Chapter 43 [Princess-maiden] Make Her Speak Out Her Love and Make Her Drink Piss - Part 2

Then tell me. I'm the one who's willing to listen to anything you say.
 Fransisca bit her lip tightly. Then she whispered in desperation.
...I, umm, uhh... I love... you, so...
 She blushed reddening her body to the point of tears.
So, I want you to do anything you want...
 Silence follows for a while.
Ah...? As I told you before, I understand that it's impolite of me. So, please don't mind it...!
 Fransisca said hurriedly, unable to bear the awkwardness.
 Alexis, who had been blank for a while, let out a sigh.
...You know, I'm the one who made you into my slave, right? You love me, isn't that crazy?
 Fransisca, who knew Alexis was going to say that, let out a sigh.
I-I'm sorry.... I know it's presumptuous
No, that's not the point...
 Alexis looks at Fransisca, who looks like she is about to cry. He wonders how he should answer her. Thinking about this, he kissed her again, and Fransisca let out a "Mmm" sound.
A, Alexis... sama...
 Fransisca smiles.
You are kind after all... to kiss me, even though it is impolite of me to have such feelings for you...
 Rude? That's absurd. Ridiculous.
 With that thought Alexis stretched out and ran his hands over her breasts.
 Alexis began to run his tongue over her nipples.
 He licks them, and they harden instantly.
Hhhhhh ―― nghh, hmm... Ah... It's like I spoil Alexis-sama....
 Fransisca hugged Alexis's head tightly while her breasts were caressed.
 She writhed at the unusually gentle sensation.
 Eventually, Alexis's head pulled away from Fransisca's.
 Then, Alexis lifts her thighs, and Alexis puts her on all four. He puts his face down on her crack. And as she requested, he was going to do to her what he was doing to Dorothea and Fatima.
 Fransisca's body jumped up and down as Alexis flicked his tongue between her cracks.
Ahhh! Fuahhhh... ah, ah...
 Fransisca wrists her hips with her eyebrows raised.
Ah..... no, I can't do it, it's so dirty...
Hey, wasn't you the one who asked me to lick that dirty spot?
 Alexis' question makes Fransisca's heart clench.
Ahhhh... I, I didn't mean this... Ahh... I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Alexis-sama!
 Ignoring Fransisca, whose tears in the corners of her eyes, Alexis reaches her anus with his tongue, wanting to torture her more.
 Fransisca's body trembles and shivers as he pokes her with the tip of his tongue.
Huhhh!? No, no, no... stop it...!
Oh, God. I went to the trouble of doing what you wanted me to do, and you said no to that? What a bad girl
Ah, ahhh! I'm sorry, I'm sorry...!
 She apologizes, but when Alexis runs his fingers over Fransisca's gaping pussy, it makes a squelching sound as he stirs up the thick, clinging love juices.
So, you're so wet while apologizing, huh? Really, you're making me lick your dirty spot and you're so sloppy
Ah... Fuahhh.... I'm sorry, Alexis-samaa
 Fransisca reacts loudly while apologizing.
 Alexis knows that tickling Fransisca's submissive nature in this way makes her more responsive.
Look, you're getting wetter while apologizing. It's all soggy like a flood.
 After saying these, Alexis takes his tongue away from Fransisca's anus and puts his finger on her anus, which is now completely sloppy after having been stirred all over her secret parts.
 When he pushed it slowly into her anus, Fransisca's body trembled.
Eh, wait... fuahhhhh!?
 As he shakes her tight fingers lightly, he also takes Fransisca's bud in his mouth.
 Fransisca's hips quivered and she squirmed and squirted.
Ahhhhh, I'm sorry, but it won't stop...!? Aaaaah!
 With her hips bucking, Fransisca soaks Alexis' face.
 She apologizes afterwards, but Alexis has no intention of forgiving her.
How could you do this to me?
Ah... I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I won't stop until I get revenge.
Yes, please dirty me, soak me with your semen...
 Fransisca said with the force of getting down on her knees, but she could not get down on her knees because she was still in the position of being forced on all fours.
Didn't I tell you to ask for permission before cumming?
 Alexis smiles a wry smile at Fransisca, who repeats her apologies.
I-I came so suddenly... I couldn't stop it...
Good grief... since you were masturbating on your own earlier, should I put a chastity belt on you?
Eh... Chastity belt...?
 Fransisca is puzzled, but her expression is still a bit tense.
 Alexis gets up on his knees with his hands on her legs.
Well, let's put that aside for now. But the only thing that's going to come out today is my urine.
 Alexis looks at her and Fransisca understands his intention and spits.
Ah... d-do you need to pee?
Need it? Well...
 At Alexis' smile, Fransisca thinks.
Eh? Does he want to pee on me?
 She is upset at the thought in her mind, but at the same time her body gets hot.
Alexis-sama... will make me dirty a lot...
 This made her heart tremble, and Fransisca confirmed once again the depth of her feelings for him.
 Then Fransisca looked at Alexis and smiled.
P-Please pee on me... please dirty me with Alexis-sama...
Well said!
 Alexis laughed, unbuckled his pants belt, and took out his penis.
 He then moves Fransisca, who is still lying on the bed, onto the floor.
Get on all fours yourself!
 Alexis tells her to get down on all fours and Fransisca does so. It was an unbecoming posture for a princess, like a dog.
 However, Fransisca had no resistance to it and was rather delighted to be put in this position in front of Alexis.
 Fransisca felt extremely aroused.
 She looked up at Alexis, who was standing in front of her and bared his penis to her, with a tingling sensation that she could have reached her goal by herself.
Please... *Pant* *Pant*... d-dirty me with all of yours, Alexis-sama...
 As Fransisca pleaded with her eyes completely clouded by lust, Alexis ordered her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue.
 Fransisca did as he asked, thus spitting out the contents of his bladder.
Swallow it properly, okay? If you spill it, you'll have to clean it up.
 Fransisca nodded her head.
 She nodded her head again without thinking. It is her vice, but it is very convenient for Alexis.
 Alexis exerted pressure on his bladder and was spitting out a stream of water.
 Fransisca takes the gushing spurt with her mouth as she had declared.
 Fransisca's face is distorted by the smell and taste, which is more than she expected, but she manages to swallow it and moves her throat.
 However, she was unable to finish her drink, and the hot drops of the mixture dripping down her neck and onto her chest and onto the floor. Still, Fransisca shivered as she felt the hot drops tracing her skin.
Gulp... Ah, ahhh!
 Fransisca choked as she tried to swallow the last drop of piss, feeling it lightly reach her.
――kgh *Cough* *Cough*...
 Alexis smiles down at Fransisca as she coughs.
 Truly, Fransisca is a woman who tickles his fancy to no end.
Oh, you spilled it, didn't you? You're gonna have to clean that up
 Alexis coughs as Fransisca nods her head.
 Anyway, Alexis puts his hand on Fransisca's head for now as he crouches down in front of her.
But you like it this way, don't you? I did everything you wanted
 At his remark, Fransisca smiled ecstatically and nodded her head with a fascinated look on her face as if to say "Yes, thank you..."
 Alexis is impressed by her attitude, though he had expected that she would answer in that way.
You know.... You're a real "DoM" after all...
 Alexis's sarcastic reply made Fransisca to ask.
 "Um... what do you mean by 'DoM,'?" She looked at him with a puzzled look.
* * *
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