Chapter 115 Festival Act, in the Student Council Room, Part Three - 1 ★

 The girl pushes her hand against the door and thrusts her ass out.
 Her slacks, which had almost come off, fell to the floor with a small sound. The yellowish-green panties are exposed, and even the stain around the crotch is clearly visible.
「Do you hear that noise outside?」
「...I can hear it. There’s a lively voice coming from a little far away」
 Yotsuba was so close to the door that her face was almost touching it. She could clearly see the entrance area. She also has to be able to see the entrance area clearly, so if someone walks by, she will know.
 But the sounds of conversation and footsteps from outside give Yotsuba a thrill.
 Fortunately, the door is locked, so there is "almost" no danger. However, Lucille and other members of the student council and others who have something to do may put their hands on the knobs. Or someone may use the duplicate key placed in the staff room to enter.
 Still, it is exciting.
 It is an act that others cannot see.
 It is the same as what Suzu used to do or Yotsuba used to do. It feels even better because it is wrong and embarrassing. The feeling that she has to stop it gives rise to a strong pleasure.
「If this door is opened...」
「Someone will see Yotsuba, won’t they?」
 Chihiro whispered from behind and saw Yotsuba’s cheeks flush even more.
 He extended his finger.
 And traces up her crotch through her panties, and she shivers. He also heard a desperate sigh escape from Yotsuba’s mouth.
「Maybe you could at least put on what you took off, but you don’t have time to exchange uniforms with Suzu-san. What do you think people would think if they saw the president of the student council in her casual clothes during the school festival?」
「...If they see me, they’ll...」
 Right now, Yotsuba is wearing Suzu’s panties.
 The panties is very wet, as she had been masturbating before coming here. Obviously, there is a wide area where the color of the panties has changed.
 And Chihiro crawls his fingers there and presses them down.
 He soaked his fingers with Yotsuba’s love juice and stripped the panties of its function as a panties. When it begins to squeak, he tries to make the sound louder and louder.
「Does it feel good?」
「It feels good...Master」
 When asked, she obediently replies.
「Even though you’re doing something embarrassing in the student council room? Does it feel good, knowing that if anyone sees you, you will be scorned?」
「Yes, it feels good!」
 Her voice is so loud that it could be heard if someone were standing in front of the door.
 Thinking back, this may be the first time that he has met someone who accepts his blaming so openly. Maria is very vocal about what she wants him to do, and Riko likes to serve him, so he often takes the initiative in the action. Hana is out of the question in terms of submissiveness.
 The fact that Yotsuba is the most submissive is also strange.
 The more Yotsuba gives her body and her mind, the faster Chihiro blames her. Her body, which is already sensitive after climaxing once, accepts even strong torture without any problem, and converts the stimulation into pleasure.
 Gradually, Yotsuba’s body begins to tremble strongly.
 Her center of gravity shifts from her legs to her arms, and she puts her weight on the cold door as if she presses her forehead against it.
「What do you want me to do?」
「Please... let me」
「Sorry, I didn’t hear you. Louder」
「Please let me come! Please let Yotsuba climax with your hands, Master!」
 Hearing the lewd pleas, Chihiro went into a final spurt.
 He thrust his fingers into the panties, stimulating the secret place. And with his other free hand, Chihiro grabbed Yotsuba’s ass and rubbed them softly.
 Between the squeezes, Yotsuba let out a moaning sound many times.
 She desperately restrains her bouncing body and leans against the door to soak in the pleasure.
 And so, the moment of climax was just around the corner.
「Ah, ahhhhhhh!」
 Yotsuba’s body bounces extra strongly, and her arms slip and she almost slips out of the door. Seeing this, Chihiro quickly held Yotsuba and found that Yotsuba was still climaxing in Chihiro’s arms.
「Ah, ah...」
 She was in ecstasy.
 And the lewd look on the older woman’s face makes Chihiro feel a little bit of a tantalizing sensation. For some reason, Suzu’s face during the act made him feel at ease, but Yotsuba’s face was different.
 While thinking this, he moved a few steps while holding Yotsuba in his arms.
 And without waiting for the afterglow of her climax to settle down, he lays her down on the table and takes off her panties. He then handed it to Suzu as she reached for the panties.
 Chihiro smiles back at her as she looks up at him blankly.
「Yotsuba just need to lie down」
「Eh, no....」
 Without waiting for her answer, he inserts his penis, which has already been erected due to his previous actions.
 And this time is the second time he penetrated into her vagina.
 He pushed it deep into her vagina and she screamed.
 Yotsuba shakes her head as if she can’t stand it any longer and lets her hand wander on the table.
「It feels so good inside you, Yotsuba」
「T-Thank you very much...mmm!」
 The pistoning during the conversation made her break off her words. She must have been embarrassed by the sweet voice, because she lifted one hand and pressed it against her mouth.
 But such gestures are cute and lovely.
 And it made Chihiro want her to moan more. Making her squeal more.
「Maybe it’s because it’s only the second time. It’s so tight」
「No, please, don’t say that!」
 Her mouth refuses to talk, but her body responds exactly as it should.
 Her love juices are flowing and not drying up, and her narrow vagina does not seem to refuse Chihiro’s entry. Rather, she was shaking with pleasure and tightening his penis, giving him more pleasure.
「I’m going to taste you a lot before I fix your membranes...」
「Y-yes. Please, please, enjoy it as much as you want」
 Immediately after the pleading, the vagina contracted, squeezing particularly hard.
 Because of this, the tip of Chihiro’s penis, which had reached its limit, poured out semen into Yotsuba’s vagina without stopping.
「Ah, ahhh, ahh...」
 Yotsuba exhaled as well, lying limp on the table.
 She seemed to be comfortable, but just when he thought she was not going to climax, she let out a shriek.
「Mm, fuahhh!?」
 A strong pressure tightens on the penis again.
 Apparently, she climaxed one step later. This means that the trigger of the climax, the final push, was not the piston but something else.
 Suzu, who had been watching the action, let out a laugh.
「Yotsuba, you just came from being cummed on」
 The sensation of having ejaculated inside the vagina.
 According to Suzu, it was the trigger of her climax.
 It is not a physical stimulus, but a mental pleasure, an arousal of feelings of pleasure. This is a kind of proof that Yotsuba is willing to be held by Chihiro.
 Yotsuba may deny it if he asks her face to face.
 Or maybe she didn’t even know it herself.
 But if Suzu’s assessment is correct, it makes him happy.
「I will discipline you so much that you will not be satisfied unless I ejaculate inside your vagina」
 After whispering to her, Chihiro pulled out his penis and looked at Yotsuba, whose eyes had been clouded by pleasure.
 While their eyes met, a strong and deep sense of loyalty reached Chihiro’s chest.
「Yes. I look forward to working with you forever, Master」
 In a moment. Exclusive desire welled up and burned his heart.
 Now, he wants to slam his semen into her again and again, pour it into her womb, and impregnate her. He wants to show her growing belly to Principal Ootori and tell him that it is too late.
 Such selfish and selfish feelings run wild.
 Perhaps, it is because he heard Yotsuba’s declaration that she is going to have relations with Principal Ootori.
 As expected, his emotions are not convinced, even if his logic is convinced.
 But because of this, he will have to think about it again. He will find a way to make Yotsuba less dirty than she has to be.
「Yotsuba, can you still move?」
「Ah... yes. As long as it’s not too rough, it’s fine」
 When he calls out to her, Yotsuba staggers up as she replies.
 Although she seems to be in a lazy state, she certainly still seems to be okay.
「Well, you know... I’d like you to do something with Suzu-san」
 The two sisters looked at each other with similar expressions.
 Then they began with some light preparations.
 Suzu and Yotsuba were asked to take off all their clothes and get completely naked. Chihiro lies down on a couple of chairs. Of course, Chihiro takes off his shoes when he lies on the chair.
 Next, Chihiro’s penis stands high enough to be within the sisters reach if they stand on their knees.
「Fufu, this is...」
「So we can serve you?」
 While standing on their knees, the sisters approach each other’s breasts.
 Yotsuba’s breasts, though not as big as those of her big sisters Suzu or Maria, are also quite big. They are big enough to pinch and handle.
 If so, he would like to try it once.
 These two women, who boast of their ample breasts and who are sisters, will serve him from both directions.
 Their service is called Double breastjob. Or should he call it "sister paizuri"?
 And so, Suzu’s and Yotsuba’s breasts wrapped Chihiro’s penis from both sides.
 When he turned his eyes toward them, he could see their breasts pressed against each other around his penis, crushing and reshaping each other. The squashed breasts slightly increase their vertical size and increase the area of their close contact.
 The pleasure of being squeezed and rocked between the soft things is very intense.
 Compared to a vagina, it is less tight and more flexible than an onahole.
 Because of this, Suzu and Yotsuba had to press their breasts tightly against each other to keep Chihiro’s penis in place, but the more they pressed against each other, the more pleasure they felt in themselves, making it difficult for them to concentrate.
 As a result, the frequent twisting and turning of their bodies caused unexpected fluctuations, which stimulated them.
 Nevertheless, the visual impact is strong.
 Chihiro’s desire to conquer is satisfied. The woman’s breasts, the symbol of motherhood, are used to satisfy him.
 But Suzu and the others also get pleasure and pleasure from such an act.
「How is it, Master?」
「Does it feel good, Chihiro-kun?」
「Yes. It feels great」
 Their faces light up when he answers.
「Well then...」
「Please feel a lot better」
 Suzu and Yotsuba began to move their breasts as if they were competing with each other.
 They not only pressed their upper bodies close together, but also used their hands to support each other’s breasts. By pushing their own breasts against each other, their partners’ breasts were also pushed into each other, which in turn created a different kind of stimulation from that of handling.
 Gradually, Suzu and the others themselves became immersed in the pleasure.
 And little by little, the three of them slowly climaxed.
 Now, the student council room was filled with the sound of their voices.
「Master... I... I can’t...」
「Mmm. I’m almost at my limit」
「Okay. Then both of you, move your breast faster」
 Suzu and Yotsuba, who have been instructed to do so, begin their last spurt.
 They do not think about continuing the movement, but just keep it up for a short time.
「Oh, I’m cumming!」
「Me, too. Ah, ahhh」
「Yeah, I’m cumming too~」
 Immediately afterward, the two sisters climaxed, and at the same time, a cloud of white spurts erupted.
 The cum spurts out between their breasts and from the peeking tips, staining their skin. First Suzu scooped up some of it, and then Yotsuba followed her example and took some of it onto her fingers and took it into her mouth.
 The considerable amount of semen was gone in a matter of seconds as the two women fought for it.
 After a few moments, Suzu let out a gasp of air.
「...Yotsuba, can you lie on the table again?」
「? Like this?」
「Yes, yes. Okay, sorry to bother you」
「What are you doing?」
 Despite Yotsuba’s panic, Suzu is completely on top of her sister’s body. Face to face, chest to chest, her breasts crushed against Yotsuba’s chest.
 Her mellow secret parts are facing the side of Chihiro who stands up.
「Suzu-san, are you sure?」
「Yes. Just... put it in. I just want to do it again」
 Chihiro nodded and inserted his penis into Suzu without hesitation.
「Mmm... It feels so good」
 Suzu, who was making light noises, extended her tongue and touched Yotsuba’s lips.
 She licked up her lips and then entered her mouth, tasting her mouth.
「Mmm, mmm」
 Kiss... Lick... Slurp... Slurp...
 As the sisters kissed and exchanged the semen, Chihiro continued to sways his hips and cum into Suzu’s vagina.
* * *


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