Chapter 97 Cross-Dressing Lesbian - Part 2 ★

「...Hana-san, it's embarrassing to do it here...」
 He whispered in a high voice, and Hana smiled happily.
「Don't worry, Chisato-chan. This karaoke room is designed with that in mind」
「Eh, why did you...?」
「Of course I had done my homework」
 It was a terribly well-prepared plan.
 So, she had planned to bring Chisato in and do something like that even before the date started?
 Thinking so, Chihiro can't help but think that Hana might have been cheating on Chisato, even though she had a crush on Maria, but that is not his right to say so.
 Maybe she is under a lot of stress because of Chihiro's relationship with Maria.
「Do you do this kind of thing with your friends...?」
「No way. I'm quiet at school. Love affairs can have a negative influence on me, after all」
 So she's okay with a little flirting as long as it's with a student from another school, huh?
 ...that makes Chihiro think that she is in fact a similar kind of person like him.
 However, this situation was something that he did not wish for.
 After all, the reason why he chose to go on a date dressed as a woman.
 Half of it is what he told Hana.
 The other half was to persuade Hana, as he had told Maria and the others in advance.
 It all started a while ago, when he saw Hana's sexual desires through his [Desire Exposure] ability. The desire he saw at that time showed Hana, Maria, and a girl who looked exactly like Chihiro.
 In other words, Hana is rather fond of Chihiro's looks.
 If Chihiro is a girl, she would love to take him in her arms along with Maria... so why not take advantage of that? He can't change her gender, but he can dress up as a woman if he has enough tools and practice.
 And it seems that the plan to change Hana's impression of Chihiro was successful to some extent.
「Fufu. Mmm... *Kiss*
 Kisses rain down him.
 His head is so melting and his body is so weak. He feels fluffy, as if he really is a girl.
 Hana did not force her body against Chihiro's, but pushed him down lightly as if she was riding him, and continued to kiss him gently and sweetly.
「You're so cute. Chisato-san, make me feel better」
 She split his tongue from his half-open lips and caressed his mouth, but stopped at the right moment. When Chihiro's look showed that he wanted it, she immediately resumed the torture.
 In this way, Hana makes his body remember her taste.
 It is a terrible trick.
 From what he had heard, she probably didn't have much time for sexual experience since she entered the school. Then, is it the experience from middle school or the experience of being tortured by him and the other?
「Well then.... I wonder what's going on here」
 With a rustle, she stroked his crotch on the top of his skirt.
 Immediately, his body jumped at the tingling sensation.
 Her fingers then slip faintly under his skirt.
「You're wearing a girl's underwear, too, hmm? It's cute」
 He wears this way just in case if the wind blows up his skirt, or if he has to climb stairs, or walk on uneven surfaces, or whatever, that someone might see his underwear.
 But at that time, Chihiro intended to wear men's underwear as usual, but the person who gave him a lecture on cross-dressing and the female members of the group vehemently opposed him, so here it is. The color of both the top and bottom is pure white.
 But the panties is tight-fitting and uncomfortable, unlike normal underwear.
 The sensation of having his penis wrapped in it and being restricted from getting an erection was particularly indescribable. And as there is even a play in which man rubbing on women's underwear, he can imagine how good the feeling is.
「That's convenient. I'll keep loving you like this」
 Then, with a kiss.
 Hana kisses Chihiro's neck and pulls up the sweater he is wearing.
 She exposes his chest and the white bra he is wearing, then puts her arms around him and puts her hands on the hooks at the bra.
「Let's take off the ones that are in the way...」
 Before he could say, "Stop", the hook was undone.
 His bra slides up, exposing his nipples.
 Although he is used to having his upper body exposed, unlike the girls, but now, he feels pressure to take it off and it seems that he is being raped by the girls.
 It is true that the tightness of the bra made him uncomfortable when he was wearing it, but it also played a role in his performance as Chisato. But now that it is gone, he feels restless because he doesn't know where he should put his faith in it.
 And so, his acting style slips out of his mind.
「Chisato-chan, can you come with your nipples?」
 Hana's lips sucked Chihiro's small nipple into her mouth. And as Chihiro's nipples had been kissed and fondled several times before, the sensitivity is much higher than he expected, and his body responds to Hana's torture in the right way
「Please let me hear your pretty voice, a lot」
 As Hana still treats him as a girl, Chihiro's reflexive movements follow suit.
 He moans like a girl when she touches him with the tip of her tongue and licks him around.
 He can't believe that it is his own voice. And because of his own voice, it makes his mind more dyed, and he feels degraded.
 Now, his eyes flicker and he can't understand what's going on as Hana alternates between the right and left nipple, and eventually the one that is not in her mouth is being played with with her fingers.
 In the panties, his penis also painfully strained.
「Then, let's come, Chisato-chan!」
「Ah, ahh――!」
 Chihiro climaxed.
 His body jumped, but Hana gently held him. As he felt her warmth, his white spunk poured out onto the inside of the panties.
 By the time he realized it, he ejaculated without any stimulation to his penis.
 He just came with his nipples tortured, just like a girl comes.
 Pant... Pant...
 As Chihiro trying to catch his breath, Hana praises him in a calm voice.
「You did your best. You are very cute」
「T-Thank you, very much」
 She pats his head.
 And it made his heart leap.
 But then, Hana turns her body 180 degrees on top of Chihiro.
「Come on, I'm not done yet. Next time, please make me feel good」
 With that said, she rolls up the skirt of her one-piece dress, revealing a pair of black and white, two-tone panties.
 Chihiro felt a sense of perversion of being dominated by the sexual act that continued without time to enjoy the fatigue that comes after ejaculation, which is peculiar to men, but he obeyed it obediently.
 ...After that, they continued to have sex for a long time, with Hana making him let out and while she blamed him, she called for an extension of the session.
 In the end, Hana hardly touched his penis until the end.
 Chihiro, on the other hand, climaxed a few times, but they were all caused by nipple torture, kissing, or stimulation of other parts of the body, indicating that he was thoroughly involved in imitating lesbian sex.
「I'm sorry I made your panties sludge. Would you like to wear mine?」
「No, no. That would be too much trouble for Hana-san」
「No, I have a change」
 She pulls another panties out of her bag.
 When he asked her if he could lend him her panties, she said, "It's a marking".
「I mean, frankly speaking, I don't wear this panties anymore, so please throw it away later」
 She said it with a nasty frankness.
「...Well, I enjoyed it a lot. I'm sorry, but I like your face very much, "Chisato-chan"」
 Hana fixes the mess of her clothes and smirks at him with her glasses on.
 He felt that she had just given him a good topic for teasing him.
 After he got himself ready, Hana takes care of Chihiro, and says to him in a whisper.
「It's an exchange」
「If you dress as a girl again, I'll accept you as a "Master" a little more. But please don't misunderstand me. Izumi-kun has many pretty girls by his side. If anything, that's what I'm looking for」
 Having said that, Hana also undertook what Chihiro was going to ask her to do the other day - a more in-depth background check on Principal Ootori and Suzu.
 It seems the cross-dressing had a great effect on her.
「I told you before, didn't I? Hana-san can no longer harm Chihiro-sama. At that point, she was in Chihiro-sama's hands」
 When he came home, Maria was smiling when he talks about the event.
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