Chapter 89 [Princess-maiden] Reward After Neglect - Part 2

 Alexis finishes cleaning up and goes to Fransisca. Fransisca's body shudders.
「You've put up with it this long. You deserve a reward.」
 Alexis says this, and Fransisca's face turns into a look of happiness and debauchery.
 Fransisca makes a sweet voice, but she no longer seems to have enough energy left to move on her own.
 When Alexis picks her up, Fransisca's face turns happy.
 Alexis had her lie down on the bed.
 When he stroked her peeking thighs with his hand, Fransisca shivered and trembled.
「Ah, no...」
 Alexis strokes Fransisca's leg again, and she says in a muffled voice.
「Ah, ahh, ahhh—!」
 Fransisca seems to have reached her limit.
 After all, she had reached her limit of endurance, which had the effect of turning her whole body into a sexual zone.
「Ah... I-I'm sorry... Please forgive me— Ahhh, I-I came on my own—.」
 Feeling the dampness on his hand, Alexis pulls up Fransisca's skirt, who apologizes in a hurry. And it's obvious that the place was soaked with the tide.
 Then, when Alexis pinches Fransisca's pubic mound, her body shakes again.
「Ahhhh— Don't do that— Hwahhhhhh!!:
 Fransisca's body shakes again, and again spurts out clear liquid, soaking the sheets.
「Haaah— Wh-What happened to me— Haah, haah, haah, What happened to my body—」
 Fransisca's eyes go blank, and she tries to make some sort of appeal with her slurred tongue. But...
 "That's weird," Alexis says, a smile creeping across his mouth.
「I didn't touch your pussy for a second, did I?」
「I-know that, but— Ah, ah, ah...— Please, don't— Ah, ahhhhh—!」
 Fransisca's body was twitching greatly as Alexis stroked her lower abdomen. After that, she became entranced and let her gaze drift.
「Haaaaah— No... No more...」
 Fransisca's chest is moving up and down, and she is already showing signs of wanting to take a break.
 But for Alexis, it's now or never.
「Hey, you. You know that you can't just come and be done with it, right?」
 Alexis slid his pants down and extended his tentacle.
 At this sight, Fransisca shuddered.
「Ah... I'm sorry... B-But I can't do it again...」
 Fransisca's eyes are unusually full of fear rather than anticipation.
「I-If you stick your manhood in me like this, I don't know what will happen to me...」
 Still, Alexis was applying his cock to Fransisca's frightened secret spot without any mercy.
 Just a little rubbing made a loud grinding sound.
 Fransisca was shaking as if she had reached her climax again.
 Then, he opened her legs, and he could see her pussy twitching even before he inserted it. It clenches around the empty space to hold the penis which is not supposed to be there after the climax.
 Now, when he forced his cock into her, Fransisca's body was thrown back.
「Hwah, ah, ahhhhhh—!」
 Fransisca seemed to have reached again.
 But Alexis continued to push his cock into Fransisca's body, and Fransisca seemed to climax several times, shaking her body.
 After that, she kept repeating, "Please forgive me, please forgive me."
 However, against her will, her body still reacts to the sensitivities, and the movement of Fransisca's vagina still squeezes Alexis' as usual.
「Haaaaahhhh— Stop, stop it—!」
 Fransisca's reaction is intense, but Alexis covers her, slamming his hips against her and driving his cock further into her.
 When he pried open the cervix, Fransisca screamed loudly with unfocused eyes, and then she fainted.
 As he watches her limbs fall limp on the bed, her vaginal wall is still twitching and trying to swallow his penis as if it were nudging her.
 And he was enjoying the depths of Fransisca's womb.
 When Fransisca regained consciousness, she climaxed and fainted again and again.
 After a while, she finally got used to the pleasure, and now she looks at Alexis blankly in ecstasy.
「Hwah, haah, haah— Alexis-samaaa, you're so good at this... More, more, more...」
 She wiggles her hips pleadingly, but she doesn't seem to have the strength left to do so.
 Alexis, on the other hand, held her as he told and traced a circle around the inside of her womb. At this moment, a sound of utter ecstasy escapes from Fransisca's lips.
 Fransisca has become a creature without reason or even language, a creature that can only make mewling noises.
「Haaaaahhh— Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh—」
 Fransisca was shaking all over and just letting Alexis take control of her.
 At last, Alexis was spitting out his swollen cock into her.
 The white spurt filled the depths of Fransisca's womb.
「Oh... ohhhhh...」
 Fransisca was spilling tears.
 Then, with her whole body shaking with joy, she managed to pull Alexis' face to hers with all her strength, and kissed him, entwining their tongues together.
「Nmu... Mmm, haah... Mmm— *Kiss*... *Slurp*...」
 Fransisca is so absorbed in slurping Alexis' saliva that her tongue gets entangled with his.
 Seeing her wholeheartedly seeking for him, Alexis can't help but tremble in his chest.
 When their lips part, Alexis murmurs, "...Okay," he says.
「I'll give it one more go, just for the hell of it...」
 Then Fransisca, who he thought would never disobey him, lets out a small cry.
「Ah...no, no...」
 Fransisca says in a voice that sounds as if it is about to disappear.
「I'll die if you do that... I'll die...」
 She looks at him with a serious look in her eyes.
「...I have no choice.」
 Alexis pulls his cock out of Fransisca. Then the vagina opens, and a rich pool of semen begins to pour out from it.
 Alexis then sticks his cock into her mouth.
「I'll forgive you for just cleaning up the rest.」
 Then Fransisca smiled.
「Yes... thank you, thank you... Alexis, sama...」
 Fransisca managed to raise herself up with her trembling hands, got on all fours with her still dripping white fluid and started to lick Alexis' penis.
「Haah...—Mmm. I can smell the scent of sex.」
 Fransisca said happily and licked Alexis' penis carefully as if she was grooming her beloved dog.
 On the other side, as he stroked her head, Alexis was deep in thought.
(Fransisca is in such a state... Maybe I should make up my mind...)
 Alexis' expression becomes grim and he thinks like this.
(—Who will be my ally, Krangal or Sagrado?)

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