Chapter 125 Festival Act, a Rejoice News (?) - Part 1

「Chisato-chan, congratulations!」
 After ventilating and cleaning up the room, they left the private room, took a quick shower, and returned to the school building - fortunately there was no one else in the building.
 He split up with Maria, who was going to meet the executive committee, but as he was walking around the building, his arm was grabbed by a second-year member of the executive committee, the person in charge of the Miss Content, whom he had met yesterday.
 Immediately, he had a bad feeling.
 It was just after twelve o'clock.
 He looks around him, trying to find a way to escape, but then he gives up. Finally, he turns to her.
「...what was my rank?」
「Fifth place. There was a pretty big gap between you and sixth place and the rest in the end」
 Really, she didn't have to to talk about it.
「Do you want to hear about first through fourth place? Don't you want to know?」
「Yes. I'd like to hear that one」
「Oh, you're so honest. Well, you might be able to guess what it is without asking」
 With this, she prefaces her speech with a playful tone.
 It is slightly painful to see people on the street looking at him to see what is going on, but it seems impossible for him to move to a different place now.
 So, he sighs and give up.
 ...the top of the miss content. Judging from the theory, it would be the girl who is well-known.
「Fourth place first. Shiramine Sayuki, a third-year student and the head of the public morals committee? "I love her stoicism", "I want to see her in men's clothes", "I want her to stare at me with her eyes", etc., etc., she was ranked by strong support from girls and by some "maniac" boys」
 Well, in her role as the guardian of public morals on school, she has many encounters with the underclassmen. Even a short conversation with a student may leave a different impression on him or her than if he or she has never talked to her before.
 On the other hand, first-year students do not have many chances to be noticed by upperclassmen, so it would be difficult for them to be ranked in the top ranks.
「Third place, first-year student Fukami Maria-san!」
 Just as Chihiro was thinking, the name of the girl he had just split came up.
「She is a first-year student, but she made the list. The deciding factor was, after all, her good looks. Her facial expression has softened recently, and she received many male votes such as "cute", "or should I say beautiful", and "rather erotic"」
 He felt a subtle anger towards the person who commented with the word "erotic".
 Regardless of whether one might call him narrow-minded or not, he can't help being jealous. He doesn't want people look at her too much.
「You must know that the rest of the contestants deserve to be announced, don't you? Second place, second-year student Lucille Orwell, Student Council vice-president. First place, third-year student, Kurohane Yotsuba, student council president!」
 From the first year students, Yotsuba has been on the stage many times and many people have seen her face many times.
 On the other hand, Lucille, who is the vice-president in the second year, has been working behind the scenes while Yotsuba has been taking care of the main stage, and her blonde hair is very eye-catching.
 Moreover, both of them are quite beautiful.
 In a sense, it is a natural result.
「The two top students of the current student council won the first and second place!」
 The crowd around them applauded.
 The girl smiled and bowed, instead of being shy, and waited for the applause to subside before turning to Chihiro.
「I'm going to make a speech like this, what do you think?」
「...ehh, well, I think it's good」
 Besides, Chihiro had a feeling that more than a dozen students had already heard about it beforehand.
「By the way, Takatsuki-san is in eleventh place, and Chisato-chan's senpai, Ayase Aoi-san, is in seventh place」
「Heh~, I see... I mean, I just thought I hear a name that shouldn't be there」
「Why don't you just look in the mirror and tell me first? ...Well, that's why you have to attend the MissCon, right?」
 After nodding his head reluctantly, the girl left with the same vigor with which she had appeared on stage.
 After seeing her off, Chihiro walks down the corridor again.
 It is a little early, but he thinks it is time to move to the changing rooms, when he sees a familiar face at the end of the path.
 A tall boy and a small girl.
 They are Kamishiro and Yuse Shuka, the two top first-year students with fighting skills who have been recruited by the Public Morals Committee.
 Their steps are short and so, he gradually catches up with them.
 Shuka is walking with her arm around Kamishiro's waist.
 Considering their personalities, it seems that they are not in love with each other. If that is the case, it is not good to leave them alone.
「Hmm? Uh...uhh, who is it?」
 Shuka turns around and frowns when she sees Chihiro.
 She said she recognized his face but could not remember who he was. It is not surprising since they have not seen each other for a while and Chihiro is now dressed as a woman.
「It's not a person who tags along, it's not a minion...」
「I'd like to at least have the option」
「Oh, yeah. Sorry sorry. It's Kamishiro Yuuki's option」
「You see, this is Izumi kun. He's in my class. He was dressed as a man at that time, but Yuse-san, you've met him too, right?」
 Kamishiro turned around late and said with a wry smile.
 His expression was not as bad as Chihiro had expected. However, his face was a little tense, as if his body was in pain, and his left arm was hanging down. His left leg is also limping.
 He is injured.
「What happened?」
「A fight, a fight」
 Shuka answered before Kamishiro.
「Fight? I mean, did some dangerous person attack you?」
「No, no no. He just started the fight on his own」
 Chihiro can't believe Kamishiro would pick a fight with someone else.
 It's much better than a dangerous person invading the school, but it makes him wonder what's going on.
 Chihiro's eyes widened in surprise, and Kamishiro nodded a little awkwardly.
「...Well, that's right. I'm playing by agreement with the other party」
「Geez. His opponent was an adult and definitely superior to him, but he was always so eager to pick a fight」
「Haha, absolutely. But even Yuse-san looked like she wanted to fight at first」
「Kamishiro Yuuki is in this condition, what's going to happen if I collapse too?」
「Y-you're right. I'm sorry」
 Even Kamishiro, as one would expect, was in such a state dealing this, let alone Shuka.
 Incidentally, Shuka is surprisingly devoted.
「You two look like lovers in that way」
 Shuka's face turns red and she becomes acting suspicious when Chihiro says that.
 ...Oh, so that's it, she seems to be aware of her love.
「I-It's not like that. And, first of all, he likes Shiramine-senpai」
「Eh, really?」
 He looks at Kamishiro and he laughed again.
「No no no, Yuse-san is just saying that on her own. I don't have such an intention, and I don't think there is a good match between me and her」
「Is that true?」
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