Chapter 41 [Maid] Giving Some Rope Makeup to a Maid who Wants to be Tied Up - Part 1

 It was halfway through the day, and Alexis was doing some muscle training in his room when he heard a knock at the door.
A-Alex... are you free right now?
 The voice that came through the door was Fatima's.
 It seemed that Fransisca had given way to Fatima. Despite her apparent resistance, she was probably more concerned about her vassal's health.
Oh, no problem
 When Alexis answered, Fatima opened the door and entered the room.
 She closes the door behind her with a slam and stands there with a blank expression on her face.
So, about that thing I was talking about...
 By now, Alexis has learned that Fatima's facial expression disappears more when she is in emotional turmoil.
Yeah, you want me to do something about the monster in your intestines, don't you? Well, let's get to it...
 Alexis brings out a towel for blindfold, and Fatima says impatiently, "Wait, wait a minute."
 Alexis stopped moving, just as he was about to reach out to Fatima.
What's wrong?
Y-You know. I get nervous when I'm blindfolded...
 Fatima says with a pained look in her eyes.
S-So, I want you to tie me up like you did last time...
 "What?" Alexis shouts in an unintentionally crazy voice.
 Then Fatima's face turned red at once.
U-Ugh... Don't get me wrong, I don't mean that in a perverted way!
 After waving her hands from side to side, Fatima speaks in a slurred voice, even her ears are reddening.
I-I just feel safe when I'm tied up... and I feel like I'm protected by you... that's all... that's the only reason...
 Fatima's gaze begins to drift away, perhaps because she has finally reached the limit of eye contact.
I think that's a perverse enough reason...
 Alexis thought about it, but simply said, "Oh, that's fine."
 And he thought, "Since we're here, it's a good excuse to do something different."
Well, wait a minute, I'll go find you a nice rope
 Alexis said and left the room leaving Fatima alone.
Eh?? W-Why are you so serious...?
 Fatima tried to stop him, but Alexis had already left.
Did I ask a strange favor?
 Fatima thought so, and was very nervous.
* * *
 A little later Alexis came back to the room.
 In his hand was a long packing rope that he had taken from the armory.
Is he going to tie me up with this?
 Alexis closes the door, despite Fatima's nervousness, and immediately starts to tie the rope around Fatima's body.
 He knew that she would not like it if he asked her to take off her clothes, so he decided to put the ropes directly on her body over her maid's clothes.
Huh? I-Is it necessary to hang it around my neck...?
 Fatima is puzzled, but Alexis says, "Just stay still," as he ties her up tight, then binds two strands together and stretches them out toward her breasts.
 He pulls the rope down through her ample breasts, making loops as he goes.
You have a very unusual way of tying me up...
 Fatima was puzzled at first, but her face changed when the rope started to go under her skirt.
Ah... T-That place...
 Alexis pulled the rope up tight and slipped it between her legs and down her back.
 The rope pulls up her skirt, exposing Fatima's garter belt and the area around her pussy.
 "Ah," Fatima lets out an upset voice, and Alexis smiles.
 It is because Fatima was not wearing any panties underneath.
 He can clearly see the two ropes that are bound together and digging into the blonde's underhair.
What? Did you come here without wearing any panties?
B-Because you told me to before...
 Fatima excuses in a shaky voice, and Alexis pulls the rope tighter.
 It seems to have cut between the cracks, and Fatima lets out a squeak, then turns bright red.
A-Alex? What are you...?
You want me to make you feel safe, don't you? So I thought I'd tie you up a little tighter.
I-I'm sorry, but the rope's binding in all these weird places...
 To her plead, Alexis reaches down to loosen the rope and grabs Fatima's wrist.
All right, just hold still
 He pulls the rope through the back of Fatima's neck and then pulls it tight, and perhaps because of the tightness of the rope, Fatima stops moving.
A-Alex. This isn't right...
 Fatima exhaled as the rope was passed around her breast, but her breath was ragged.
What's wrong with it? You asked to loose the rope, didn't you?
 After saying this, he pulled the rope loose, and Fatima's breast was squeezed through the cloth.
 Fatima made a strange noise and her cheeks were stained, while Alexis continued the process of applying the rope make-up.
 After binding her with the turtle binding style, Fatima is made to stand in front of the mirror after tying her back hands with the rope left over at the end, and she turns her eyes away from the mirror in a hurry.
 Fatima could not do anything but to turn her cheeks bright red as she was breathing more and more heavily. Because she had found herself in an unexpectedly bold state.
No, I can't do this. It's not good, I can't dress like this...
 "Why? I just tied you up like you asked, didn't I?" Alexis blurts out.
 "Yes, that's true, b-but…" Fatima replies seriously.
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