Chapter 131 New Omen - Part 1

 Riko's eyes narrowed at Kaname's words.
「...I feel like I've heard this story somewhere before...」
「We're nothing like all of you. The size, the unity, the power we have...」
「W-we get along well with each other too」
 This is Aika.
 Kaname sniffed at her when she argued that this was the only point she would not concede. But then she gives Aika a somewhat cold stare.
「Then, would you be willing to die for him?」
「I could die anytime. Whenever Master tells me to die」
 She sounded euphoric.
 As if it was her joy to die for her master.
 It was hard to believe that she was lying. Even if Chihiro looked into her eyes and used [Mind Reading], he couldn't read any deception in her mind. So...
 ――She was serious.
 Kaname is seriously devoted to her master, Fukami Kaito. She will do whatever he commands, for whatever reason.
 It's almost fanaticism.
 Even Chihiro was once told by Riko and others that they would die if he left them. But if he ordered them to die, they would say "No way". It is natural, and it is normal for them to say so.
 But because of this, he understands the depth of Kaname's loyalty.
 If Kaname is like that, is it possible that all members of [Absolute] are like her?
「...Is your group a criminal organization?」
 If it was an organization, it must be business-related because Kaede mentioned the name at that time.
 And the reason why she went to the principal's office may have been to ask for some kind of consultation about the organization.
 If it is an organization that the police are wary of, then...
「No, it's not. We get along well with the police. Basically, we're an organization that does everything for them」
「I see. As long as there's a request, legal or illegal, your organization will take care of it, huh?」
「Huh~? Who was it that was trying to get into Master's business in the old days?」
「That was when I was in elementary school!」
 Kaname and Hana glare at each other.
 It seems that the two do not get along well, even though they have known each other for a long time. Maybe it is because of their different positions, or Kaname's personality, or both.
 In any case, Chihiro proceeds with the story.
「So, Ibusuki-san, why did you come to me?」
 Considering the fact that he was forced to fight Kamishiro at the Miss Contest as an investigation into his abilities――.
「Declaration of war, or something?」
 Chihiro's question was answered with a smile by Kaname.
「No way, we can crush all of you anytime we want to. So, we are not thinking of such a trivial thing」
「Then why?」
「To determine your power and report back to Master. To determine if you are suitable to be a member of Master」
「You want me to join you?」
「Yes. It seems you and Master have some similarities. Master thought it would be more convenient for him if he made you his subordinate. But from my point of view, you are not even close to Master」
 It seems that the Fukami Kaito has enslaved a number of women.
 He also organizes and manages an organization of enslaved women. According to Kaname, his influence extends to police organizations and criminals. In other word...
 ――The organization is powerful and protects its members.
 In a way, this is a clear example of what Chihiro is looking for, a way to protect his life with Maria and the others.
「So, what is your decision, Ibusuki-san?」
「I think he has passed the test, at least. Well, it's up to Master to decide after hearing my report」
「So, you're just an errand boy」
「I wish you said that I've been entrusted with an important reconnaissance mission」
 Kaname's tone is light.
 Perhaps she is confident enough in her own abilities.
 Asking such a person is a little frightening, but...
「What if I refuse?」
 At that, Kaname's eyes lit up.
「Master has given me no orders beyond reconnaissance. But at least let me show you what I can do」
「Ibusuki-san alone?」
「 I don't care how much the difference in strength is. Because, my ally is my ally, and my enemy is my ally」
 She made the statement with dignity. But Chihiro had no idea what she was going to do, as she did not even get up from her chair.
 However, Hana was the one who raised her voice as if she had realized what was going on.
「...No way」
「Yes, that's right」
 It's a little late for that, Kaname added.
「My ability is [Terminal] (端末). It is an ability to use other person's ability」
 In terms of using another person's ability, it is similar to Hana's [Looting]. The difference is that the original owner does not lose his/her ability.
 Moreover, there is a difference from just copying. Perhaps, Kaname's ability also belongs to "someone".
 For example, if [Terminal] uses Chihiro's [Domination], then is the master will be Chihiro?
 But, now, what she uses?
「The more you recognize my voice, my figure, and my presence, the more you will not be able to resist me. Though I, a C-ranked person, cannot fully reproduce Master's power - you all here have already heard my voice enough, haven't you?」
 It seems that this had been planned from the time of the MissCon.
 Everyone here was present at that time and recognized Kaname's voice and figure. In addition, there is the conversation that had just taken place.
 Chihiro doesn't know how much force Kaname can exert with her ability, but since she explained confidently, she must have judged that it was enough at least.
 In that case, she is ahead of everybody else.
 If there is no way to resist, everyone has to move before being ordered to do anything.
 So, Chihiro got up from his seat and was about to walk around to Kaname's place until Yotsuba grabbed his arm and held him back.
 She shakes her head and says no more. And Chihiro realized.
 ――No way.
 Even if there's no order, they still can't disobey? Is Kaname so powerful that she could stop others from harming Fukami Kaito ahead?
 After he thought so and couldn't force Yotsuba away, Chihiro stopped.
 He looks around the living room.
 No one says anything. And they looked at Chihiro without saying a word.


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