Chapter 21 [Princess-maiden] Going Crazy with an Aphrodisiac - Part 2

 Alexis and the others had entered the curtain.
 No, it was only Alexis and Fatima, except for Lorenzo.
 Lorenzo said, "It's not good to lose the guard, is it? Let me hear the result later," and stayed.
 Fransisca seemed to have regained consciousness and was sitting in a daze with a blanket on her lap.
 Let's pretend that they did not see a jet-black substance in a mortar and pestle, which seemed to have been mixed by Sara, sitting by her side.
 Anyway, Fransisca woke up.
Your Highness? Oh, thank God. You are awake!
 Fatima is thrilled and rushes toward Fransisca first.
 But Fransisca does not react. She does not even look at her.
Your Highness...?
 Fatima screams in confusion, while Alexis also steps toward Fransisca.
 He crouched down in front of her and waved his hand in front of her eyes.
Hey, Fransisca, are you okay?
 He called out to her, but when she didn't answer, he shook her shoulder.
Fransisca, hey
 Then, with a jerk, her body jumps. And then...
 Amethyst eyes, unfocused, turn to Alexis's face.
Alexis, sama...
 Her soft, plump lips spun her own clear voice.
 Alexis was relieved to hear this.
 Fransisca made a sweet voice and hugged Alexis tightly, which made Alexis and the two people around him startled.
W-what's wrong?
 Alexis asked, and Fransisca looked at him with moist eyes. Then she whispered to him with bright red cheeks.
Ah, m-my body is so hot and tingly... I can't stand it... So...I want you to have sex with me... Please, Alexis-samaa...
 She is already breathing heavily.
 Fransisca, looking very moved, wrapped her hands around the back of Alexis' head and sucked on his lips.
Mmmm, mmm...
 Fransisca is pecking Alexis' lips with a tutting sound as she presses her body against him.
 Every time she moves, the overlapping pieces of armor clink against each other.
 Alexis makes a strange noise in surprise.
 Fatima and Sara are also looking wide-eyed in astonishment.
H-h-h-uh...? W-why? What's going on?? Why did Your Highness say such a word...?? I've always taken great care not to let her have such dubious knowledge...!
 Fatima screams in surprise. And Alexis thought, "Am I the culprit!?".
Yes. The Your Highness Princess-maiden was very overprotective. I remember that there were always a dozen or more priestesses who were always building a wall around her
 Sara added with a smile, and that made Alexis think that the whole country was involved.
...Well, that's good, isn't it?
 Sara says in a whisper.
 Fatima exclaims.
She's not a Princess-miko now... and besides, think about it. What if Her Highness takes this opportunity to get close to the sixth prince of the Krangal Kingdom...
I see. We might be able to get more support from Krangal...
 Fatima gulps.
 Alexis hurriedly pulled Fransisca off of him and said.
Can't you guys stop playing tricks right in front of the person in charge? Besides, I'm just a concubine's son, so I'm not in such an important position! Don't make such a secret talk about sacrificing the Princess-miko. Are you still her vassals?!
Ahaha, sorry. Sorry
 Sara sticks out her tongue.
 Fatima, on the other hand, seems to be reflecting on the situation, saying, "What I did was..."
Well, there is nothing we can do about it, is there?
 Just as Sara said, Fransisca reaches for Alexis' pants and undoes his belt before he knows it.
Uh... N-no way? I can't let other person know the deformity between my legs...!
 But Fransisca is right in front of him, looking very excited.
 Anyway, Alexis manages to shorten the length of his crotch, which is growing itchily, and takes great care to keep it at least the same length as that of a normal man.
 Maybe it was a bad idea to not concentrate, but Fransisca bent down and took out a piece of cock and took it into her mouth before Alexis could stop her.
 Fransisca sucked it with her mouth while exhaling.
Ahhh... Alexis-sama's, man-cock...
 She looks entranced and utters such lines in between the separation of her lips.
 Fatima's face turns red to her ears because she witnessed such an outrageous scene.
Aaahhhh―― Y-Your higness...
 Fatima is spitting out a pathetic sound.
W-what the hell is going on?
 Alexis manages to protest to Sara.
 Sara tilts her head and smiles bitterly.
Maybe it's a side effect of the antidote...
Side effect?
Well, in short, I think I made an aphrodisiac!
 Sara is still smiling and says, "tehehe" or something.
 This loli girl is astonishingly unmoved by the sight of this scene in front of her, but Alexis is no longer surprised by it.
 "After all, she's Sara," Alexis thought and he accept the fact.
Anyway, can you please restore her somehow? Okay, right? Can't you make an antidote for the antidote?
 Alexis doesn't know exactly what he's talking about, but it's all he can say, so it can't be helped.
 Sara, however, smiles as if she is troubled.
Well, it's impossible. I don't have enough materials...oh, but I guess it will be done when she is satisfied, right?
 Sara clapped her hands together.
Can you take care of the rest, Alex? It's okay if I'll leave you alone, right? Oh...and by the way, she's still our precious princess, so please be nice to her, okay? Well, I'm sure she won't mind if I don't tell her... Then, take care of the rest!
 With these words, Sara walked out of the curtain, pulling Fatima, who was still reddish red and timid, out of the room.
 Alexis shouts in disbelief.
 Then Fransisca pulls her mouth away from Alexis's penis.
H-hey... what's wrong, you don't seem to be getting better... why won't you move...?
 Fransisca sounds like she is about to cry.
A-Alexis-sama, your penis won't stretch or move at all... maybe you don't like me...?
 She looked at Alexis with a sullen look in her eyes, and Alexis thought to himself, "Sigh, whatever...".
Uh... Damn it
 Alexis pushed Fransisca away.
 She looks like she is about to cry, and Alexis says to her.
You. Who gave you permission to do that?
 Alexis then asked Fransisca in a huff, "What are you?" And...
 Fransisca takes a big gulp of saliva.
I am Alexis-sama's slave...
 Fransisca's breathing is becoming erratic again as she confesses this.
 And Alexis replies.
That's right. But isn't it strange that you, as a slave, are the one who demands it? Aren't you supposed to give me what I want?
Ah... Y-yes...
 Fransisca fidgeted and rubbed her legs together as she nodded her head. Perhaps she is aching for more.
Now, I'm going to punish you
 When Alexis says this, Fransisca's wet eyes waver.
 Nodding her head, Fransisca felt a tightening sensation in her chest.
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