Chapter 47 [Princess-maiden and Maid] The Maid who Witness the Love Affair Between the Two - Part 1

Hmm? Not bad.
 That was the first thing Alexis said after immersing himself in the dungeon spring.
 This cool, pure water washed away his sweat.
 Until now, Alexis had never bathed in the spring himself, regardless of who else was bathing in it. Perhaps he is too cautious, but that is the way he has learned to live his life as an adventurer.
That's right, isn't it? From now on, you should clean yourself up properly, Alexis-sama.
 Fransisca is standing at the edge of the fountain with her back facing Alexis.
 There are almost no blind spots in the dungeon. Moreover, the terrain here is relatively open. Therefore, there is no other way to both keep watch and avoid seeing the bathers except to stand at a distance with their backs to the water.
You're such a neat one, aren't you? You don't have to turn your back on me. Besides, I don't care if you look at me.
 Alexis says, and Fransisca is startled and says, "What?!".
B-Buttt... well, you see...
 Fransisca's face turns red and she tweezes her fingertips.
It's not good, and it's not, you know, in a place like this...
 What is this girl thinking? Alexis looks at her for a moment.
If I see Alexis-sama naked, I-I'll...
 Alexis looks at Fransisca's back as she sighs, and he knows exactly what she wants.
What? Are you trying to tell me that you get aroused by my nakedness?
Ehh?! L-Let's put it that way...
 At the sight of Fransisca's confused backside, Alexis decides it's a good time to say something.
Hey, you said you'd do whatever I wanted today, right?
 Fransisca was startled, and then nodded slowly.
...O-Okay. I-If that's what you want...
Then take off your panties. Now.
 Fransisca gulped when she heard Alexis' words.
I-In... h-here?
I-I understand... then...
 Fransisca nodded her head and reached under her slit skirt. She pulled down her panties, which is white and lacy.
 When she pulled it out from her toes, Fransisca rubbed her thighs together.
 Since the panties is hidden by the skirt, it is impossible to see directly what she is not wearing, but the direct contact with the fabric somehow accentuates the shape of her butt.
I-It's done
 Alexis emerges from the spring in a flash behind Fransisca.
Okay, let's do it now.
Eh?!...B-But what if a monster comes?
We can do it while keeping an eye on it so we can deal with it right away.
Eh? What does that mean...?
 Before Fransisca can finish, Alexis walks up to Fransisca and pulls her arm, forcing her to turn around.
 He put his arm between her thighs and lifted her up, spreading her legs.
 Fransisca's bottom, which is not wearing any panties, is spread open, and made her ears turn red.
 Then Alexis presses his penis against her secret place.
 When he poked her exposed crack with his already growing penis, a squealching sound is heard.
Hwah... Ah, that...!
 Fransisca protested but her voice sounded muffled.
You're wet before I even touch you.
 Alexis moves her hand and rubs it back and forth over Fransisca's slick wetness.
Ahh, ah, mmm... Hah! Hah!
 Fransisca's breath catches in her throat and Alexis asks, "What's your excuse?".
 Then Fransisca shakes her head.
L-Lately, when Alexis is around... mmm. T-That alone makes me... s-so horny, and I become like...
 Fransisca said and then wriggled.
Ah... W-We can't do this. D-Don't do this in such place
Why not? I can put it in here anytime I want.
 When Alexis placed his penis at the entrance of the honey pot, Fransisca's body bounced widely.
Ahhh! Haah, haah, I told you, w-we shouldn't do th...!
Are you talking back to me? You cocky slave! Let's show you who's better!
 Alexis slurped and thrust his penis deep into her.
 Fransisca arched her back.
Haaaaah, no, d-don't, don't move――
 Alexis gets angry as she shakes her head no, no, no.
I told you not to talk back to me, didn't I?
 He ignores Fransisca's request and pistons his penis into her. And Fransisca's body convulses.
It's amazing... Ah, I can't do it anymore, my mind has gone blank, I can't think anymore... Ahhh, come deep inside me, please penetrate me deeper, Alexis-sama. Please, Alexis-sama!
 Fransisca's mouth slackens slackly, she looks ecstatic, and her hips move.
 When Alexis gives her that, she shudders and shudders.
Haaaaahhh... it feels so good... more, do it more.... Ahhh.... That's it, that's itttt! I don't care about monsters anymore, so, don't pull out in the middle, please. Please keep pounding me!
 Looking at Fransisca's face, who was begging him with a completely irrational expression, Alexis finally understood why she had said no.
I see... she was aware that she could no longer keep a proper watch...
 He thought she was a neat person, still he didn't want to stop now either.
 Even so, let's finish early today. With that in mind, he plunges his penis deeper into the hole.
Hwahh! Alexis-sama's penis is inside my womb...! Aaah! Stir me harder, harder!
 Alexis let out a small groan as Fransisca's vagina squeezed and sucked on his penis as if trying to swallow deeper and deeper.
 Still, as requested, he rubbed the walls of her uterus and stirred his member..
Yes, that's ittt! Ahhhhh, Alexis-sama's penis, Alexis-sama penisss, cumming, cummmmmming!
 Fransisca climaxed and her pussy twitched again and again. The squirts are spurting out from her secret hole, soaking the soil beyond it.
Ahhhhh, noooo, I can't stop, I can't stop cummmmming!
 While crying, Fransisca squirms her hips and remains sucking Alexis' penis, as if she is trying to suck all the semen out of his penis.
Haah, haaah, what a terrible reaction... is this what happens to the woman I've raised so well? Your vassals will cry, you know
 Alexis blames Fransisca with a smirk because he wants to see more of her slutty behavior.
 Sure enough, Fransisca's vagina tightens.
Haaahn, nooo... I'm sorry, please forgive me, please forgive me for being so shameless...
 She is at her most wild when she is apologizing.
B-But I'm a slave to your penis because Alexis-sama had been rubbing his penis into me! That's why I'm like this!
Haha, you said it well. You've finally come to your senses, haven't you?
Yes, that's why, Alexis-sama, please cum all over me today, fill me up with your semen!
 But while Fransisca is smiling coquettishly saying this and rubbing her butt against Alexis, in the corner of springs, Fatima saw their affair.
* * *
 It was a little while ago that Fatima had walked out of the camp, "I can't leave Her Highness alone after all...".
I'm going. Lorenzo and Sara, can you take care the place?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, take care of them too.
 The two people easily saw Fatima off.
 They knew that Fatima was overprotective of Fransisca.
 No, actually, there is another reason for Fatima's concern for them.
I am sorry about what I did to Alex last night. If I could be of some help...
 Fatima had this thought in her mind.
 Soon after that, as she moves closer to the spring, she hears a voice. It sounded like a voice, and it was Fransisca. But it is not Fransisca's usual voice.
What? Did something happen?!
 Fatima runs toward the spring, ready to chant at any moment. However, what she finds is the Princess-maiden, who is panting as Alexis penetrates her, holding her.
 Fatima staggers involuntarily as she feels as if her feet are about to fall off the ground.
 The pure and innocent body that she had raised so carefully was now right in front of her, being penetrated by a man's penis, begging with eyes clouded by lust, "Please cum all over me today, fill me up with your semen!" On top of that, the man is Alexis.
A-Alex, Her Highness...!
 Fatima's voice is so loud that Alexis turned around in surprise.
Huh, Fatima...?
 Alexis thought this is a bad situation, but Fransisca is so absorbed in the scene that she didn't seem to notice.
No, no, don't stop! Please give me more!
 Alexis sighs as Fransisca wiggles her ass.
Damn... You need to chill out a little...Fatima's here...
 Fransisca's expression turns sad as Alexis attempts to pull out his penis and returns it to its original length.
Ahh, no, please, don't pull it out. I haven't received Alexis-sama' semen yet...
 Fransisca bursts into tears, and Alexis sighs.
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