Chapter 142 Representative Election against the Competition - Part 2 ★

 Yotsuba informs Principal Ootori of the decided members of the inter-competition.
 Principal Ootori will make candidates for the events based on the data of the members received from Yotsuba, which will be included in the draw for the events.
 Therefore, there is a possibility that Chihiro and his team will be favored in some events.
 Anyway, all that remains is to wait for the day of the event. Those who were chosen as the representatives are now to nourish their energy in their own ways.
(I will cooperate as much as possible, Nii-san)
(Yes. I'm counting on you)
 Chisato's presence will be of great help in some of the events.
 Determined once again, Chihiro spend his days until the day of the event.
 And time passed quickly.
「So.... Let's start taking over a little bit at a time」
 Maria and Hana, who have decided to join the student council for the next school year, have started to visit the student council room with Chihiro.
 The frequency is about every few days.
 During this period when there is no significant work to be done, the current student council members are ready to give them a firm guidance. Maria and Chihiro, who have always been good at taking things in stride, have been absorbing the work and have become a part of the student council room scenery.
 It is a strange feeling to feel that the "apartment" and the "student council", which used to be separate, are getting closer and closer to each other.
 Chihiro wondered if this will be their daily life from now on.
「I'll take care of the housework while everyone else is busy」
 When he comes home, he is greeted by Riko, dressed as a maid.
 Her training as a maid has been going on without a hitch, and she seems to be getting into the swing of things little by little.
 It is hard to believe from the days when she was full of malice and violence, but she seems to be suited to this kind of thing surprisingly well.
 And the knitting that Aika and her friends have been working on in their spare time has been successfully completed.
 Aika's scarf, Riko's gloves, and Maria's earmuffs.
 Although they were a little unsatisfied with some of the distorted shapes of the hand-knitted items, Chihiro was honestly happy with the results.
 After all, it was the first time to receive such a present from a girl.
(Hmm, I wish I could knit too)
(Haha. You can try it in your free time)
 There is not much time to give up his body and let Chisato be free.
 Well, after coming home, Chihiro could only give up his body after finishing the homework, but he is surprised that Chisato does not complain.
(It's like, you know... getting used to it...)
(What do you mean?)
(Because I like you, I don't mind being with you)
 The voiceless voice takes on a sweeter sound.
 Of course, her heart pounds, and her core heats up.
 If Chisato had had a body, she would have hugged Chihiro immediately.
(...I might start to feel a little naughty myself...)
 Chisato continued as if something had just occurred to her.
(Oh, right, Nii-san. Can I borrow your body for a minute?)
(Hmm? Yes, but what are you going to do?)
(Fufu. It's a good thing)
 Chisato, who has gained control of the body, moves to the bedroom after saying goodbye to Maria and the others.
 She opens the closet and takes out clothes.
 Or should to say Chihiro's clothes, to be more precise. In addition to the clothes prepared for the date with Hana, there are some clothes bought after Chisato's arrival. Even though Chisato can freely make clothes in Illusion, she thought it would be better to have the actual clothes so that she can get a better idea of what she is wearing.
 With this in thought, Chisato took off her current clothes and put on a bra, shorts, a skirt, and a sweater. The tight-fitting panties held the penis, making it tingle slightly.
「It feels so good, doesn't it, the way the penis touches the panties?」
 It is true that there is a kind of perverse pleasure.
 Besides the psychological factor, it is also due to the comfort of the fabric against a woman's delicate skin. There is even a common practice of using panties as a tool for hand job.
 However, Chisato does not seem to be concerned about the penis, which should be a foreign object to her, being a female.
 Even in her life so far, she has been taking a bath and going to the toilet as usual.
 When Chihiro asked her why, she replied, "Because I am Nii-san's alter ego. When I think about it, when I am in Chihiro's body, I am enjoying male pleasure with Nii-san, and I would be in trouble if Nii-san feels aversion to me」
「Well, here it go」
 Chisato changes her socks and gets on the bed in "Chisato mode".
 She crawls slowly to the back of the bed, then leans her back against the wall and opens her legs. Her so-called "M-shape" posture is a little awkward, but she is radiating her femininity without any discomfort.
 Chisato lets out an exhale and extends her right hand.
 Under her skirt, her index and middle fingers press against the bulge in the panties.
(No way...)
(Yes, that's right)
 She pushed it.
 Chisato let out a faint sound, and Chihiro felt pleasure at the same time.
 It was the same as if he had touched it with his finger. It should be the same, but somehow it felt as if someone else had touched him.
 This is because he is reliving Chisato's actions.
「I was thinking of masturbating」
 Chisato dared to say it out loud.
 There is no one else in the bedroom now. The only people listening are Chihiro and Chisato herself, so this must have a significant effect on her mood.
 Chisato breathes out and her fingers move.
 Her finger moves slowly along the line of the penis from the crotch area. Chisato is so sensitive because of the arousal that she feels numb just by that.
 Her finger moves back and forth again and again.
「Oh, ah!」
 Chisato is moaning in a higher voice than Chihiro usually does.
 It was as if a girl was really jerking off, and it was strange to feel it inside.
 And, for Chihiro, this is like masturbation, but not masturbation.
 It can be described as receiving a service from Chisato as well as sharing Chisato's masturbation. Because she is the one who is stimulating Chihiro's penis now.
 Now, the movement of her fingers becomes faster and faster.
 At first, the repeated one-way movements are changed to back-and-forth movements with the fingers pressed against each other. She moves her finger in a vibrating way this time, feeling the hardness of the penis and the pressure of the panties.
 She screamed out.
「I can't take it anymore...!」
 Chisato rolls up her skirt with her left hand and pulls down her panties with her right hand.
 In their shared view, Chihiro could see his penis peeking out from under the skirt. And he saw his fingers gently wrap around it, and move it in his fingers as if he is checking the sensation of it.
 On his left hand, his fingers rested on the ball sack.
(Let's feel good, shall we? Nii-san?)
 The restraints are released, and the towering penis is handled at high speed.
 For Chihiro, who is forbidden to masturbate by Maria and her friends, it has been quite a while since he has felt such pleasure running through his body.
 It feels much better than the one in his memory, and it is probably not only because of the blank period of time.
 Thinking of this, Chihiro lets himself fall into the pleasure that Chisato is giving him.
「Ah, ah...I'm cumming...!」
 Ejaculation came a few minutes later.
 With a jerk, the penis bounced and Spurtttttt! A liquid came out. Chisato's hand wrapped around Chihiro's and caught it.
 When the pulsation stops, Chisato licks the palm of her hand, which is covered with the white sperm.
(Hmm? Ah... I'm sorry, it just happened)
(No, it's okay. I was a little surprised)
 Anyway, it's not the first time Chihiro has tasted his own semen.
 So, Chihiro answers with a chuckle inwardly, trying to tell Chisato that she can continue. But—
 Knock! Knock!
 There was a knock at the bedroom door.
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