Chapter 25 - Part 1

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 Although they encountered various commotions as soon as they explored the third dungeon, they got back on their feet the next day and headed for Avalon again.
 At the fortress where they were to meet, Alexis noticed that Sara was dressed differently from usual.
 A leather bag was hanging from the side of the belt used to adjust the length of the robe Sara usually wears.
Why don't you let Lorenzo carry your luggage?
 Alexis says, and Sara replies.
It's fine. I prepared the antidote yesterday so we wouldn't be stranded again by the poison. Even if other people have it, they wouldn't know the right dosage, would they?
 It seems that the schematic on the paper Sara had spread out yesterday was a blueprint for mixing the antidote.
I could mix mushrooms again... but I don't know how to get rid of the side effects, for now. Maybe I'll take the mushrooms back to the lab today and see what they're made of?
Whatever you want
 Alexis replied, then turned his attention to the carriage.
Then, shall we go?
 They all nodded their heads.
* * *
 After entering Avalon's dungeon, they immediately begin their search.
 The poison analysis of the fountain has made it possible for the team to procure drinking water locally. So, to fill up the space in the bag, it was decided to bring in more preserved food.
 Besides, Sara decided to bring an antidote, and Lorenzo also brought tools, leaving the team to proceed cautiously, disarming traps as soon as it is found.
 And as usual, whenever an item is found, they pick it up and collect it.
 However, as they proceeded through the dungeon, they soon came across a problem.
 Fransisca slashes the monster's flesh with her sword, and the monster dissipates.
It's over, Alexis-sama!
 After a quick swing of her sword, Fransisca sheathes it.
 This action is a kind of habitual way to get rid of the blood.
Ah, thank you
 Alexis sighs and looks at the shield in his hand. It was already cracked. Moreover, the sword at his waist had already been broken to pieces.
...it's become hard...
 Fatima blurted out.
 Yes――the monsters in the third dungeon are harder than ever, and weapons brought in from outside the dungeon are easily chipped or broken.
 At the first layer, it did not matter, but as soon as they descended to the second layer, this started to happen.
 However, the sword that Fransisca picked up from Avalon, which hangs from her waist, seems to be effective enough to keep her alive.
This sword seems to be very sharp. No, it's not so much the sharpness, but the compatibility with monsters...?
 Alexis nods his head and looks at Lorenzo.
Lorenzo, what did you collect today?
Well, there are two crystal balls, four ancient coins, an axe, a small shield, and a club
I see. There's no weapon I can use...
Me neither, by the way
And, there are reports from the soldiers that the monsters crawling out of the darkness are getting stronger with each new type of dungeon!
 Alexis says.
In other words - we don't have enough weapons if we only use the items we have found
 Alexis' conclusion was confirmed by the other members of the team.
But we've been giving away a few weapons that we don't think we can use to the soldiers...
 Lorenzo says, but Alexis replies.
That's not enough. We should think of other ways to improve our armaments
But is there any other way?
 Fransisca asks anxiously. At that moment, Alexis pointed toward the wall.
 There was a shiny crystal growing out of the wall.
I touched it the other day and it was hard like a metal. Can we somehow extract it and process it into a weapon?
Hmm... I don't know...
Anyway, I will call a blacksmith from my home country to the fort. Until then, let's gather up all the crystals we can find
What if it's a waste of time?
 Alexis answered Fatima's question clearly.
When that's happening, just let it be. We'll just have to take it one possibility at a time. ――I mean...
 Alexis told the group.
From today on, we'll try to stay on the first layer where the monsters are weak as much as possible and collect crystals!
If Alexis-sama says so...
Oh, let's give it a try!
Well, we have to do the best we can, don't we?
 Each of them had his or her own reaction, and thus they started to collect the crystals.
* * *
 After going out of the dungeon and getting a new weapon from a nearby soldier, they went back into the dungeon.
 They repeatedly went in and out of the dungeon to collect the crystals until Lorenzo's backpack was full or until they ran out of food.
 This situation, which was renewed each time they entered and left the dungeon, caused difficulties during the conquest, but it was convenient for them to come and go with the intention of collecting materials in this way.
 In the end, after two nights and three days of exploration, they finally returned back.
Ah... staying over night is very exhausting. I guess it would be better to have a holiday this time, too
 Alexis decides on his future plan in the command center, cleans himself up in the bath, and then decides to go to Fransisca's room. He remembered that he had forgotten to ask her to come to his room.
 After all, it is not easy to do anything sexual while exploring Avalon because of the eyes of other people. Now is the best time to do it when they are back in the fort. How could Alexis miss it?
 Thinking about what he will do to her today, Alexis walks down the hallway.
 Just then, he hears a voice call out to him.
 When he turns around, Fatima is standing there. She seems to be wearing a maid's uniform when she is off duty as usual, and her full breasts sticking out of her apron with ribbons on them really stand out.
Even though I'm about to start enjoying myself...
 Alexis thought so, but he decided to end early if he had something to do and asked her.
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