Chapter 93 An Unexpected Request - Part 2

 When the visitor leaves the room, silence returns to the student council room.
 Lucille exhales and reaches for the sweets again, regaining her composure.
I'm so bored. It's exam time and you've brought all this trouble on us
I don't think that's something anyone here would say right now
 Chihiro included.
 If his priority is schoolwork, he should just go home and open his textbooks. Even though it's not always easy to say that when having student council or executive committee members.
But in my case, I don't need to study for the exam now
After all, Lou, you always come in first overall in your grade
 Yotsuba says, smiling.
 Lucille Orwell's ability [Genius] shows a great aptitude in every field. With it, a regular exam is nothing. 
Even Yotsuba is in the top five without any ability
...Hmm. So, is it possible that Ayase-senpai and the others are in the same boat?
 Facing Yotsuba and Lucille, Chihiro turn his attention to the accounting and general affairs staff sitting at the table.
 A petite third-year student who looked like a doll and a feminine second-year student with semi-long hair were looking in the opposite direction for some reason.
W-Well, I managed to get about the middle grade
Grades don't determine our life
 Hearing this, Chihiro wanted to say sorry.
So, Chihiro, you're not worried about make-up classes?
Yes. I'm studying so that it doesn't happen
 Although his schedule doesn't allow for much time, but he manages it by cutting down on his sleep time.
 Still, he's not sure if his grades will stay the same.
 However, Lucille answered with a nod, popped a few marshmallows into her mouth, and stared at Chihiro.
Is something wrong?
Well. I was just wondering how many girls like these things
 "So, that 'topic', huh?", Chihiro groaned.
 Ever since Maria confessed her feelings to him in the classroom, his reputation has been tilted in a not-so-good direction.
 Maisaka Shuu, a member of the 1-C class committee, has lightly called him a "womanizer" and a disgrace. Although he can't get angry at him because it's generally true, it seems that he's trying not to be too serious by not making things too serious.
 Kamishiro also looks at him unfavorably, which is a little painful.
 The reaction of women is still better than that of men. It's rather normal, or rather, the story is already over. This is largely due to the influence of Aika.
Is that so? I think Izumi-kun is a good boy
I think so too
So, Aoi, Marika, can you guys go out with Chihiro?
Eh? No, that's...?
No comment
 Ayase and the others are slurring their words.
 Their reaction stung Chihiro even more because they just followed the words.
 ...Well, this is probably normal.
 It's more abnormal to be in a situation where there are several girls who care for him when he goes home.
 As he tried not to show his face and searched for words, Yotsuba, who was listening to Chihiro and the others' exchange, chuckled.
I'm sorry, please don't be offended. It's just that talking about love is kind of new to me
Yeah, is that so?
 She tilts her head.
 With such a lovely group of people, Chihiro expected them to have a love story or two.
 However, when he thought about it again, Lucille seems to have a strict eye for people, and Ayase doesn't seem to have a lover despite her feminine power. Marika also doesn't seem to be a person who is actively looking for a lover.
 The only exception to this is Yotsuba.
I'm not familiar with that kind of talk because I have a predetermined fiancee
...A fiancee
 To put it more plainly, a fiancée.
 Well, there are such things in some places, but to Chihiro, it seems to be a very special thing to have a fiancée while still in high school.
 In combination with Yotsuba's manner, it might be...
Kurohane's family is...
Yes, it's very rich. It's a big house
 Ayase answered Chihiro's question, instead of Yotsuba.
 Then, Marika followed.
Her fiancee is a grown man and he's rich
Hey, you two. It's too embarrassing
 Yotsuba's cheeks flushed, Lucille chuckled as she gently stopped them.
It's not like the drama where her family forced her. They seem to be getting along rather well, so there's no point in trying to aim for her
 Chihiro couldn't tell whether she was serious or joking, and he laughed. 
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 Thinking about studying for the exam, he left the student council room a little earlier than Yotsuba and the others.
 Seeing around, the corridor was quiet and empty too.
 And, as his expected, Aika is not helping in the infirmary today. After all, because it's the middle of the exam period, there are just a few students doing voluntary training, so the school doctor must be relatively free.
 While thinking so, he walked down the corridor and arrive at the stairs near the entrance.
 As he's about to go down――
 A man's voice from behind him stopped him in his tracks.
 He turned around to see Principal Ootori standing there looking at Chihiro. His slightly built figure and solid suit gave him a sense of dignity that could not be denied.
 Chihiro stepped back to the front of the stairs and bowed to him.
Good afternoon
 After hesitating about what to say, he greeted him normally.
 Principal Ootori replied with one hand raised and told him what he wanted.
Do you have a few minutes of your time right now? I have something to tell you
 As Chihiro makes eye contact with him as a polite reflex, he can feel the tension in his eyes.
 Sensing the importance of the conversation, he nodded back and prepared himself for whatever was to be said.
 Principal Ootori took him to the Principal's office.
 This was the second time he had been here, but unlike before, it was one-on-one.
Have a seat at your leisure
 Principal Ootori left the door open and let Chihiro pass first, then slowly closed the door. He then sat down in front of Chihiro on the soft sofa.
 A heavy sigh escaped from his mouth.
Excuse me. ...I don't want to take up too much of your time, so let's get right to it
 Principal Ootori leaned forward, hands folded, and stared at Chihiro.
 Understanding that he was on guard against his ability, Chihiro looked at Principal Ootori's hand and avoided making direct eye contact with him.
 And on his thoughts, there were several possible topics.
 About joining the student council, about Chihiro's abilities, about his family. But――
Do you remember a woman who calls herself Suzu?
 A quiet voice echoed in the Principal's office.
 What came out was, in a way, the most unsuitable name for the situation.
Let me make this simple. I want you to cut all ties with her
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