Chapter 45 [Maid] Pretending to Sleep with Her and Plotting to Take Her Purity in the Haste of the Moment - Part 3

Besides, didn't you say something about being able to do whatever you want just now? I don't know what you were planning to do with me...
Ah, ah, ah...
 Fatima could do nothing but tremble, her ears reddening.
 "But still," Alexis whispered as he traced her anus with his fingertips.
What were you planning to do when you made me do what you wanted me to do? Did you plan to make me blow my dick in your greedy hole?
 He inserts his fingertip into Fatima's anus.
 "Kuahh," a voice came out from Fatima's mouth.
Haaah, haah, that's... that's not what I plan... Ahh, ah, ah...
 Fatima's body trembled at the sensation of fingers sliding back and forth.
No... it hurts, and I don't want belong to a man... Ah, ah... And that's such a naughty thing to do... That's what I thought... Ahh!
 Alexis laughs at Fatima who turns bright red and replies in between her charming voice.
What are you talking about now? Even after all this time, you still say such a naughty thing...
What...? I swear to the God I didn't do it...!
 Fatima shakes her head and looks at Alexis with tears in her eyes.
Ah, Alex, you know it too, don't you? Ah, ah... Hwahh, Haah, haah... Ah, until Alex put his thing in me... Ah, ah, ah, ah... That's, that's not an experience...
 Hearing Fatima's words, Alexis is surprised.
 That's right. Fatima had never know that she had Alexis' cock in her anus.
Does that mean that if I insert it now, I will be exposed...?
 That would be a bad idea.
 Actually, he'd like to shove his waiting thing down his pants and pour his semen into her inside, but if he does that, Fatima will know everything!
Damn...! What a mistake! I can't get out now!
 Alexis is determined to let Fransisca play with him tomorrow.
 But it would be too much of a hassle to interrupt the session.
It can't be helped... I've come this far, I'm going to finish her off
 Thinking so, he decides to increase the number of his anal fingers.
 When he inserts the second finger, Fatima shakes her body.
Haaah, haaah, A-Alex, why did you do that...?
 "What do you think...?" asks Alexis, rubbing the wall of Fatima's intestines as she breathlessly questions him. .
Hauuuu, ah, ah... I don't know... But this, this won't do anything to the monster...
You're right. But you wanted me to do it too...
Haah, haah, t-that's...
 Fatima turns her face away with red up to her ears.
 She must be embarrassed. Still, she does not refuse the finger inserted into her anus.
 When Alexis moved his finger, she let out a lewd "haaaan" and covered her mouth with her hand again.
Hhhhh, mmm, hwahhh...
 She kept her voice low so as not to wake the others. Despite knowing that the act is meaningless, Fatima does not refuse to let Alexis' fingers penetrate her anus.
Haaaaahhhh.... No, I can't think about anything else. My body is melting...
 Fatima's mouth slackens into a slack expression as she speaks in a muffled voice through the palm of her hand.
You wanted me to make you feel good, didn't you? That's the answer.
 Alexis says, and Fatima shakes her head.
That's... but that doesn't explain why you...
Because I wanted to see you like this. That doesn't answer your question?
 Alexis says this, but inwardly...
 "I can't say I wanted her virginity!" he thought.
 But the answer seemed to have touched Fatima's heart.
 Fatima slowly removes her hand from her mouth and turns her moist blue eyes to Alexis.
Haaah, haah, you want to see me like that? You are strange... Mmm, mmm...
 Fatima's face is distorted by the touch of his fingers, which continue to move.
...But, if you want to see...
 Fatima hugs Alexis tightly and starts to move her hips gently.
Haaah, ah, ah, ah...
 The lusty voice in Alexis's ear gradually becomes louder and louder.
Fatima, kill your voice.
 Fatima presses her lips against the shoulder part of the armor that covers Alexis's shoulder.
Mm, mmm, mmmm...
 Fatima's body trembled.
Mmmm, mmmmmm!
 Fatima is clinging tightly to Alexis as she came.
 At the same time, the two fingers inside her anus also tightened tightly.
 Before long, Fatima's head hit the floor with a jerking movement.
...Haah, haah, haah... Mmm...
 She is breathing hard from the afterglow, savoring the feeling of Alexis' fingers being pulled out.
I think you came.
 Fatima nodded her head with a pouty expression at Alexis' comment.
Did it feel good?
 Fatima nodded to Alexis' question.
 "I see", Alexis said and pulled his body away from Fatima.
 Eventually, Alexis, oblivious to the lustful look in Fatima's eyes, told her to leave before anyone noticed.
Haah, haah...
 Fatima finally sat up, trying to catch her breath.
 Fatima pulled on the hem of her robe, which had been pulled up, and turned away her flushed face.
....Really, are you... are you sure you're not going to...?
...Ah, well...
 To tell the truth, he really wants to do it, but...
If I were you right now, I might easily forgive you, you know?
 Fatima's eyes look into Alexis' eyes.
 Alexis looked back at her eyes, but then smiled a little.
What are you talking about? Purity is important, isn't it?
 After nodding, Fatima whispered to Alexis, "Thank you," before getting up and walking toward the women's curtain in the back.
 Alexis looked away with a smile. And then...
 He crouches down on the ground.
Am I want to do it? Of course, I want to do it!? But! But! Even if I feel like it now, I'll lose my credibility if she finds out that I've already done it with her ass! Everything will be destroyed!
 Alexis lies on her stomach.
Damn! Damnnnn!
 Fatima, unaware of Alexis' tears of blood, crawls into her blanket, trying not to wake up Fransisca and Sara who are sleeping soundly.
What a wonderful person Alex is. Gentleman, kind, considerate, and sincere to a vassal like me... He is the only one who can make me... forgive him for everything...
 Fatima closes her eyes softly, feeling a warm throb in her chest.
 "I wish he could kiss me again..." Fatima thinks, and she sleeps soundly.
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