Chapter 106 [Maid] Committing Outside with the Plug Still in Her Butt - Part 2

 Alexis went to a park where there was a tree plantation, and took Fatima not to the restroom in the corner but to the back of the park.
 He makes an opening in his pants and pulls out his already bulging member and tells her to "get down on your knees and lick mine".
「If you satisfy my cock with your mouth, I'll pull the plug.」
 Fatima's red face turns red and she looks around in a hurry.
 There seems to be no sign of anyone here, and she pats her chest in relief. In fact, she is feeling tense...
「I-I understand. Alex's here...」
 Fatima knelt down and put her face in front of Alexis' crotch, taking it in her mouth.
「...—Mmm. *Kiss*... Mmm...」
 Anyway, she had already had Alexis' cock in her mouth many times.
 So, she did not feel any particular confusion or aversion to it.
 However, she was not so good at this kind of oral services.
「*Squelch*... *Kiss Kiss*... *Lick*... *Slurp*...」
 Fatima was trying her best to take Alexis' cock deep into her mouth, running her tongue over it and giving him pleasure. But it was a poor attempt, and Alexis did not feel like he could ejaculate for a long time.
 And Fatima herself seemed to be in a desperate situation, and apparently not in the mood for it.
「...I don't have a choice.」
 Eventually, Alexis told Fatima to take her mouth off and instead had her butt stick out.
「Eh? Is it okay...?」
 Fatima looks confused and uncomfortable.
「Yes, it's okay.」
 Alexis says gently, but Fatima hesitates.
「I-I'm not sure I'm following Alex's orders...」
「Well, you've worked hard enough. I forgive you this time.」
 With that Alexis pulled the plug out of Fatima's anus.
「A-Alex... thank you...」
 Fatima said and then went to do her business.
* * *
 After a short wait, Fatima came back.
 Alexis told her to stick her ass out while he reinserted the plug.
「Mm... O-Okay.」
 Fatima obeyed with a red face.
 After the plug was inserted back in, she turned around and noticed that Alexis' crotch was still not in place.
 Fatima opens her mouth, as if she is having trouble saying it.
「Hmm? Shall we go now?」
 Alexis asks, and Fatima shakes her head. And then...
「Oh, um... I wanted to apologize. I mean...」
 Fatima lifted up her skirt, exposing her empty bottom to Alexis' eyes.
「A-Alex forgave me for not doing it right. So, I apologize... but I'm not very good with my mouth... So, now that my butt is occupied...」
 In other words, Fatima is asking him to use her own vagina.
 Alexis rolled his eyes when he realized this.
 Even in the open air, Fatima is doing something even more embarrassing than she does with her mouth. It made Alexis think for a moment, "Is she OK?".
 However, Fatima seems to be aware of her shame and is seriously trying to "apologize" to Alexis.
 As evidenced by her quivering eyelashes and her cheeks turning bright red, Fatima stands there holding her shame.
 Alexis could not resist the sight of Fatima standing in such a shameful manner.
 Although he was worried that he would get tired if he had sexual intercourse with Fatima again, Alexis walked toward her and hugged her.
 He quickly pulls her skirt down and it reveals her secret place. Alexis then slips his extended cock and presses his glans against her secret place.
 Just then, there was a wet sound.
 Fatima is breathing feverishly.
 She is aroused.
「...Are you aroused by being forced to endure? Or do you prefer to do outside?」
 Alexis asks in a whisper, and Fatima answers in a muffled voice.
「...It's both, you made me like that.」
 Alexis smiled.
「Well, I did it.」
 After saying this, Alexis slides his cock into Fatima's vagina.
 The moist and wet place accepts Alexis' cock with a slurp.
 Fatima was choking back the sound that was about to escape from her.
 Her body trembled when Alexis moved his cock like stroking the vaginal wall.
「Haah, mmm, kuh... Mmm, mmm...」
 Fatima wraps her hands on Alexis's back and hugs him tightly while she is trying to keep her voice down.
 From the outside, it looks like a couple in a hot embrace, since the skirt is down.
 Now, with the plug in her butt, Alexis's cock rubs against the hardness of the bumps as he moves it, creating an indescribably pleasant sensation.
 Fatima's anus is also rubbed indirectly by Alexis' movement of the plug. She seems to be feeling enough pleasure and is trying hard to stifle her voice.
「Haah, nngh, nngh, nngh, nn—A-Alex...」
 Fatima calls out to Alexis with a desperate voice.
「I want you... to kiss me...」
 Fatima's melted blue eyes give Alexis a flirtatious look.
 At this, Alexis covers Fatima's lips with hers, and Fatima lets out a muffled sound.
「Mmm.... A-Alex—*Kiss*... *Slurp*...」
 When their tongues intertwine with each other, Fatima's face is smiling happily.
「Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex...」
 Fatima's body shakes and trembles as if she is crazy about it.
「I'm going to cum... Alex... I... already...」
「Haah, haah... Well, we're out here in the open, so we can't drag this out too long...」
 Alexis nods, and speeds back and forth through the tentacle.
 With a twisting, screw-like motion, he strokes the walls of her vagina.
「Nnnnghhh, ahhh, ahhhhh—!」
 A sound came out of Fatima's mouth, but Alexis covered her mouth with his hand.
 Then he poured his semen into her vagina.
 This was Fatima's first time to see semen pouring into her vagina.
「Haah, mmm, ah... T-This is...」
 Fatima's body was shaking and her eyes were narrowed.
「Like Her Highness said, it's like having someone enter my womb...」
 Fatima felt her abdomen swelling up and she put her hand on her stomach.
 When Alexis moved his cock, Fatima felt the semen bubbling inside her, and she was startled.
「Mmm, mmm, huff... ...It's definitely not bad... it's just not the same sensation as my butt...」
 Fatima closes her eyes and seems to be savoring the sensation for a while.
 Meanwhile, Alexis has just finished a long ejaculation and is breathing heavily.
「—What? Is it so different from the back to the front?」
 He asked, which must have been an embarrassing question for Fatima. She nodded her head, her cheeks turning bright red.
「...Yes. It's so different」
「Which one do you like better, Fatima?」
 When Alexis asked her like that, Fatima pondered for a while and then answered.
「...I like them both. Because either way, I feel like I am filled with your presence.」
 As she said this, the blush on Fatima's cheeks became redder and redder.
 Alexis also felt embarrassed and said, "I... I see," before contracting his dick and pulling it out.
「You can let it out here. I didn't bring two plugs with me, you know. Well, I left most of my tools in the room.」
 Fatima nodded her head with a red face.

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