Chapter 96 The Date between 'Her' and Hana - Part 2

 From the station, they walked five minutes to the movie theater.
 What Hana wanted to see was a romantic movie based on classic literature. Chisato remembered having read the original work.
 So, they bought tickets and entered the theater.
 They also decided to buy popcorn and a drink, because it would be past noon if they watched one movie now.
 But when they went to the theater store, there were many kinds of popcorn.
 Mostly flavors and sizes, but there are also menus that sell food and drinks together.
 When Chisato tried to talk to Hana about what to do, she had already walked up to the salesperson.
「Can two girls order this couples menu?」
「Uh, yeah?」
 One large popcorn and two regular size drinks.
 It was certainly reasonably priced, but... 
「Hmm. Well, if you can prove you're a couple, then sure」
「Okay. Then, is this okay?」
 Hana came back and hugged Chisato without hesitation.
 Immediately after feeling the firm softness of her slim body, she feels her lips on her cheek.
 The salesman smiles as if defeated and prepares the food, while Chisato reflexively turns bright red.
「Hana-san, um, that...」
「Chisato-chan, you're surprisingly athletic, aren't you? Are you in a club or something?」
 Hana catches her guard down.
 After all, Chisato thought Hana wouldn't do anything strange even if it was a date with a girl, but she easily crossed the line and told her she liked her.
 Her act also natural, without any force, and the timing was such that no thought of resistance occurred.
「Oh, by the way, this is on me. Let's eat together」
 If she is a boy, Chisato thought, she would have made a woman cry.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 In the theater, they sat next to each other and placed the popcorn in the middle.
 Hana chose caramel as her flavor. She popped one or two pieces into her mouth, and a strong sweetness spread in her mouth. Hana's choice seemed to have a very girlish taste.
 Although it was the first time for Chisato to eat popcorn other than butter and salt, the taste was quite addictive. At first, it seemed to be too much, but it seemed to be nothing to worry about.
「Oh, it's starting」
 The movie was basically an orthodox love story.
 A young man from a foreign country who came to study medicine falls in love with a girl who is a dancer. They end up spending the night together, but the deadline of his study in Japan tears them apart.
 The original story ends in tragedy, but the film ends with the two reunited.
 Of course, in real life, there are many problems such as race, nationality, and money issues, but in the end, love triumphs in this tender story.
「...Umm. I'm not satisfied with the level of reproduction, but it's a good work. I mean, aren't you crying too much, Chisato?」
「Yes, but...」
 The story itself was simple, and because Chisato had read the original and understood the main plot, she was able to concentrate more on the characters' emotional movements, and before she knew it, it had hit her directly on the heartstrings.
「I'm happy for both of them」
 She feels ashamed of herself, but her tear glands have loosened up.
 She tried to lift her fingers to wipe away the tears, but Hana, who was smiling at her, stopped her.
「No, you can't. The tears will remove your makeup」
 She takes out a handkerchief from her bag and wipes away the tears.
「Yes, it's done. Let's take it easy until you calm down」
「T-Thank you...」
 Chisato thanked Hana, her face flushed with shame, and looked up at her.
 She looked up at Hana's face. But when her eyes met Hana's through her glasses, she thought, "Oh no..."
 ...The emotions conveyed by the [Mind-reading] ability quickly changed from compassion to anger.
「I take back what I said. Why don't we just go to a place where you can calm down and have you tell me everything, I-zu-mi-kun?」
 Hana looked down at Chisato, or rather Chihiro, with the scariest face he had ever seen.
 ☆   ☆   ☆
 Yes, Misumi Chisato never existed from the beginning.
 This date was Chihiro's idea, to let Hana feel like she was on a "date with a girl alone".
 He learned the tricks of cross-dressing from a certain person, and with the help of Aika, Maria, and Riko, he overcame the problems of clothing and make-up, and learned how to behave overnight after school on Saturday, and the result is the "Misumi Chisato" that Hana has seen so far.
 This is, of course, thanks to the fact that Chihiro's appearance was suitable for cross-dressing.
 It was also due to the fact that he had many opportunities to observe girls of the same age almost in the flesh.
 However, it was still a bit too much.
 Chihiro have been on the edge, playing a shy girl and giving the initiative to Hana. Still, the fact that it worked is probably due to the fact that it was well suited to Hana's tastes.
「Really, I was fooled. I felt a little strange in some places, but I wasn't sure until the end」
 Hana dragged him halfway to a karaoke bar.
 Hana, who had secured a room with few pedestrians due to the location of the aisle, closed the door as soon as she pushed Chihiro into the room, and said with sharp eyes.
「Uh, well...」
「Please bring her back. I had a lot of fun and I want Chisato back now!」
「Mishuku-san, calm down」
「Calm down? Just bring Chisato back quickly!」
 Just as he thought she pushed him down on the couch, she grabbed him by both shoulders and made him do something rash.
 Chisato is just a role, a fictional character that doesn't exist anywhere, so all Chihiro can say to her is "I'm sorry".
「But I think I've repaid my debt」
「Not quite. The plan was to have tea or dinner, go shopping, and finally drop her off in a quiet room!」
 Chihiro was both curious and reluctant to ask what exactly she was going to do in a quiet room.
「I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made eye contact with you there」
「That's not the point... really... huh~」
 Hana shook her head vigorously and said, "That's enough".
 She lifted herself up from above Chihiro and glared at him as she picked up the food and drink menu on the table.
「I'm going to eat heavily for now. You'll at least buy me dinner, okay?」
「Uh, yeah. Sure」
 It was a natural way to atone for the sins, and even if he minds it, he couldn't say so.
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