Chapter 62 [Princess-maiden] Let the Submissive Princess have the Night-Time Sleep - Part 2

 He slide his hand from the cleft of her butt to her front crack.
「I'm not happy because of this, I'm happy because you're doing this to me, Alexis-sama.」
 Alexis rolls her eyes as she presses her ass into Alexis' hand.
「But it was Alexis-sama who did it. It's Alexis-sama's fault, I'm in this situation, it's all Alexis-sama's fault!」
 Fransisca says this in a slightly grumpy tone, and then gets down on all fours with her upper body lowered to offer her butt to Alexis.
「...This place has been made to your specifications a long time ago. That's why I want you, Alexis-sama...!」
 Fransisca puts her hands behind her back and spreads her crack open.
 Then, a large amount of her love juice drips down onto the sheets.
 Fransisca felt Alexis' eyes on her and shivered.
「Look, look... can you feel it? Can you see that I'm happy to be looked at by Alexis-sama? My body is so disciplined by Alexis-sama that just by looking at it, it becomes like this...」
 The tip of Fransisca's slender finger makes a squeaking sound as it buries itself in the honey pot.
 As she said, she is probably aroused by showing this kind of sluttish posture to Alexis. Even now, the honeycomb in which she is holding her finger is twitching.
「You really have become a faithful slave, huh?」
 Alexis said, and then he put his face close to Fransisca's wet, melting secret and dug her tongue into it.
 As his tongue passed between the cracks through the muck, it seemed to send a thrill through her, and Fransisca sagged on her upper body, letting out a debauched squeal.
「No, no, you can't, it's dirty...」
 Fransisca looks flustered and turns her moist eyes on him.
 It seems that she is not used to being licked.
「Don't worry, just hold still.」
 Still, it is a pleasure to see Fransisca's shameful reaction.
 Fransisca wriggled for a while, but it seemed that she could not help feeling.
 In between her charming voice, she begins to say apologetically.
「Oh, ah, ah, mmm, mmm... no.., don't, I feel it... I, I can't believe I'm making Alexis-sama lick such a place and feel it... Ah, ah, ah, ah!」
 Fransisca shakes and shudders.
 She clutched the sheets tightly and tried to resist.
「Ahhh, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum like this... ah, ah, ahhhhh...!」
 Seeing Fransisca trembling and tears welling up in the corners of her eyes, Alexis's appetite for pleasure began to swell.
「Oh, you're going to come while I'm licking you? I can't believe you're making your master suck this place and come.」
 He said this intentionally, and sure enough, Fransisca shakes her head frantically.
「Ah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Alexis-sama! But I can't do it anymore! But I have to endure. I have to endure... ahhh!」
 Fransisca puts more pressure on her fist that clenches the sheet.
 If she wanted to apologize, she could have simply run away.
 But she does not dare to run away. She was getting aroused by her absolute submission and endurance to what Alexis had imposed on her, as she was aware from the love juice flowing out from her secret.
 Before long, Alexis stopped licking when her body trembled and the tip of his tongue touched her wriggling vagina.
「...Haah, haah, haah, haah... Mmmm...」
 Fransisca, realizing that she had managed to hold it all in, lay on the bed on her back, breathing heavily, and moved her breasts up and down.
 But her secret passage, raised to the limit, is now burning and tingling.
 After placing his hand on Fransisca's head, Alexis says to her.
「You have endured well. Then I will have to reward you.」
 With these words, he stretches his cock and inserts it inside her.
「Ah, ah, ahhhhh!!」
 Fransisca's body shakes violently.
 The unexpected insertion has caused her to reach her climax.
「Ugh... ahh...」
 Alexis grabs Fransisca's back hair as her body twitches with the lingering sensation of penetration.
「Oh, you came just by penetrating? Even though your reward is yet to come...」
「Ah, I'm sorry...」
 Fransisca answered breathlessly.
 "If you came, you don't need your dick anymore, do you?" Alexis says nastily.
「Ah... No... Don't! I want it, please, Alexis-sama!」
 Fransisca's voice soon becomes flirtatious and her ass shakes.
 She rubs her vaginal wall with the object that was left inserted in her vagina.
「Ah, ah, haahh!」
 Fransisca lets out a debauched voice, seeming to feel the sensation even though she has just reached her orgasm.
「Ahhh...more, more... Please, please, Alexis-sama!」
 Fransisca begins to beg with teary eyes.
 She must think she's going to be interrupted.
「You like my dick so much? I've never seen anyone else want my dick so bad.」
 When Alexis teasingly points this out, Fransisca's face turns red up to her ears. At this point, she seems to be embarrassed.
 However, her desire is probably much greater than her embarrassment.
「Haah, haah, do you hate me? Do you hate... this kind of girl?」
 Fransisca asked with an anxious look on her face, sliding her hips closer to Alexis.
 Alexis was puzzled, but thought for a moment and answered shortly after.
「...No, it's not like that. I'm fond of erotic women. By the way, I like it even better if it's only for me.」
 Then Fransisca seemed to think that there was no need to be modest and started to press her ass against him more and more.
 "Ah, I'm glad," breathed Fransisca with tears in the corners of her eyes, her cheeks relaxed and she looked really happy.
「Only Alexis can make me like this, okay? So please make love to me so much... so much that I'll have a baby in my womb...」
「Well, I don't want you to get pregnant yet. Still, you're going to become my cock sleeve for a while.」
 Fransisca's whole body shakes with pleasure as Alexis begins to stretch his cock deep inside her.
「Ahhhh... Alexis-sama' penis is deep inside me...」
「Do you like it?」
 Fransisca's body shakes and trembles as the tip of the cock is positioned perfectly at the opening of her womb.
「Hwahhh... I like it, I like it...!」
 Fransisca squeezes her ass against him, as if she's been waiting for him to come.
「Ohhh, put it inside me, Alexis-sama's cock is making a mess inside me! Please stir me up!」
 Fransisca shakes her hips enthusiastically.
 Although Alexis is a bit surprised at her abrupt attitude toward his penis, she must have skipped over her rationality as a result of her longing for it.
 Besides, this may be an expression of Fransisca's feelings toward Alexis' object.
 Alexis let out a gasp of gasp inside the tightening vagina and stroked Fransisca's head, saying, "Good, good".
「Well, then, your master's cock is going to love you a lot. Isn't that nice, Fransisca?」
「Yes, yes, I'm happy.」
 She looks so happy, and he finally penetrate his cock into her womb with a hard thrust.
「Ah, ah, ahhhh!」
 Fransisca seems to have reached her climax by that, but then she responds even louder when he stroke the walls of her womb with the glans.
「Hwahh, this, this is, this is it! Alexis-sama... I like it, I like it!」
 In no time at all, she starts to make a face that is relaxed, and she is half-lost in her speech.
「Hwauuuu, dwon't, amazwingg.... It's swo gwuoddd, I'm gwoing to dwieee...!」
 Fransisca's hips seem to have been shattered, and she stops shaking her hips, which were shaking earlier, and she just lies down on the bed.
「Ahhh, ah, ah, ah! Hiuuuu, cummmmming...」
 After shaking her body, Fransisca again convulses immediately. At the same time, a powerful squirt came out of her vaginal hole.
 The sheets became wet in no time, but Fransisca did not seem to care about it.
「Ahhhh, I'm cumming again... ahhhhh!」
 Fransisca is soon hard and squirting out more.
 In the midst of all this, Alexis is reaching his limit.
「Hahaha, what choice do I have? I'm going to let it out soon, so take it...」
 Fransisca did not respond, but Alexis continued to pour into her.
 For a while, he kept pushing his cock deep into her womb, enjoying the tightness of her vaginal walls, which were convulsing and clamping down on him, while he kept spewing out his semen.
「...Kuh, phew...」
 When Alexis finished cumming, he looked at Fransisca, thinking about withdrawing his cock.
「Hey, Fransisca... hmm, what?」
 Alexis had noticed.
 Fransisca had closed her eyes and was unconscious.
「Oh, hey. Are you okay...?」
 He moved his hips, rocking the still-inserted object.
「Nn, ugh...」
 Fransisca's voice was inarticulate, but she didn't open her eyes.
「...Oh my god...」
 Alexis was at a loss.

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