Chapter 83 [Female knight] Sex Education for New Knight, Part One - 1

「...Are you an idiot?」
 Alexis' mouth was full of such words.
 Valencia jerked her head back and said, "What?".
「Don't call me an idiot! I'm aware of it, but... Please don't call me an idiot!」
 Valencia repeats twice for emphasis.
「No, I can't think of any other way to describe you...」
 Alexis sat cross-legged on the bed, dumbfounded.
「You know. You want me to teach you that. But, what do you want me to...?」
「Well, that's... Of course...」
 Valencia's cheeks turn bright red.
「I'm sure Her Highness had her moments. She wasn't always good at it, was she? Then, so was I! I'm sure I could do it too if I was taught properly...」
「You. But you're a priest of Sagrado before you're a knight of Sagrado, aren't you? What do you want to be able to do that for?」
「For what, of course!」
 Valencia looks Alexis straight in the eye and says clearly.
「I want to be able to replace Her Highness!」
「You know what? Why are you still saying that?
 Alexis sighed deeply. He had told her over and over again, but she doesn't get it. He can't bend what she has decided in her head. She really is a clueless person.
「Well, that's enough.」
 There was no point in trying to make Valencia understand any more.
 "I'll teach you," he replies, looking Valencia in the eye.
「—but don't think you can take over Fransisca's role exactly, okay? I'll hold the woman I want to hold when I want to hold her. Your presence does not change the fact that I will hold Fransisca. You understand that, don't you?」
 When Alexis reminds her of this, Valencia, as expected, looks at him with a puzzled expression on her face.
「What? Even though I'm here?」
 "Of course!" Alexis intensifies his tone.
「You know, men get bored with one woman. The more, the better. Do you understand?」
「Hmm... well, I don't know, I don't understand...」
 Valencia gives him a difficult look, and Alexis continues, "So".
「Whether you can be my partner or not, it only means that I have more options.」
「Well... I don't know, but it means that there will be days when I can take Her Highness place, right?」「
 Alexis nodded and Valencia said, "That's fine. I look forward to working with you, Alexis-sama!"
「...I don't care if you regret it, okay?」
 Alexis asked himself why he had done this.
 However... —even Valencia has a good face. She is similar to Fatima, but she has more of a pretty face, while Fatima has the look of a royal beauty.
 As for her style, it is hard to tell because of her armor, but her white thighs, which show through her short skirt and leg armor, are in good shape.
(Well, I'll see if she takes it off...)
 Alexis thought so and, without getting off the bed, told Valencia.
「Take off all your gear and clothes first.」
 Alexis' unspoken instructions.
 Valencia's cheeks quickly turned bright red after she looked surprised.
「T-T-Take it off!?」
 Her words were stiffened by her agitation, but Alexis decided not to pay attention to it.
「Why are you surprised? We're going to do it, isn't it normal?」
「Y-Yes. W-Well... O-Of course...」
 Surprisingly, althought Valencia had said "Teach me how to intercourse," she had no idea what kind of situation she would be in.
(...She's really an idiot, isn't she?)
 Anyway, in front of Alexis' eyes, Valencia takes a deep breath and bends over to prepare herself for the situation.
「Well then... this is just a matter of momentum. Okay, I'll do it!」
 Valencia finally seems to have made up her mind and first removes the sword from her waist and puts it on the floor. Then she takes off her knight's armor, gauntlets, and leg armor.
 After taking off her leg armor, she put her feet flat on the floor wearing black knee-high socks.
 For the first time, Alexis saw Valencia's breast covered by a high-necked shirt without any kind of steel plate attached to it.
 She was wearing tight-fitting clothes, which emphasized her style well, perhaps for the ease of wearing protective gear.
 Her full breasts are slightly less than those of Fatima? Still, they push up her clothes enough to be described as big-breasted.
 At once, Valencia pulled up her clothes and took them off in a single motion.
 Then, her tight skin with her ample breasts on it was revealed.
「Hmm... I knew you had something big since you are Fatima's little sister.」
 Alexis smiles and Valencia's face turns blatantly red.
「I-I can't beat my sister... she's so beautiful... she's always being looked at by so many men... it must be hard for her, I always thought...」
「I know. Fatima is always with me too.」
「What? My sister too!? ...C-Can I beat her?」
 Valencia's expression turns confident.
 Alexis lets out a sigh.
「You're not good at judging things based on whether you can or can't win. You have a good body, you know. You're well muscled, well toned, and supple, but you've got big breast that really stand out」
 Valencia seemed to realize that she was being watched.
 So, she sighs "...ugh," and her cheeks turn red.
「T-The way Alexis-sama is looking at me is kind of lewd...」
 Valencia's lips pout in complaint, to which Alexis replies, "Of course I'm looking at you with a lewd purpose".
「T-That's understable...」
 Valencia nods her head in agreement and then shrugs her shoulders, "Ugh," she says.
「Look, look, your hands are still on the floor, okay? And your skirt and panties should be removed. Then, take off your panties.」
「I'm going to take off my panties too?」
 Valencia screamed, but when Alexis answered, "Of course," she closed her eyes and mumbled something, then suddenly put her hand on her skirt.
「T-Then, here we go!」
 Alexis looked at Valencia, who said with a vigor, and thought to himself, "Can't this guy be a little more sexy?"
 However, once she was ready, Valencia quickly undid the hooks of her skirt and pulled it down her legs, then bent her back lightly and reached for her black knee-high socks.
 As she hooks her fingers into the socks, Alexis tells her, "Wait," he says.
「Keep your socks on. Just take off your panties.」
「Ehh? T-That's so perverted...」
 Valencia protests, blushing up to her ears, to which Alexis replies, "Isn't it true?"
「Ugh... Dorothea-san was right. Alexis-sama is a pervert prince.」
 Still, Valencia does not seem to want to disobey Alexis.
 And she reaches for the cotton striped panties she is wearing, though she does so with some reluctance.
「...Hey, Valencia. I don't really care, but why are your panties so childish? I mean, I can understand why Sara would have to wear only children's size pants or something, but...」
 Alexis blurted out, while Valencia's face turned red.
「What do you care about that!? It's up to the person who wears it, whether they're comfortable or not! Don't criticize my underwear all the time! I'm holding back! You're making me feel even more embarrassed...!」
「Ah, yes. I'm sorry.」
 Alexis decided to keep his mouth shut, thinking that it was not a good idea to play with her any more.
 Valencia took off her underwear, revealing a blonde undergarment that matched Valencia's hair.
 It formed an inverted triangle between her tightly closed, healthy thighs.
 Valencia was turning bright red, but she did not try to hide it. Rather, she put her arms behind her back and stretched her chest out, exposing her body to Alexis' gaze.
「...H-How is it? I wonder if I'm good enough for Alexis-sama...?」
 Valencia sounds anxious and Alexis says, "Good enough," before beckoning her to come closer.

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