Chapter 126 Festival Act, A Strange Girl - Part 1

「Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?」
 Chihiro shakes his head and turns his body toward them.
 The visitor girl had a flowery appearance.
 She was about the same age as Chihiro and the others. She was not wearing a school uniform, but was dressed in a Lolita fashion that was cute but somewhat sinister――what is known as punk Lolita. The girl wears a very unique outfit and exactly identifies herself with it.
 She has small breasts and her height is just under 160 centimeters (5,24 ft).
 Her hair was in fluffy twin-tails, and the overall atmosphere made people think that she was an inhabitant of some other world, or that the costume she was wearing was a stage costume or something like that, instead of casual clothes.
 But Chihiro didn't recognize her.
 So, she was probably a visitor who was not a student of the school.
「Are you two acquaintances?」
 Anyhow, he asks them.
 But then, the girl smiles at him. She has a bright and impressive smile that attracts people irresistibly. It's pretty cute smile.
「Yeah, that's right. We used to meet a couple of time. But we haven't seen each other for some reasons recently」
 Chihiro's eyes didn't meet the girls.
 But he could observe her expression.
 However, Chihiro saw something terrible.
 Her smile is soft, but her eyes are different. Her eyes are glistening with a lecherous emotion, as if she is licking her tongue in front of her prey.
 If Yotsuba's S-ness is the dominance of a queen, hers is that of a wild predator.
 It is because of Chihiro that he was able to detect such a thing in an instant, not from the front but from the side. If he is not an expert in watching other people's facial expressions, he would not notice it for a long time.
 Usually, he would focus on her smile and would not pay attention to her eyes.
 The girl's smile fades and she looks down, then looks up again and smiles softly.
「I'm rather famous, so I guess Marika-chan has been watching me a lot, haven't you?」
「Yes. Don't you recognize my face?」
 Chihiro stares at her again.
 But he can't think of anything.
 All he knows is that the girl is pretty.
『Kaname Ibusuki-chan. She's a popular idol right now』
「An idol...?」
 So, that's it
 That would explain the impression he got from her. She is a person who has been on stage many times and is accustomed to being cheered by her fans and being subjected to their fervor and enthusiasm.
 Chihiro gazes at a girl, Kaname, who smiles as she raises her right hand, fist thumb up, and moves it sideways in front of her neck.
 The image of a beheaded girl is seasoned with cuteness.
「Kaname Ibusuki, a bizarre and brutal idol who has risen from Sapporo to the national stage. Really, you've never seen me?」
「I'm sorry, I hardly watch TV」
 This is because Maria's apartment does not have a TV.
 If he wanted to, he could watch it on his laptop or smartphone, but he doesn't feel the need to go that far.
 In his parents' house, he used to watch TV while eating, but he feels that he would not be bothered by the absence of TV.
「I'm disappointed. I thought I had become quite well-known among my generation」
「I'm so sorry」
 Kaname's shoulders slumped, and Chihiro felt somewhat sorry for her.
 Kaname exhaled and straightened her posture soon after.
「Well, it's okay. Today, right here and now, you... "Chisato-chan" have learned my name. Now you are my prisoner, my victim」
 This time, she winked and brought her clenched fists up toward her back. For a moment, it seems as if he can see the scythe of the Grim Reaper in her hands.
 A truly terrifying idol.
 Chihiro shudders at the sight of this novel idol who combines the bizarre and the cute. What's most terrifying is that it's scary and cute at the same time.
 He wonders which feeling is responsible for the goosebumps on his spine.
 Her "victim" is probably another name for her fans, but how exactly is they sacrificed?
 There are too many things to mention, but he gave up pointing them out for the time being.
「...But why is a friend of Hazuki-Senpai's here?」
 Why would an idol, a student from another school, come all the way to Shibahou Academy's student council room?
 From the conversation they had just had, it seems that she is not here to see Marika, and if she has some trouble related to the school festival, she should go to the executive committee.
「Oh, that's right, I'm looking for someone...」
「Yes. There should be a boy named Izumi Chihiro in this student council」
 This time, an unmistakable chill ran down his spine.
 Why is his name mentioned here? That's exactly what Chihiro doesn't understand.
 For what purpose is she, Kaname Ibusuki, looking for Chihiro?
 And from her word earlier, the word 「victim」 has a heavy meaning.
 He wonders if it would be right to assume that he has not been found out.
 Fortunately, Chihiro is now dressed as a woman. And he is dressed as a maid. So, it is normal that she cannot guess that she is a man unless she has some prior information.
 Chihiro swallows his spit without Kaname noticing, and glances at Marika.
 She nodded her head and didn't say much.
『Izumi-kun is a member of the student council, but I don't know where he is right now. Right, Chisato-chan?』
「Yes. I'm sorry I can't help you」
「...I see」
 Kaname looks disappointed.
 She pondered for a while, then smiled and nodded.
「Then, that's fine. I'm sorry for causing you trouble」
『It's okay』
「I hope you don't mind. Um, by the way...」
「What exactly are you looking for when you find Izumi kun?」
 Maybe he shouldn't have asked.
 Because as soon as he said it, Chihiro regretted his action.
 He saw in Kaname's eyes the same lecherous color that he had first seen in her face.
「Who know? It's just a small business」
 That was all the reply he got.
 Kaname quickly turns herself around and moves to the doorway of the student council room. She put her hand on the door knob, opened it lightly, and turned around.
「Oh, right, Marika-chan」
『What is it?』
「I'm so sorry. You have lost your voice. I can't believe you'll never sing again」
 He doesn't know why.
 When Kaname's eyes were downcast and she sounded sad, it sounded to Chihiro like she was saying, "It sounds good to me".
 But Chihiro doesn't know if Marika felt the same way as him.


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