Chapter 135 Chihiro and Chisato - Part 1

 Hana walks up to Chisato and smiles at her.
 Her expression was pure and innocent like a maiden's, partly because she still had tears in her eyes.
I never thought I would meet you, Chisato-chan
Yes. I am here now because Hana-san wanted me to be here
 These two girls then staring at each other at close range.
So, Mishuku-san, what happened to your word about not wanting to admit it?
That's different case if I can talk to Chisato-chan directly
Fufu. Hana-san, you are so honest today
...because it's no use playing innocent with these members anymore
 Hana's cheeks puffed out as she said this.
 Perhaps she was so happy that there was no hardness or reserve in her expression.
 At this moment, she seemed to have noticed Chihiro's eyes on her.
 But she looked away from him with a bad feeling.
...it can't be helped
 After a sigh, Hana looked back at Chisato.
Chisato-chan, you're not going anywhere, are you?
Don't worry. As long as my brother doesn't die or Hana-san doesn't leave me, I think I can stay here forever
 Chisato's answer was probably perfect.
 And Chihiro didn't miss the way Hana's face lit up.
 Then, Hana, whose cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, glanced back at Maria.
 After that, she turns her eyes to Chihiro and says, pretending that nothing is wrong.
I admit it
Eh, uh... What?
 Chihiro asked, feeling somewhat mean, and a louder voice answered.
Ah, geez! I mean, I fully admit that Izumi-kun is my master, okay? ...But don't get me wrong.... It's just that if Maria-chan and Chisato-chan are with me, that's the best for me!
 While saying this, her face turned bright red, and to tell the truth, she was very cute.
* * *
 After warmly watching Hana fainting in agony and later recovering herself from what she had said, everyone all returned to the conversation.
...By the way, Chisato-chan, you didn't read my mind when I looked into your eyes, right?
Is that so?
Yes, Nii-san. I'm not reading Hana-san's mind
 It seems that Chisato, the three-dimensional image of Illusion, does not have the ability of [Mind Reading].
I am another persona of my brother, but I'm not him. By the way, I think it works normally when I'm in my brother's body
 Chisato said.
 But her explanation sounded like something incomprehensible, so, Suzu added something more about it.
The ability of [Lost Item] is an expression of each mind, right? So, even if the source is from Chihiro-kun, I think Chisato-chan, who is a different person, cannot use [Mind Reading]. But when she is in Chihiro-kun, Chihiro-kun's [Mind Reading] is activated
I see
 So that's it.
 Chihiro and Chisato have some differences in their personalities, as seen in their reactions to Maria and the others earlier.
 The difference between male and female, the difference in the stance of brother and sister, the fact that Chisato is neither the lover nor the master of Aika and her friends, etc., may have influenced her personalities.
 In addition, Chisato's actual personality seems to be greatly influenced by "Misumi Chisato", which was temporarily set up by Chihiro when he was dressed as a woman. A quiet and somewhat shy girl.
 So, apart from her brother Chihiro, she speaks respectfully to Aika and others, which is one of the reasons.
 That was just Chihiro's guess, since he doesn't know much about multiple personalities.
Chisato-chan is a personality created by Chihiro-kun's ability, so it may be different from the normal case. But seeing that Chisato-chan uses different abilities from Chihiro-kun, my hypothesis is probably correct
Heh~. You sound like an expert
I'm an expert, you know. Well, I'm not a researcher, thought...
 Suzu responded to Hana who mixed things up.
 And a chuckle is heard right beside them.
Is it always lively here?
 Chihiro smiled and nodded at Chisato's gentle voice.
 Well, Chisato had always seen this kind of interaction between Chihiro and his friends, ever since her self-awareness had begun to grow.
 Perhaps it was around the time of the school festival that her will took shape.
 Although it is only a few days of history, the girls are still interacting with each other so vividly that Chisato can understand it well enough.
 Even so, with what feelings did she see it?
 Or jealous?
Chisato-chan, we're going to be together from now on, too
 A voice came from Aika.
 Chisato, who turned her head as if she had been bounced, nodded her head slowly as if chewing.
Yes, Aika-anesama
 In this way, a new member has joined the group.
* * *
 Everyone, including Aika and the other members who come and go in the apartment, accepted Chisato willingly.
Well, this girl doesn't really feel like a stranger
There is no reason to refuse. I can think of any number of reasons to welcome you
Of course, I welcome you, too. It's more fun to be lively, isn't it?
 An ally who will never betray.
 And in addition with the advantage of being of the same gender, Chisato was able to get along with Aika and the other members of the group very quickly.
 Although they had never met each other before, the fact that they knew each other well was probably a big factor.
 However, Chisato is basically in Chihiro's life.
 If necessary, she can go out as Illusion, but even in that case, she does not need to eat or bathe at all. No living expenses are involved, so it is very economical.
 She can move freely within a radius of 10 meters from Chihiro, so she has a lot of freedom in the apartment.
 She also can talk with someone, or look into a book or a PC screen that someone has open.
If there was a TV, you could pass the time a little more
Don't worry about it. Nii-san, I'm like you, I don't really want to watch TV too
 If Chisato is in Chihiro, she can receive what Chihiro sees and hears. And between siblings, they can talk with each other just by thinking in their hearts.
 Although Chisato has to be quiet during the school hours, she will not be lonely in this way.
 And compared to the case where Suzu was left in the classroom in a state of [Cognitive Obstruction] before, this is a lot better.
I wish I could make a body with others ability
Hmm... it may be difficult indeed. It might be different if you give it more time and try different things
Yes, it's a possibility. And I hope it happens
 If Chisato can use Riko's ability, she should be able to use other people's abilities as well.
 So, if she apply Aika's [Healing] and Maria's [Self-healing], the ability that affects the physical body, she might be able to form her own body.
 Of course, it is a wishful thinking, and it is not so applicable for a newborn body.


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