, replied in a broken voice to Suzu’s teasing remark.
「No, it’s fine. But please make sure to wipe it properly. While I...Master is holding me...」
「...Fufu. Yeah, okay」
 Suzu smiles and gets to work cleaning up the act.
 And leaving that to her for now, Chihiro bypasses the table and walks over to Yotsuba.
 Yotsuba, whose cheeks were flushed with red, must have climaxed once by masturbation and lightly rushes toward him and whispers to him.
「Master, please have mercy on me too」
「Of course, I don’t need to be told」
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