Chapter 39 [Loli Doctor] Receiving Virginity in Exchange for Observing his Tentacle - Part 1

 Today is a rest day.
 The day after his return from Avalon, Alexis had an early morning visit to a place.
 He opened the door and entered the doctor's office in Fort Rohka.
Uh, is Sara here?
 He call out to the medic he sees, and the medic replies, "Yes, Sara-sensei is here".
She's in the examination room next door.
Oh, thank you.
 Alexis thanks him and leaves the room. But he tilted his head in doubt, “...Sensei?”.
 When he regained his composure and entered the examination room, he found Sara writing on the table there.
 The examination room is a small room with a hard bed, a table, a chair, and a mysterious medicine cabinet.
 It seems that all the things in this room are large for Sara's body, and a stepladder is always available in the room, as expected.
 However, she cannot use the stepladder even while she is sitting on the chair, and her feet are hanging around.
Good morning, Sara.
Mmm, good morning Alex-kun. It's rare to see you here in the morning
 Sara greets him with a soft smile with her fluffy light green hair swaying.
 Her speech is not quite in keeping with her loli-like appearance.
Yeah, I've come to ask you to give me something
 It was too late to come here last night.
Something you want?
 Alexis replies awkwardly to Sara's puzzled look.
Birth control pills. You have them, don't you?
 Sara's eyes blinked. And then.
Really, again?
 She says in a deadpan voice.
Not again... This is the second time...
Well, Alex-kun, I should say that you've finally showed up. You send Her Highness on your errands every time, you know, even though she's the prince of Krangal, and she's the princess-maiden one. I mean, don't you understand? She is a princess of a kingdom with a long history. Even if she's in a lower position now, she should be respected a little. Well, I didn't say anything since Her Highness said it was fine, but I've had a lot to say!
 Sara's expression is unusually mousy, and she looks very upset.
 No, it's more than that.
Princess? What did Fransisca say every time?
 "You see!" Sara says angrily.
We're talking about birth control pills, right!?
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about... but wait a minute
 Alexis had noticed.
 It's true that nowadays when Fransisca and he has intercourse, it's always inside. He didn't mind about that because Fransisca didn't mind, but...
Does Fransisca always come to your place, by any chance? To get birth control pills?
Yes, I said that!
 Alexis thinks it is unusual for Sara to be so outspoken.
 But that's understandable. She probably thinks that Alexis is treating her lord roughly. And maybe she's right.
Oh... sorry, I didn't realize.
 Alexis scratches his cheek.
 Sara's eyes flutter in disbelief, and after a moment she says.
...I'm dumbfounded.
 She mutters in a whisper. Then she immediately realized.
Wait a minute. If you didn't notice, then for whom did you just come to get birth control pills? I-Is it for Fatima?
 After a hasty reply, Alexis realized he had messed up.
So you mean another third party?
 Sara was silent for a while, then muttered "...Huff".
Alex-kun is... surprisingly popular, isn't he?
Surprisingly, huh...? Well, I don't deny it...
 While Alexis was sighing, Sara's mood seemed to have returned.
If it's not the princess, that's fine, okay? But you have to be a little more careful... and avoid getting into trouble... So, you want birth control pills, right?
 She jumps down from her chair as she says this, and then stops as she is about to walk to the medicine cabinet.
Oh...that's right. Can I ask you a favor in exchange for some birth control pills?
 Alexis nodded as Sara turned around with an idea in her head.
Yes, that's fine. What do you want me to do?
 Sara smiled at him and said.
Alex-kun, show me your thing ♪」
 "Huh!?" Alexis was bursting out.
W-What are you thinking, Sara?!
 Sara smiles at Alexis who is very upset.
You see, I'm curious about it. A genital that could bends, hard, stretches, and moves like a living thing. It's definitely not a normal one, right?
 Alexis was dizzy from the word uttered by this Loli in a young girl's voice.
Wait, wait... Where did you get that information?
I heard it from Her Highness
Damn, Fransisca, that girl...
 Seeing his reaction, Sara shakes her head in panic, thinking that Fransisca will definitely be punished later.
Oh, please don't blame her too much, okay? I'm the one who asked her. I've warned her repeatedly, but she keeps repeating it, so I'm a little angry. And so I used the birth control pills as a pretext, just like I'm doing now, and asked her a lot of questions.
 Hearing this, Alexis was convinced that Sara was actually the strongest of the Sagrado people.
I told her many times that she should stop it because of her position, you know? But Her Highness said there's no way she can stop it, after what she knows. I asked her about the details, and she said it was unusual. Because of this, I want to study it
 Sara approaches him with a smiling face.
 Seeing the power of her body, which was not suited to her small size, Alexis couldn't help but back away.
Don't treat me like an experimental animal...!
Huh? So you don't need birth control pills? I see. The more heirs you have, the safer you'll be.
 Sara smiles smugly at that. She is a demon.
 In the end, Alexis had no choice but to nod reluctantly.
I-I can't help it... but no research... just look!
Ehh? But I won't hurt you
 Sara looks like a child, but her expression is not like a child's...
It's not good! You're just going to look!
 Still, Alexis was pushing through.
 Sara was not happy, but she seemed to accept this condition for the time being.
Well, Alex-kun, take off your pants and underwear and sit on the bunk.
 Alexis was shocked and requested to keep his pants on, but the request was rejected immediately.
I gave in, so Alex-kun has to give in, too, right?
 Alexis could not give a single word when he was told so.
 He reluctantly sat down on the bunk with only the lower half of his body naked.
 Sara took off her shoes and scrambled up on the bunk, perhaps because she had difficulty seeing, and found Alexis flinging up the tunic she was wearing on her upper body. She then let out a “huff” at the sight of Alexis's thing.
It's been 20 years since I've seen man thing...But don't worry about it
 Didn't she just say it's been 20 years? Didn't she just say it!? Alexis's face goes tense as he thinks about it.
How old is she, really...?
 Alexis looks at Sara.
 Her height... she looks like a child with a small stature. Her face... is innocent and cute. Her voice is that of a little girl. Her figure... it's hard to tell with her sloppy lab coat, but she looks like a child.
 And this little girl now looks at Alexis's now small thing while tilting her head.


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