Chapter 138 Deepening Enslavement, Yotsuba ★

 Chihiro’s both hands extended out slowly, and his two palms formed a flat shape.
 He gently puts the collar on Yotsuba’s hand, and Yotsuba moves the item closer to her face.
 Some words then escape from her neat lips.
「...a collar」
「It’s cheap, but it’s brand new」
 It was stored in good condition, so there should be no deterioration issues.
 Even before taking it out, Chihiro checked it to make sure it was free of scratches and stains.
「May I take it?」
「Of course」
 Maria, Riko, and Hana already have their own collars, and Aika and Suzu are not slaves. Chisato is currently unable to wear accessories, so Yotsuba is the only one left.
 Chihiro realizes that he has not given a collar to Yotsuba until recently, due to the Kaname-related stuff.
 Fortunately, he had a collar in his reserve, so that he could give it to Yotsuba right now.
「Yotsuba is also my precious slave」
「If you don’t want it, you can throw it away」
「That’s not possible... I’m so happy, thank you」
 Yotsuba hugged the collar to her chest.
 She treats it as if it were a treasure.
 Well, the collar has been lying dormant for a long time with no use for it, but it seems to have found its rightful place. But Chihiro never thought that the three collars that Maria recommended to him would end up in the hands of different girls, without being left over or rotting.
 "Was it fate?" Chihiro wondered.
「I want you to keep the collars as close to your body as possible. But never let anyone else find it」
 Because of its shape, in some ways it needs to be handled with more careful attention than the [Mark].
 After all, the [Mark] can be erased instantly if Chihiro reminds himself, but once the collar is found, there is no way to hide it. If Yotsuba’s parents find the collar and try to pursue her, she will have no choice but to terminate her relationship with Chihiro.
 In fact, it is dangerous to let Yotsuba keep such a thing by herself.
 Still, entrusting it to Yotsuba is a sign of trust, and at the same time, it is a way of preventing her from acting rashly by giving her a responsibility.
 Nevertheless, Yotsuba herself also worried about the trouble, so she will not do anything so strange.
「I understand. I will do as you say」
「Would you try it on?」
 Yotsuba nodded.
 She lightly undid the clasp and wrapped it around her neck with the buckle facing forward. She tightened the belt and slipped it through the clasp.
 A breath of ecstasy escapes from her pretty lips, and the girl lays flat on the floor.
 She looked up at Chihiro, completely naked, and Chihiro remembered the first time when he put a collar on Maria’s neck.
 But unlike Maria, Yotsuba did not reach climax.
 Chihiro can tell that Yotsuba is experiencing the sensation of being dominated all over her body.
 And upon seeing this, Chisato walked up to Yotsuba without making a sound and put her lips to Yotsuba’s ear.
「You see, it feels good to be tightened a little so that you can feel the collar」
 Yotsuba’s body shivered.
「Chisato, you’ve got a bit of a S side to you, huh?」
「I understand how M people feel. So, I know what makes them feel good」
 Is it the same as Maria’s sometimes strangely precise same-sex comments?
 But still, Yotsuba in her naked state is strangely attractive to the senses. And it made Chihiro thinks whether it would be good to give her a stronger discipline in this area, in order to make her submissive, who is an S at heart.
「Chisato, may I have a word with you in private?」
「Yeah, I’ll be right back」
 Chisato comes back inside and Chihiro discuss with her in a way that Yotsuba can never hear.
「Well then, Yotsuba, shall we begin?」
 Yotsuba’s body, which was excited, began to stir again.
 Well, it’s obvious. After all, the incident of the day before yesterday had driven her crazy with masturbation, in addition to which she was now wearing a collar. Considering this, it was not surprising that she was so excited, especially when she had a tendency to be M for her master.
 Chihiro thought to himself as he kneeled in front of Yotsuba and put his finger on her chin.
 At this moment, Chisato materialized again.
 She is back in her school uniform and crouches down to Yotsuba’s left.
 Her phantom body does not disturb Yotsuba’s movement even though they are close to each other. And after confirming this with his side eyes, Chihiro asks.
「Yotsuba, what do you want me to do?」
 Perhaps not expecting this, Yotsuba’s only response was a blink of an eye.
 Chihiro stare back at her as she looks up at him curiously.
「May I decide?」
 To Yotsuba’s question, Chihiro nodded his head.
 Well, He lets her decide for herself what she wants.
 After all, this is part of the training.
 It is a way to make Yotsuba become more Chihiro’s color.
「If you don’t beg properly, Nii-san won’t do anything for you...」
 Chisato whispered in her ear.
 She tells Yotsuba with her cheeks stained with excitement, somewhat happily.
「What do you want to do? If it’s too hard for you to beg, I think you can show your masturbation to Nii-san」
 The voice itself is gentle, but to Yotsuba it must have sounded cruel.
 After all, she must tell Chihiro what she wants. But if she doesn’t tell him, he won’t do anything to her and she must jerk off.
 And so, Yotsuba took the time to say it.
 It must have felt as if cold water had been poured on her heart, which had been excited by the collar.
 But at the same time.
 If Yotsuba has M-ness, she would have felt a perverse pleasure in this situation.
「Anything is fine, Yotsuba. You don’t have to think too hard. I’ll accept whatever you want and take it in」
 Chihiro whisper to Yotsuba who hesitates, as a help at least.
 He tells her to open her heart and expose herself.
 Yotsuba looked at Chihiro with a shocked expression. But then, the wavering in hir eyes is gradually removed, and a solid color begins to appear in her eyes.
 Still, the voice was small.
「...please do me」
 Well, the answer is simple.
 But it should be the best she can say, since she is the one who is supposed to be the one doing it.
 Or, unless she had to beg again, she could have asked for it in a heightened state of excitement, as she did when Chihiro took her virginity.
 Anyway, Chihiro smiles and asks again.
 He dares to be mean. With an air of ruthlessness.
「What exactly do you want me to do to you?」
「You have to tell us what, where, and how you want us to do it, or we won’t get the message――Yotsuba-san」
 Chisato immediately fired back with a covering shot.
 As a brother and sister, she is perfectly in tune with Chihiro, with whom she had a prior meeting. And her role is to give punishment and whip to Yotsuba with Chihiro.
 This is just like Maria did to Riko before, the already obedient slave leads the way, setting an example, and thereby corrupting the girl more deeply.
 Yotsuba let out a complicated exhale and moved her lips again.
「Master, please put your penis... inside me」
 Chisato spoke to the trembling Yotsuba without hesitation.
「It’s not penis but cock. Don’t use such an elegant word」
「...M-Master’s cock, please」
 Yotsuba repeats as prompted.
 The former is Chihiro’s order, meaning that if she can’t beg, she can’t get pleasure. So, she has no choice to say it.
 Besides, rebelling against Chisato is out of the question. If she denies Chisato’s obedience under Chihiro, who will be judged as unnecessary?
「Well done. Now, let’s continue. Let’s say "pussy" properly here, too」
 A shiver ran down Chihiro’s spine as the words escaped her elegant lips.
 Yotsuba, on the other hand, almost cries with her eyes moistened and her whole body shaking with shame, makes a lewd request with Chisato’s assistance.
「Please stick Master’s cock in my pussy ―― stir it up so much and make me pregnant by cumming inside of me」
 Finally, Yotsuba said it.
 Still, her voice was small and faltering in parts, however she said it.
 Immediately after she finished, tears welled up in her eyes and she fell forward at the same time, but Chihiro hurried to support her.
「Ah, ahhh, ahhhh――!」
 It was a good thing that Yotsuba had not regenerated the membrane.
 Thinking of this, Chihiro forcefully closed her screaming lips with a kiss and forcefully thrust his penis into her vagina, which was a little less wet than usual.
 Yotsuba’s eyes widen and she regains some composure.
 He whispered in her ear in a low voice.
「I’ll fuck you as you want. If I ejaculate inside of Yotsuba many times, you might even get pregnant」
 When Chihiro finished, he moved his hips and heard the sound of water.
 It seems that Yotsuba, aroused by his whispering, has secreted new love juice.
 And when he separated his lips after tasting her mouth thoroughly for a few tens of seconds, Yotsuba let out a sweet moan.
「Ah, ahh... Master」
「You’re a good girl, Yotsuba」
「Yes. Master, Master... Ah」
 Hips slamming rhythmically against the sound of water.
 Chihiro’s hairless crotch makes a clattering sound as it collides with Yotsuba. It should not hurt too much, but it would stir up shame and arousal.
 Of course, Chihiro himself is hugging Yotsuba.
 It has been only a few times since he took her virginity. The sensation of her tight vagina, combined with the blood pumping into his penis, arouses him.
「Ah, great...」
 Chisato was also in a dreamy state.
 Well, this time, Chihiro and Yotsuba shared their senses with her.
 In a sense, she may have benefited the most from receiving half of Chihiro’s man sensations, as well as half of Yotsuba’s increased pleasure - a proportion, almost equal sensations - due to [Stimulus Amplification].
 However, Yotsuba, who was intoxicated by the master-slave play by the prior oath, is also enjoying the pleasure at a level that would not be possible under normal circumstances.
 Chihiro can also enjoy Yotsuba for a long time, although it is difficult for him to ejaculate because he has half the sexual pleasure.
 Suddenly Yotsuba’s voice jumped.
 Yotsuba’s face was filled with astonishment. Chihiro saw this and gave a small smile.
 Apparently, what Chihiro had anticipated had come true.
 Someone, probably Suzu, started to masturbate, and the pleasure flowed into Yotsuba.
 This is the result of trying to see if it is possible to create a complex range of effects for [Stimulus Sharing] on the spur of the moment. And now, Yotsuba is in a one-way situation instead of a two-way one, i.e., she gets half of the other girls’ pleasure while her own remains the same.
 Since there was no time to contact Suzu and the other girls, it was a gamble that they would realize that their senses were dull and associate them correctly.
「I felt too much... Fuahhh!?」
 Yotsuba moans shamelessly.
 She must have been in a similar state the day before yesterday, but it’s not something she can easily get used to after just once or twice.
 The pleasure of more than one person’s worth of pleasure is irresistibly overwhelming her.
 Her thoughts are debauched, her body is no longer controlled by her rational mind, and her lips and hips move of their own accord.
「Yotsuba, I’m going to change my position」
「Ah, eh... no... don’t...!?」
 From a normal position, Chihiro turned Yotsuba’s body upside down by twisting her hips.
 And now, she was lying with her face down, and Chihiro lightly lifted her hips and fucked her from behind.
 This position is called "lying back". In this position, her hips are higher, which makes it easier for movement on the hard floor below.
「Mm, fuu, mmm!?」
 Yotsuba was desperately trying to hold in her voice and pleasure.
 She held her mouth with both hands, but the effect was not complete.
 And upon seeing this, Chisato exhaled lewdly and whispered to Yotsuba.
*Pant*... Fufu. It’s all right, Yotsuba-san. It’s just me and Nii-san here. No matter how much you get horny, there’s no one here to look at you」
 For a girl who is about to fall another step, the whisper is either an angel or a devil.
「Rather, I want Yotsuba to show me the real Yotsuba. Or maybe you can’t show me either?」
 Chihiro also thrust his penis violently and mercilessly, while spoke softly to her.
 The words slowly seeped into Yotsuba’s ears and heart.
「Oh! Oh, Master!」
「Yotsuba, does your pussy feel good?」
「Yes, my pussy feels good. Please fuck Yotsuba more!」
 Yotsuba screamed.
 With her face pressed halfway to the floor, she raised her hips and thrust her ass out.
 She lightly supports her whole body with her hands and puts herself in a position for Chihiro to penetrate her easily.
 Yotsuba’s vagina tightened, and Chihiro’s desire to ejaculate increased.
「Yotsuba-san. Please cum freely when you cum. Nii-san will fuck you a lot, too」
「Yes. But I’m scared. If I cum like this, I won’t be able to go home...!」
「It’s okay」
 Suddenly Chihiro stop moving and whisper to her.
「Cum until you pass out. I’ll watch you do it for a long time」
 And then...
 Thrust! Chihiro thrust his penis deep into Yotsuba.
 That was the last push.
「Ah, I―― ahhhhh!」
 Yotsuba couldn’t even finish her word in time.
 The rest was just an exclamation, and Yotsuba shuddered.
 After this, in a private room. Chihiro continued to fuck Yotsuba as her voice echoed in the room where only Chihiro, Yotsuba, and Chisato were in the room.
 And then, a few tens of seconds after her climax, Chihiro started to fuck Yotsuba and he wants to ejaculate.
「Nnah, ahh, fuahhh!?」
「I’m going to shoot, Yotsuba!」
 Chihiro poured the white fluid into her vagina as she continued to cum too.
 Her completely enclosed vagina received all Chihiro’s sperm. And after a few tens of seconds of pouring all his cum into her, Chihiro started to move his hips again.
「No, Master!」
「Come on, Yotsuba-san. Let’s cum more, shall we? Nii-san is not satisfied yet」
 Chisato whispered in ecstasy.
 Yotsuba eventually came several times in less than an hour. Once she climaxed, her sensitive body accepted the pleasure without limit, and she trembled as if she was coming all the time.
 After Chihiro’s cum poured into her vagina several times, she seemed to be unable to move for a while.
「Thank you very much...Master」
 Yotsuba looks up at him as she regulates her breathing.
 Chihiro held her gently and stroked her hair.
 And with this, the girl’s vagina was slowly overflowing with a white fluid.


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