Chapter 106 [Maid] Committing Outside with the Plug Still in Her Butt - Part 1

 After that, Alexis took Fatima for lunch at a restaurant and then took her shopping.
 After lunch, Fatima repeatedly said to Alexis, "Um," and shook her head, "Nothing," as if she wanted to say something to him.
 Looking at her increasingly reddish cheeks and her restless steps, it was obvious that she was having a urination fit or something.
 But Alexis pretended not to notice and waited for her to tell him.
 At this moment, Fatima was getting a little nervous, and it was about the time when they left the second boutique.
「Oh, um, Alex...」
 Fatima finally made up her mind and pulled Alexis' arm.
 Then, with a bright red face, she said with a downcast look on her face.
「Um...well... I, I...」
「Hmm? What?」
「Uh... I-I need to pee...」
 Finally, Fatima confessed.
 Alexis grinned as if he had been waiting for her.
「What? Can you say it again?」
「I-I said...」
 Fatima sighs at his mean behavior.
「When you ask someone for something, you have to show some attitude, don't you? Besides, you're my slave, slave-chan. You have to show proper attitude when you ask your master to do something, don't you?」
 Fatima bit her lip.
 "Why do I have to ask you to do something like this?" She wants to say that but she suppresses the urge and instead spits something else out.
「A-Alex... Please... please let me go to the bathroom...」
 Alexis smiles at her rephrased words in an honorific tone of voice.
 Fatima, who had thought that Alexis would say yes if she just changed her way of asking him, is shocked.
「Well, let's move on. You didn't find one you like, did you?」
 Alexis pulls her arm and Fatima is perplexed.
「Eh... B-But... It's not that I didn't like it, it's just that I didn't have time to look at it...」
「Come on, let's go!」
 Alexis pulled Fatima by force halfway.
* * *
 After that, Fatima repeatedly asked Alexis for "Please," only to be rejected with "No," and so on.
 After an hour, the limit was approaching and even Fatima was on the verge of tears.
「W-Why? Why won't you forgive me...?」
 Fatima pulled Alexis' arm and pleaded with him respectfully.
 "You know what, Fatima?" Alexis says smiling at her.
「You've certainly become more polite in your requests. But that's not enough. You know, it's just not very heartfelt. It's like you don't have any respect for me.」
 Fatima could not help but be stunned.
「B-But I don't understand that! If only Alex hadn't put this in me...!」
 Fatima's face was turning red and she was showing her defiant attitude.
「Heh, are you dissatisfied? You can pull it out yourself if you want.」
 When Alexis said so, Fatima's face turned to a miffed expression.
「But Alex is the one who banned it!」
「Yes, I did. And you're following it, aren't you?」
「That's... true. B-Because Alex told me to do so...」
 Fatima's cheeks are stained with shame, and she seems to be trying to voice her dissatisfaction to Alexis.
 But she doesn't notice. Alexis looks at her, wondering, "When will she notice?".
 The plug can be pulled out by herself, and she is not bound to the spot. If she wanted to, she could leave Alexis alone right now and do as she pleases.
 In fact, Alexis is not always close to Fatima herself when shopping.
 So, if she does not pull it out, it must be her own will, nothing else. If that's the case...
「...How can I ask for your forgiveness?」
 At last Fatima said the question.
 Alexis had been waiting for her to say something like that for a long time.
 "Well," Alexis said, trying to be gracious, and pulled her arm.
「...Okay. Come here, come here.」
 Fatima, though puzzled, followed where Alexis was going.
* * *

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