Chapter 41 [Maid] Giving Some Rope Makeup to a Maid who Wants to be Tied Up - Part 2

 Fatima twists uncomfortably, and the rope that has been passed between her secret parts tightens around the sensitive spot.
 She let out an involuntary yelp, and then the vermilion on her cheeks grew redder and redder.
Haaaaah, fuahhh... p-please, loose the rope...
 Fatima asked him to loosen the rope but her eyes were vacant, contrary to her words.
 Perhaps she was probably trying to resist the sensation of the rope sinking into her vital area, Fatima's feet are trembling, and she seems to be trying hard not to move her body as much as possible.
Well then, it looks like you feel safe.
 Alexis covered Fatima's eyes with a blindfold.
 The sudden loss of vision made Fatima feel uneasy. However, the sensation of the rope digging into her body remains clearly. It also makes Alexis' presence seem closer, so she is not afraid in the darkness. Rather, the sensation of the rope is emphasized to the point of being repulsive.
...Fuuh, fuuh, fuuu...
 When Fatima was only breathing and not saying anything, Alexis lifted her up and made her lie down on the bed.
 He then put his hand on her knee to open her tightly closed garter-stockinged thigh slowly from side to side, and Fatima's body trembled.
A... A-Alex, don't move too much...
 Alexis opens her legs, which are slightly strained, and Fatima shudders.
 Fatima's whole body shakes.
 The rope seems to sink harder as her posture changes. Between her open legs, the rope seems to stimulate her sensitive spot frequently, and the rope becomes wet with her own clear liquid seeping out from the back of her body.
 Alexis tries to run his fingers over the rope. And perhaps there is indirect sensation, Fatima is trembling.
Au, ah, ah...
 Her voice leaks out, but she doesn't protest, probably because she can't say anything and Alexis isn't touching her directly.
 Anyway, Alexis takes off his finger and the liquid trickles out, which makes Alexis grin.
...oh, you're so wet here...
 Fatima's body shudders a little as Alexis pokes the rope above her pussy with his finger.
Yes. The rope is soaking wet. I knew it! You're a pervert, Fatima!
 Fatima shivers.
No, I'm not a pervert...
 With a muffled voice, Fatima resisted, but Alexis yanked on the rope that trailed over her pubic mound.
 "This is it," Alexis points out after seeing Fatima's reaction to the rope's bite.
This what I means to get wet. You're feeling pretty hot right now, aren't you?
No, that can't be...
There's no need to make excuses. You said you felt safe, but you really wanted to do it, didn't you?
No, nooo...
Even though I was just trying to help you with the monster
No, no, no... No way...
 Fatima's voice trembles as if she is crying.
 She is probably still trying to resist the "bad feeling".
...Okay, okay, but it would be easier if you just admit it, wouldn't it?
 Alexis tugs on the rope, and a moan escapes from Fatima's mouth.
 Even with the blindfold on, he can see that her cheeks are bright red.
 Her body is trying to twist to fight the sensation, but she is getting deeper and deeper into the hole with the increasing clenching.
 And seeing this scene, Alexis pulled the rope part of her secret part and made it clench against the sensitive part, and Fatima's body jumped up and down violently.
Ah? Wait, stop! Don't pull so hard... oh no!
 Fatima's skin is flushed and her body is shaking, and it seems that her senses are heightened.
 Alexis then strokes her breast through the cloth, and she utters, "Ahhhh!"
Ah? No, no, noooooo!
 Fatima shakes her head no, but she can't resist the sensation, and at last her whole body shakes.
 After a few moments of arched back and twitching, Fatima finally calmed down and realized that she had reached her climax from the rope.
Y-You are terrible, Alex... I told you not to...!
 She was crying, but her voice was full of it, though the blindfold kept the tears at bay.
It's okay
 After saying this, Alexis loosened his belt, pulled down his pants and underpants, and climbed onto the bed.
This way your ass will be looser and you'll be ready for my stick
Eh? P-Prepare the stick...?
 He rolls Fatima, who looks doubtful, over and makes her lie on her face, knees up and butt sticking out.
 The ropes were tightly tight in the crack of her butt. Then, he opened the two parallel ropes to the left and right.
Ah, ahhh!
 Fatima groaned a little as if she was uncomfortable with the sensation caused by the tightness of the rope.
*Pant* *Pant*... I didn't mean to say that...
 Fatima was muttering such a thing in a depressed voice, but Alexis decided not to mention it now. After all, his penis could not wait to get in there.
Well then...
 Alexis holds the open rope with both hands as he extends his tentacles between his legs and presses his cowper-soaked glans against the wrinkled anus.
 A low squelch sound was heard and Fatima's ass shakes.
...*Pant* *Pant* *Pant*...
 It seems Fatima is already imprinted that this is a pleasurable sensation.
 But she gulps a mouthful of spit and waits patiently.
Well, it's time to do this one...
 When Alexis patted her butt, Fatima shivered a little and nodded her head.
 Then, Alexis slid his penis into Fatima's ass.
 Alexis exhaled at the sensation of Fatima's anus still tight as ever.
 Fatima, on the other hand, was also letting out an audible sigh.
 When he rubbed inside of her, Fatima's body responded easily and intentionally.
Haaah, ahh, ahhh!
 She let out a voice and then leaked a puzzled word, "Why...?" then her ears turn red with excitement.
It feels good, doesn't it?
 She nodded her head in response to Alexis's question, and was about to say, "B-but..." but her voice was soon replaced by a gasp.
Ahh, mmm, mmn, ahh!
 Perhaps she does it unconsciously, Fatima's but shakes with each thrust of the piston.
*Pant* *Pant*... it's not like that...
 "What do you mean?" Alexis dares to ask Fatima, who is also unconsciously moaning. .
 Fatima is silent, perhaps embarrassed, but what Alexis chooses to do is to stop the movement of his penis.
 Fatima let out a lustful voice, and then began to move her hips wriggling.
 But that was easily stopped by Alexis' firm grip on the rope.
 Fatima, unable to move, turns her blindfolded face to the back of the room, her legs shaking slightly.
W-Why are you suddenly...?
I'm the one asking the questions, aren't I? I'm going to wait until you answer
 Fatima chokes up when she hears Alexis' answer.
Wha...! But it's okay not to answer, right...?
 "No, it's not good," Alexis says to Fatima, who protests in a whisper.
If there's something wrong, it's my duty to stop it right away.
 Alexis says in a serious voice.
 Fatima is at a loss for words.
No, there's nothing wrong, there's nothing...
but you were saying something earlier, weren't you? You said something about a stick, right?
Yes, it was.
 Fatima exhales.
 Seeing Fatima's silence, Alexis lets out a sigh, "I don't blame you."
As I thought, it's not feel good, huh? Then, should we stop for a while? Or maybe we should just take the rope off...
No, noo!
 Fatima's face falls as she says this, while Alexis smirks at her.
It's all right, just be honest. It's just you and me, right?
 Alexis says in the softest voice possible and strokes Fatima's hair.
 Fatima's body slowly relaxes, and soon she is whispering to him with a bright red face.
Umm, w-when I'm tied up like this... for some reason, I get a stronger sense of you... but that's just it... that's all... that's why I'm a little surprised... not that it's strange, or that I don't like it... but... that's all... that's why... s-so...
 Fatima's voice sounded like it was about to disappear.
...please don't stop...
 Alexis wondered what kind of man would interrupt at such a request.
 Anyway, Alexis was resuming his pistoning again in response to the woman's request.
 Fatima also shuddered, as if she had been waiting for it.
 Fatima said, her body convulsing and her butt thrusting out.
*Pant* *Pant* that's it, your stick, ah, ah, ahhhhh!
 Fatima seemed to have reached her climax with a wild shaking of her body.
 Still Alexis did not stop the movement of his penis, and Fatima showed a strong reaction, "Fuahhhhh!" .
Amazing...! I can't go on like this, I'm going to come again! Ahhh, Alex, Alexx!
 Fatima was actively accepting Alexis' action by shaking her hips widely.
Alec, go deeper, take it deeper as you please... ah, ah, ahhhhhhhh!!
 By the time Fatima reached again, Alexis was spewing white spunk into her body.
 Spurttt! Spurttttttt!
 Alexis was pumping into Fatima until she had had enough.
Kuh... hahh...
 Fatima felt Alexis' "stick" pulsating in her ass and the hot liquid pouring into her, and she slowly relaxed her body tension.
 After he had finished spitting out, Alexis slowly pulled out his penis from inside Fatima.
 The sensation of slipping out seemed to feel good, and Fatima was breathing heavily and shaking.
「――Hah, hah, hah...
 When the stick is finally removed, Fatima lies down on the bed this time.
 As she does so, she tightens her asshole and focuses on the sensation of the warm liquid that is still filling her intestines.
 Fatima suddenly thinks.
...What does Alex always put in my intestines? What is this white, fishy liquid?
 Just then, Alexis was pulling up his pants and fastening his belt.
Eh? Uh...well, I don't know what to call it. Like lubricant for swords? Haha...
 He was awkwardly met with Fatima's questioning look when he took off the blindfold from her while laughing lightly.
I-I'm going to take off the rope now, so you can leave soon
 Saying so, Alexis slid off the rope.
 Fatima nodded her head and said, "...Okay" feeling regretful about that for some reason.
With this, it's good.
 At last the ropes were removed, and Fatima looked down at her wrists which had been tied until now with a feeling of unsatisfaction.
 There, she found the clear traces of the ropes.
 Fatima muttered in a whisper, and Alexis felt impatient.
I-I'm sorry. I think I tightened it too hard
...no, it's not like that...
 Fatima's cheeks flushed as her gaze drifted.
...There are traces of Alex here...
 Fatima clenched her wrist tightly.
 But soon she felt her bowels start to move, and she got off the bed in a hurry.
 Alexis supports Fatima as she wobbles.
Are you all right?
 Alexis asked her a question, and Fatima's cheeks flushed.
Oh... ah, thank you...
 Fatima was clearly aware as she answered.
 Alexis' hands and chest are steadily getting bigger and bigger.
Alex, I...
 Fatima feels a tightening sensation in her chest and looks away from Alexis.
...it's okay, Alex, I can stand up now.
 Alexis was puzzled by what Fatima had just said.
Are you okay? I can take you to the bathroom if you want...
No, that's okay. Thank you.
 Fatima gave a small smile, pulled herself away from Alexis, and staggered out of the room by herself.
...Is she really all right...?
 Alexis could only scratch her hair and look away.
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