Chapter 56 [Princess-maiden] Princess Demands a Seeding - Part 2

「Hey, hey, won't it be a problem if we have a baby now?」
「Haah, haah, so I can't have a baby?」
 Fransisca' eyes are moist as if she's asking him for something, and Alexis can't help but feel adorable.
「...Yeah, it's going to be a problem. I'll have to substitute for the attacker until the baby is born, and you won't be able to participate in the dungeon attack」
「Ugh... I can't, huh...?」
 Fransisca sighs dejectedly, an attitude that Alexis did not expect.
 But, well, it's not so bad to have such strong loyalty.
「I can't sire you, but I can do something else for you. What would you like?」
 Fransisca smiles rapturously as she heard the words while Alexis moved his hips.
「Then, kiss me. Please screw my mouth all over with your tongue, Alexis-sama...」
 Fransisca opens her mouth and stretches out her tongue, looking at him hungrily.
 Alexis then scoops up Fransisca's tongue with his tongue, then covers her lips with it.
「Mmm... Slurppp, kiss, mmm, hwahhh...」
 Fransisca was shaking with ecstasy.
「Hum... Kiss, kiss, smooch, slurppp, mmm...」
 While their tongues intertwined, Alexis released his seed into Fransisca's vagina.
 Spurt! Spurttt! Spurttttt!
 It took a long time to fully pollute Fransisca's body with his seed.
「Kiss, kiss, mmm, mmmmm!!」
 Fransisca also seemed to have reached her climax, and she keeps her tongue tied around Alexis' tongue, squeezing his arms tightly.
 Fransisca's legs are intertwined with Alexis' back, and Alexis leans his weight on Fransisca's body.
 After that, they kissed each other repeatedly and kept their bodies on the bed until Alexis' ejaculation is over.
 When their lips finally parted, Fransisca smiles happily.
「Fufu. I'm so happy. It's good to be held like this sometimes, as if I'm being favored.」
 Hearing her words, Alexis realizes that this time it was just like a lover's act.
「...because you said you want me to kiss you and have a baby with me, right?」
 At times like this, this is exactly what she says to him.
 "Don't act like a couple", "Don't be misunderstood", and so on.
 All of these are experiences that Alexis has cultivated so far.
 Therefore, before Fransisca says those words, Alexis moves his hips and shakes the semen that he has poured into her.
「Haaah, ahhhh!」
 Fransisca's face goes limp as expected.
「Ahhh... I love this, I love this. Please keep doing this for a while longer...」
 At Fransisca's request, Alexis stirs the semen in her with one hand to make it surge.
「Ahhhh.... Mmmmmm, ohhhh...」
 Alexis watched the ecstatic look on Fransisca's face as she gave herself over to the gentle pleasure.
 In the beginning, he had thought that his father's order was a bother to ask. But now he has done a good job.
 Thanks to him, he can hold a beautiful girl as much as he likes, as he does now.
(Fransisca is mine now. Now I have to decide how to cook Fatima.)
 He's enjoying Fransisca's moaning while thinking like that.
 Just then the door opens with a bang and Alexis turns around to see that Fatima has come back.
 Fatima comes into the room blushing, holding a tray with a tea set on it.
 She places the tea set on the table and Alexis calls out to her back.
「You're a little late, aren't you? Look at the state we're in.」
 Fatima looks at them, and sees Fransisca with a bulging belly, who is letting out a pleasant moan every time Alexis plays with her inside.
(I-Is it really that good?)
 Fatima can't help staring at her.
 The only place where Fatima has ever been cum inside is inside her intestines. Whenever semen is poured into her intestines, her stomach always starts moving in circles. It is therefore hard to believe that she, like Fransisca, is in ecstasy.
 Alexis pulls back lightly, and Fransisca's legs are squeezed around Alexis' waist.
「No, please do it a little more like this... please, Alexis-sama!」
 To respond to Fransisca's sweet voice, Alexis once again presses his groin against Fransisca's secret place. Then, a sloppy sound is heard.
 Fransisca looks relieved and shivers with pleasure as she slowly moves her hips.
「Ah, I'm going to cum again, Alexis-sama!」
「Are you cumming just from the sensation of semen?」
「Yes, it feels so good... haah, haah, may I come...?」
 Watching Fransisca's flirtatious eyes on him as she wriggles her hips, Alexis' cock almost regains its vigor.
 Then he glances at Fatima and sees that she is looking at him with flushed cheeks. Alexis senses an agitated look in Fatima's eyes and shakes his cock.
「Yeah, you can come」
 He gives Fransisca permission to do so.
「Ah...thank you, Alexis-sama...」
 After Fransisca thanked him, she began to move her hips in earnest.
 Then, flesh meets flesh, and a watery sound echoes in the room.
 Alexis's cock must have begun to stir in earnest inside the room.
「Ahhhh, ahhhhh」
 Fransisca's voice gets louder and she arches her back.
「Hwahhhhh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, Alexis-samaaaa!」
 As if asking for permission, Fransisca reaches out and squeezes Alexis' hand.
 Alexis nodded, breathing hard.
「Yeah, I'm going to watch you being a nasty little pervert, and I want you to cum as much as you want.」
「Yes... Ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhhh!」
 Fransisca shakes her body trembling widely.
 The waves of climax seem to last for a long time, and after a while of convulsions, Fransisca's body relaxes. At that moment, tears streamed down from the corners of Fransisca's eyes.
「...Ah, I'm so happy...」
 Fransisca's eyes are filled with ecstasy and the corners of her lips are pursed.
「I never thought I'd have this much tummy time with you for so long. Thank you, Alexis-sama...」
 When Fransisca was still standing still, Alexis pulled out his cock from inside of her.
 Then, the white spurt of his cum started to flow out of Fransisca's honey pot and stain the bed sheet.  
 Still, Alexis's cock keeps its length, and Alexis looks back at Fatima as he moves it.
 Fatima, on the other hand, is staring at Alexis's cock with her cheeks uplifted.
「What's the matter, do you want me to put it in you too?」
 Alexis asked.
 Fatima shakes her head, then comes to her senses and shakes her head sharply.
「Yes... No! That's not what I meant...」
 Fatima replies with a sagging head as her gaze drifts.
 Looking at her, Alexis turns his attention back to Fransisca.
「Well then, let's give Fransisca another shot, shall we?」
 Alexis says, but Fransisca's consciousness seems to be drifting away from her because of the previous actions.
 Seeing her lord in such a state, Fatima said quickly, "Wait!".
 Fatima hesitates, but soon her cheeks turn red as she talks to Alexis who turns to her.
「Uh...um... I don't think it's good for Her Highness health. That's why...」
「That's why?」
「...I said」
 Fatima clutches the hem of her skirt.
 While holding back the aching need in her lower half, she finally tells Alexis in a voice that sounds like a buzzing insect.
「I... I... I think you should let it out...」
「What? You think I should, what?」
 Alexis urged nastily.
 Fatima gulped at the thought, but she understood Alexis' intention and gave a small nod.
「You... should let it out inside me...」
 Fatima felt as if she was telling him her true intention.
 And she felt a tight grip on her heart.
 At this, Alexis gives her a smirk and replies, "Okay, I'll do that".

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