Chapter 38 [Female blacksmith] Nakadashi & Taking Virginity while Sleeping - Part 1

 Alexis was walking in the fort while carrying a fast asleep Dorothea on his back.
 He knew where her room location was because Sara had told him where it was.
 Dorothea, being a woman, seems to have been assigned a room away from the dormitory where the male soldiers live, near Sara and Fatima's rooms.
 To make sure that it is the right room, Alexis checks the plaque on the door and confirms it again. He then opens the door and enters the room with Dorothea.
 Dorothea's room must have barely been touched since her arrival at the fort. After all, it was exactly as it had been before, with a bed for one person, a small desk, and a small closet. In the corners of the room, unpacked crates and sacks are still lined up.
 Now, after closing the door with his foot, Alexis walked over to the bed and laid Dorothea down.
 "...Fuuh," he takes a breath and looks at Dorothea's sleeping figure for a while.
 Her slender body was lying on the sheets. Her arms, legs, and even her waist are toned and thin, and it makes him wonder how she manages to keep up with such a strong armor.
 As he looks at her, Dorothea turns over. Her eyebrows are furrowed and she lets out a "mmm" sound.
 She seems to be uncomfortable in her sleep, and seems to be trying to take off her gloves when she starts to wriggle, but her sleepiness seems to be preventing her from doing so.
I can't help it...
 Alexis decides to take off the gloves for Dorothea.
 First, he removes the gloves she wants to take off the most. It is a bit tricky because there are thin belts attached here and there, but he manages to get them off. Next, after hurriedly removing the tool case, which was about to be damaged, he takes off her short boots as well.
Why am I doing this...?
 He thinks so, but he feels it's OK to give her a break at least for today.
 After finally taking off her boots, which are still covered with belts, Alexis puts them on the floor, and then turns his attention back to Dorothea. However, he blurts out a "bufo".
 He saw Dorothea was taking off her clothes as if she was hot.
 She took off her camisole, unhooked her skirt, and slid it down.
 It seems that she was wearing black spats above her knees under her skirt, and finally she was naked on the top half of her body and wearing only spats.
Oi oi! What an outfit...!
 Alexis looks away in a hurry, but then glances at her.
 Her breasts are moving gently up and down, and her nipples are light beige in color, adding a little color to them.
 Her healthy-colored skin is still firm and thin, and the word "supple" is aptly applied to her figure.
 The spats covering the lower half of her body seem to be tightly constricting her flesh, and even the hollows between her pubic mounds are clearly visible.
 Unaware of Alexis' gaze, Dorothea reaches for the string that ties her hair and undoes it. Then, her black hair, which Alexis thought was just above her shoulders, spreads to her waist.
 This contrast between her black and skin color is beautifully displayed in front of his eyes.
 Alexis swallowed her spit.
Come to think of it, I didn't notice it when the distinguished beauties of Sagrado people were standing next to each other... but as a Krangal person, Dorothea is one of the prettiest girls...
 Alexis eventually reached out his hand slowly. But then, he comes back to himself.
Wait, what am I trying to do...!?
 Just as he tries to pull his hand back, Dorothea's hand grabs Alexis' arm tightly.
 She pulls him back with an unexpectedly strong force, and Alexis falls onto the bed with a crash.
It's dangerous!!!!
 Alexis immediately shift his body, and lies down next to Dorothea. He is relieved, because he still has his heavy armor on.
 If he had fallen on top of her, he would crushed her to pieces.
 Fortunately, he left his weapon and shield at the workshop when he was introduced to his new armor...
Mfufu. The steel, so smooth!
 Dorothea rubs her cheek against Alexis' armor with a happy expression on her face.
 "What a happy girl...," Alexis thinks, then sighs.
Really, what was I thinking...? Even if I wanted to do something, I can't do anything with my gauntlet on and everything...
 Thinking it's time to go back, Alexis tries to pull himself out of bed. ――But...
Ugh, I can't move...!
 Alexis was stunned.
 A woman's body was clinging to his body, which was hard to move with the heavy things he was wearing. Just like that, he was unable to move at all.
Damn, I'll have to take off my armor...
 Heavy armor is also a piece of equipment that makes it easy to get stuck. This is inconvenient.
 However, he doesn't want to wake Dorothea, so he gently remove the gauntlets without waking her, and then remove the armor using his hands that are finally free.
 But he can't reach the joints of the armor because of the tight embrace.
...This idiot
 Alexis was annoyed.
 She had made him carry her to the bed and help her undress, and now this?
Huff... Calm down. Dorothea is there for us...
 Alexis manages to calm down and decides to take off his clothes where he can.
 He reaches for his sabaton shoes and manages to jiggle it off.
 With a clank, he kicks the removed steel under the bed.
...Damn, I can't move yet. I guess I'll have to do something about the armor itself...
 Alexis felt like letting out a sigh.
 Right in front of him is Dorothea's sleeping face. She was so close to him that he could almost touch her. And she must be sweaty from being cooped up in the workshop. Naturally, he can't help but smell the miffed scent of a female. It was a smell that steadily aroused his male instincts, and Alexis felt a lump between his legs swell up and start to flare up under his pants.
Kuh... No, I can't go on like this...
 Unfortunately, Alexis's penis was not as docile as most male genitalia.
 Hurriedly, Alexis pushed hard to pull Dorothea off of him. But...
 Dorothea was clinging to him more and more, making sleepy noises.
Hey, wake up! Hey!
 Alexis calls out to her. But the solid prison of the dream world, built up over several days and nights, is not going to let Dorothea wake this time.
Ehehe, iron ore! Whoa, even in a place like this...
 She looks very happy in her sleep.
You damn...!
 Alexis couldn't help but feel angry.
If it comes to this, I have no choice!
 Alexis did not miss the chance to loosen Dorothea's hand.
 He immediately changed his posture so that he would not be restrained again, and covered himself on top of Dorothea.
 To support himself in his heavy armor, his hands and feet are weighed down heavily.
Fufufu, this won't restrain me...?
 Alexis was sure of victory. But then...
 Dorothea suddenly put her arms around Alexis' neck and hugged him from below, and then she pulled him closer.
 Finally, Alexis, still in his heavy armor, leans over Dorothea's body.
 Although the weight is less with the sabaton and gauntlets removed, still...
Mfufu, the steel feels so good against my skin...
 It should be too heavy for her to smile so softly, but Dorothea seems to be okay with it.
What kind of body does she have..?
 But... she is weak. Now she can't move at all.
 Dorothea has come to hold Alexis tightly, not only with her arms, but also with her legs wrapped around his back.
Whoa – Mmu!!
 Alexis involuntarily drops his head, right in front of Dorothea's face.
 Their lips overlap each other, and Alexis' eyes go black and white. The closer they are, the stronger the scent of the female is tempting Alexis.
Damn it! That's enough!!
 Just as Alexis opens her mouth in a panic, Dorothea's tongue slips into his mouth.
*Kiss*... Mmm, yum... It's a strange ice cream... Mmm... Well, whatever...
 It seems that she is licking the ice cream in her dream.
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