Chapter 30 [Princess-maiden] Semen Excretion (Post Play) - Part 1

 After he had finished spitting out, Alexis moved his hips and removed the towel that had been covering Fransisca's mouth while they were still joined together.
 When the crystal ball was removed from Fransisca's open mouth, Fransisca's cheeks were flushed as her accumulated saliva soaked the tabletop.
Awa, I'm sorry... hyau!
 Her words were interrupted by a splashing of semen in her uterus as she moved her body to apologize for her indiscreet behavior.
 As it turned out, Fransisca could do nothing but lie prone on the table, shivering and trembling.
*Pant* *Pant*
 Seeing Fransisca's face was so flustered and her hips were shaking, Alexis wondered how long she was going to keep doing this if he left her alone, but now was not the time for leisurely staring.
 He pushed the crystal ball he had just taken out of Fransisca's mouth into her vagina in place of pulling out his tentacle penis, and corked it to keep the semen from flowing out.
*Pant* *Pant*... Alexis-sama...?
 "What is he going to do?" Fransisca wondered.
 As Alexis was putting his pants back on, he told her to "put the semen inside here" and placed a bucket at Fransisca's feet.
 Fransisca looked like she was about to cry because she felt as if she was being urged to defecate.
If you put some pressure on your belly, the ball will come right out. Go ahead, try it
 In response to Alexis, Fransisca protested, "No, I don't want it!".
Is that how you want to play it after you've shown me so many indecent scenes…
 "Really, I don't understand women's feelings," Alexis thought.
T-that's not the point…
 Fransisca puts her arms around him to get up from the table, but she can't get her hips up and she almost falls down.
Hey, hey, it's dangerous
 Alexis put his hand on Fransisca's breast and hugged her, helping her to stand up and supporting her from behind.
 Fransisca blushed and then said, "Why are you lifting me with these...!?" while she casually pointed out the hand holding her breast.
Well, you see, I want to feel them
 Alexis replies with a straight face.
 He continue to pinch and roll the nipples with his fingers, and Fransisca lets out a squeal and twitches.
N-no, you can't do that, you're going to start getting naughty again...
You're a difficult girl. You know, even a man goes into a state of being a wise man after doing that
 Saying this, Alexis reached for the other nipple and stimulated both of them.
Ugh... W-what do you mean by that?
 Her protests are laced with sweetness.
O-of course, if Alexis-sama hadn't touched me, I wouldn't be like this either... uhhhhh!
Shut up, what's the point talking like that when you come to me and says you're aching to be touched if I don't touch it...
It's Alexis-sama's fault... Haaah, kuahhh...!? Noooo, don't squeeze it too hard!
Hey, don't raise your voice. Do you want to be heard outside?
 Alexis stops her hand in a hurry and asks.
*Pant* *Pant*... But..
 Fransisca is in tears and trying to catch her breath.
 Alexis, thinking that the extraction would not started at this point, took her over to the bucket and had her spread her legs apart and made her stand on the bucket.
Ahhh... A-Alexis-sama, what are you..
 After covering Fransisca's mouth with one hand, the other hand is placed on her belly, which is still bulging, and pressed firmly against it.
 Fransisca's whole body shakes with a muffled voice.
 At the same time, the pressure in her belly increased. And just as the crystal ball rolled down into the bucket, the white fluid was sprayed into the bucket with gurgling sounds.
 Fransisca covers her face with her hands and shivers in embarrassment, but there is no way to stop it now that the plug is gone, so she has no choice but to let Alexis's cum out.
 Fransisca was embarrassed and annoyed to see Alexis smirking at her and saying "You look like you're peeing yourself".
 To this words, she thought to herself, "I'm never coming back here again!"
 But then Alexis' hand lightly patted Fransisca's head.
You did a good job
 He said in a gentle voice, and Fransisca gasped for air.
Now, you can go back after you get dressed
 With a push, Fransisca walks unsteadily forward.
 Fransisca nodded her head, but felt a sense of shame at her current attire and hurriedly gathered up her clothes and put them on.
 By the time she had finally finished tying the corset, Alexis seemed to have finished cleaning up his mess.
 Their eyes meet, and Alexis smiles and raises his hand lightly, "Well, good night."
 And for some reason Fransisca felt lonely.
Can I stay with you a little longer...?
 She stared at Alexis' face with this thought.
Hmm, what is it?
 Alexis looked at her with a puzzled look. But Fransisca shakes her head, and says, "Nothing!"
W-why did I think that...!!
 Seeing her blushing, Alexis can't help but be more and more suspicious.
Why is she blushing when she's wearing clothes?
G-good night, Alexis-sama...
 Fransisca turns away from Alexis in a hurry and leaves the tent.
 She knew that if she looked at him any longer, she would not be able to go back.
...what's wrong with her?
 Alexis was left alone and could not help but wonder.
 But soon it didn't matter.
Anyway, I still have Fransisca's softness in the palm of my hand...
 Alexis smiles.
 Tonight he will sleep well, remembering the softness of her breasts.
* * *
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