Chapter 21 [Princess-maiden] Going Crazy with an Aphrodisiac - Part 1

 Fatima's condition seemed to have returned to normal, so they decided to continue their search for mushrooms.
 Soon all the mushrooms were found and Alexis and Fatima were back at the camp.
Sara, I got them!
 Alexis handed Sara the mushrooms and metal stick.
Oh, thank you. It took you a long time, but was the monster really strong? Are you okay, are you hurt?
 Sara asks them both.
Yeah, I think so...
 While Alexis nodded his head, Fatima turned her cheeks bright red and looked away.
Hmm...? What's wrong?
 Fatima urged Sara who was puzzled.
M-more importantly, please make an antidote for Her Highness as soon as possible. If you don't, Her Highness will...
Ah, yeah, I need to concentrate, so you two go outside
 At Sara's request, Alexis and Fatima went outside the curtain.
* * *
 Outside the curtain, Lorenzo was fidgeting.
Oh, you are back, you two. Well, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I'd like to leave for the moment. I have to go pee
 Lorenzo said, and Alexis nodded.
Make it quick
I know!
 Lorenzo raises his hand lightly and runs away.
 Only a large bag of goods left along the wall.
What a total mess...
 Fatima folds her arms and lets out a sigh.
 Her breasts are still raised on her folded arms. As expected, her breasts are huge.
Was I rubbing them just now...?
 As Alexis was staring at her, Fatima seemed to notice his eyes and turned red.
A-Alex... Don't look at me so explicitly, I mean, don't...
 Fatima's point brought Alexis back to himself.
Oh, I'm sorry
 He hurriedly averted his gaze and Fatima became silent.
 After a while, while both of them were feeling awkward, Fatima spoke up.
I-I'm sorry about what I said before... Uh, after I showed such a poor appearance, I caused Alex a lot of trouble...
 Fatima believes that she was only one-sidedly showing her own lasciviousness, and that Alexis was only acting in a therapeutic way.
 Her intestines were stirred with a mysterious rod, and a mysterious liquid was poured into her, but she did not know that it was Alexis'.
 Alexis noticed this too, but nodded his head and said.
Well, don't worry about it too much. If you ever need help again, you can always ask for it
 Fatima almost opens her mouth, but bites her lip and lets her gaze drift. The only thing she could think of was this.
He is a kind person. I knew he was serious and sincere when he was still hiding his identity before, but he never blamed Her Highness even after he revealed his identity. Even now, he doesn't try to be a big shot, and he tells me not to worry about what happened today, even though I've embarrassed him and caused him trouble...
 Fatima feels her heart burn.
 Just then Lorenzo came back.
Hey, thanks for waiting. Well, I'll take another lookout
 With that, he stands by the wall.
Anyway, how's Her Highness condition?
 Lorenzo's words make both Alexis and Fatima think about Fransisca.
Let's see. I hope it gets better
  Alexis mutters.
Her Highness... Now all I can do is wait and hope for the best
 Fatima was muttering.
 And then.
Everyone, come here! Her Highness!
 Sara's voice came from behind the curtain.
* * *


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