Chapter 25 - Part 2

What's wrong?
Can I talk to you for a minute?
 Fatima asked him with a seemingly cool and impassive expression on her face.
 To be honest, it was not even a little bit good, but Alexis responded, "Well okay".
 Anyway, a little bit is tolerable. After all, he would take tomorrow off.
 Fatima nodded her head and said, "Good". Or rather, she seems to be more expressionless than usual.
Alex, this way
 Fatima leads the way and Alexis follows her, wondering what the hell is going on.
* * *
 Fatima took Alexis to a small private room.
 The room was about six tatami mats in size, with a chair, a table, a closet, and a bed for one person.
Where is this?
 As Alexis asked, Fatima answered.
This is my room
Is it? It seems to be far away from the other soldiers' dormitories
Because I am a woman. And Her Highness took care of me when I entered the fort. Along with Sara. Sara's room is next door, but Sara... she's not often seen in her room
 Fatima's expression is firm as she speaks.
 She does not usually smile... but Alexis already knows that she is not the type of person who keeps her face expressionless. For this reason, he felt uncomfortable.
...Fatima, what's wrong?
 Immediately, Fatima's face collapsed.
Alex, I need your help!
 Alexis was surprised when Fatima hugged Alexis tightly.
 Fatima was trembling in Alexis' chest.
T-the thing in my ass... it seems to have started moving again this afternoon... I've been trying to hold it back, but it's still scary...!
Eh?! Didn't you have Sara take a look at it?
 Alexis said in surprise.
 Fatima's face turned red as she gave a shake.
N-no, because, it was so embarrassing... You know, I thought I'd be fine since I didn't feel anything anymore. A-and...
 Alexis urges her to go on.
 Fatima then speaks in a muffled voice, sounding embarrassed.
Umm, I-I haven't been able to get it out since then...!
 Fatima confesses in a trembling voice.
 Oh, so that's how it is. Alexis makes a judgment based on what he barely hears before and after the words.
 Fatima has not had a bowel movement in several days.
S-so, I can't show Sara my ass like that...
 Fatima continues to speak while turning bright red.
I see...
 Shame is a tricky thing, Alexis thought.
 But it's no use if that's what's happening.
A-Alex, I need your help. Can you give me that white liquid you put inside me before if you still have it? After you put it in, the monsters was quiet as a lie. That's why...
No, it's...
 Alexis was at a loss.
 The white fluid was his semen. It's not something he could easily give to someone who asked him for it.
W-well, how can I say...
 Alexis was racking his brains for an explanation.
Ah, you see, that stick I put in your ass the last time? It was something I couldn't pull out without me. So, it's not something I can just hand over to you when you ask for it...
T-then, can you put the stick in my ass again?
 Fatima wriggles her legs as she says this.
I know it's a silly thing to ask... but if the monsters gets out of control inside me like before, this time I won't be able to...
 Fatima looked like she was about to cry.
This time, my ass might break...
 This was a very serious concern.
So, please...Alex, please...put it in my ass...
 Fatima pleads desperately.
Well, if she insists, why not?
 Alexis had made his decision in a flash.
 It's decided. He'll cancel the Fransisca thing tonight and go with Fatima.
 Well, Fransisca is Fransisca, and she doesn't even like the idea of being Alexis' slave, so there is no reason to resent her.
Okay, okay. Then show your ass to me
 That's what Alexis told Fatima.
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