Chapter 98 Information that Was Brought - Part 1

 The first Monday after the break.
 The mood in the school changes once again as the exams are over and the school festival is less than a week away. The classrooms are now in full swing, and the signs of the festival are beginning to appear as students spend their time showing their results to their classmates.
 And from today on, the school festival committee will be active every day, and the student council is also getting busier and busier.
「Maria must be very busy. Everyday, you have to stay in detention for the committee meetings」
「Aika-san, too. You usually remain after school」
 At lunch time, in addition to Aika, Maria and Riko were also there.
 While Chihiro and Aika ate the same menu and Riko ate a homemade lunch box, Maria still ate bread from a convenience store. She does not seem to be concerned about this, and says that she "adjusts her nutrition with breakfast and dinner".
 Since Maria's incident, they have more and more chances to have a meal together.
 When this group gets together, the other classmate usually does not join in. It is said that they are a little shy of intervening, not only boys but also girls. 
「Yoo~, thanks for your hard work. But, it's pretty significant when there are only 20 people in the class, especially when Izumi and the others leave the class――」
 Now, the only person who call out to him without a care in the world is the handsome class rep.
「How are things going in the class?」
「Hmm, well, it's not easy. For the most part, the girls are in charge of the class, so the guys are at peace」
 Maisaka himself must be very busy in his coordinating role.
 According to this man with dark circles in his eyes, the menu, rough interior design, etc. are almost finalized. Based on these plans, the boys will be working like horses and carts.
 The right person for the right job. It is no wonder that men are better suited for hard work.
 In addition, the design of the maids' uniforms has already been decided, and the work is steadily in progress.
「I'll stay behind and help out from now on, too」
 Said Riko.
 Well, she is the only one who is not involved in the overall operation of the school festival among the people staying in the apartment, so she will be in charge of the classes.
 This means that things are getting busier and busier.
 Even Maria seems to be worried about her fatigue in the days after the exams, and she tries to take a rest as early as possible. Even so, she does not cut corners in "the activities" with Chihiro.
 However, if Riko gets busy, the housework will not get done.
 But Maria might not like the idea of stopping the nightly activities once and for all, so it might consider making a light dinner or having a store-bought dinner.
「Will the costumes ready by the day of the event?」
「Don't worry! There are already a few costumes ready to go!」
 A female student interrupted when Chihiro ask this to Maisaka. She is the student who is in charge of making the costumes.
 She comes close to Chihiro with a smile on her face and calls out to him.
「So, if it's possible, I'd like Izumi-kun to try on the costume」
「Okay, but now?」
「Yes. I'd like to do it sooner if possible. After school is not convenient for you, right?」
 That's true. There are so many things to do with the committee and the student council that it's hard to find time to spare. Considering that, it's better to get it over with now.
 With that in mind, Chihiro quickly ate the rest of his lunch, put it away, and stood up.
「Well, the locker room...it might be a little difficult...」
「Hmm, it would take a long time to go back and forth, and I don't think it's a good idea for me to go near the men's locker room」
 And so, Chihiro had no choice but to change quickly behind the curtain by the window.
 He took off his uniform, which was getting in the way, and hung it on his chair.
 But as he was about to receive a maid's uniform made by a girl and move, other students started to gather. 
「Oh. Izumi is going to wear it? 」
「Good. I'll get the camera ready」
「Well, I hope you don't do that...」
 Thinking it was useless, he decided ignore it and then moved behind the curtains. He quickly took off his shirt and trousers, and then put his legs into a long-skirted one-piece dress. The outfit was chic and simple, with a zipper at the back.
 Nevertheless, the soft bulge at the shoulders and the design of the sleeves showed the creator's will to preserve the originality, even if it was a little too much effort.
 It seems that there is nothing to complain about.
 As he zipped up the zipper behind his back, Chihiro put it on tightly and stepped out of the curtains.
 After that, the crowd erupted.
「Surprisingly, it doesn't suit you」
「Maybe it's because the hair's still the same」
 The crowd said whatever they wanted to say.
 Then, ignoring the crowd, he turns to the girl in front of him with a wry smile. And remembering yesterday's experience, he turns his head as far as he can and turns his thoughts into "Chisato".
 The skirt spreads out softly. And there is no part of his movement that is too much.
「I think this is the right size」
「Yes, I think so. As for the appearance, I'll have you wear a wig and an apron over it, so it'll look a lot different... have you noticed anything?」
 Chihiro imagine himself wearing yesterday's wig and a simple apron.
「I think it would be beautiful if it had a ribbon on the chest」
「Oh, you think so? I thought about it too, but it takes a lot of time and effort. Still, I'd like you to give it a try when there's more time」
 Fortunately, his intuitive musings were readily accepted by the female students.
 And a smile appears on his face from a sense of accomplishment.
「Then, I think it's fine as it is. It's cute」
「Really? Thank you, Izumi-kun」
 Later on, there was an unflattering rumor that there was a guy who talked about fashion with girls.
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