Chapter 45 [Maid] Pretending to Sleep with Her and Plotting to Take Her Purity in the Haste of the Moment - Part 2

Oh, no...
 Fatima gave up shaking Alexis's shoulders when she saw that he is not waking up at all.
 How should I wake him up now? A loud voice would be a nuisance... But hitting him would be too pitiful. It would hurt me, and I don't want to hurt him.
 Then, the only thing left is to use the wake-up spell... But then I must concentrate my mind more.
 As Fatima is thinking about this...
Mmm, munyamunya...
 Alexis's face, which she thought was on her chest, is raised up, and now it's coming to her face.
 Fatima's lips pressed tightly as she stared blankly at him.
 As expected in this situation, she could not help but let out her voice. However, she immediately stifled her voice.
W-What!? Alex, is he crazy!?
 Fatima immediately gets up, but after that, she is torn between the urge to push him away by flailing her legs or her rationality to not wake him up.
 Meanwhile, Alexis licks Fatima's lips, and unexpectedly, Fatima opens her mouth to let out a gasp, and then Alexis' tongue slips into her mouth.
 Fatima's breath becomes shallow as she is teased by Alexis' tongue.
Haah... Ah, mmm... Kiss, kiss...
 Fatima couldn't help but be tossed and turned by the sensation in her mouth which she felt for the first time.
Why did he lick my...? Kuahh... Aah, but...
 Fatima feels a melting sensation and closes her eyes.
I-It feels so good...
 She couldn't resist the sensation.
 She receives the caresses of Alexis's tongue, trying hard to suppress the corrective actions that are leaking out.
 However, she couldn't stand it any longer, and after she made an excuse in her mind that it would be just for this moment, Fatima finally extended her tongue.
 She felt a tingling sensation and a feeling of happiness when their tongues intertwined each other.
Mmm... Puha, kiss, smooch... Mmm... kiss, kiss...
Ahh, Alex's tongue... I-I'm kissing Alex right now...
 Fatima can't stop herself from shaking and reaches out her hands.
Ah, I can't do it anymore. I can't take it anymore...
 Fatima finally hugged Alexis tightly, whispering in a fading voice in between the parting of their lips.
 With such a reaction, Alexis had no choice but to go on.
 Alexis pulls up the hem of Fatima's robe with one hand and pulls up the skirt under the robe.
 Fatima trembles involuntarily at the sensation of her thighs exposed to the open air.
 Alexis then traces her inner thighs with the palm of his hand, and eventually reach the destination, that is Fatima's panties.
 He strokes her crotch with his finger, and find that it is moist and wet.
 Fatima says softly, and then she rushes to grab Alexis' hand tightly.
No, don't. This place...
 Her voice is trembling, but her eyes are moist, her cheeks are flushed, and her hand is almost powerless.
 In other words, she must not really think it's okay. So, Alexis pushes his hand forward and slips his finger under her panties.
 Just then, a small squelch sound is heard, and Fatima screams "Ah," and covers her mouth in a hurry. However, she lets go of Alexis' hand.
 Alexis took this opportunity to run his fingers into the muck behind Fatima's bush.
 There, a squelching sound is heard, and Fatima's body shakes a little.
Mmmm, mm, mmmm...
 Fatima tries to close her legs, but it doesn't work because there is Alexis' body between her legs.
No, at this rate, my purity will be ruined... Wait, is Alex really sleeping?
 Fatima is suspicious of Alexis, but his eyes are closed, so Fatima can't tell.
 Eventually, as she had feared, Alexis' finger reaches for the honey pot in the depths of Fatima's secret passage.
 Her honey pot sucked on his finger as it sank down slightly from the entrance, trying to swallow it.
 Fatima couldn't hold back her voice.
Haahhh, kuh, kuh, ahh...
 She tried to escape from Alexis' fingers by twisting her hips while keeping her mouth covered with her hands.
A-Alex, stop it...
 She pleads breathlessly but her voice still muffled.
 At this, Alexis thought to himself, "If she really didn't want to do it, she could have yelled and I would stop." .
 As Alexis is about to go deeper, Fatima grabbed Alexis's hand tightly this time. This time, the force is so strong that Alexis stopped moving.
 Then, Fatima pushed Alexis' hand with a hard push, while she is breathing hard.
If it's this way, you can put it in...
 Fatima's face turned bright red as she guided Alexis' hand toward her butt, which is soaked with her love juice dripping from the top and is twitching.
.... What the hell? You don't like it, but your back hole wants to be fucked...
 Alexis muttered in a whisper. And then he realized.
 When he opened his eyes, he found Fatima is trembling with shyness up to her ears.
A-Alex Rein...! Y-You are...?!
 Oh, no. But it was already too late.
Don't tell me you've been awake all along?! W-What have you done...!?
Whoa...! You're talking too loud. What if people wake up?
 In a panic, Alexis put his hand over Fatima's mouth and then realized that there is no way out of the situation.
Damn... I screwed up. It's my fault...
 While he was sweating like that, Fatima moved her hand away from Alexis' hand.
Why are you pretending to be asleep and doing this...?
 Her cheeks turned bright red as she asked in a low voice.
 Surprisingly, she is not angry, and Alexis patted his chest in relief.
Well, I mean, it's just a little mischievousness...
....Who would ever attack someone with a mischievous eye?
Well, you're the one who touched me while I was sleeping... right?
 Fatima is stunned. Apparently, that was a blow to her.
 Alexis smirks, thinking this is it.
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