Chapter 95 [Princess-maiden] Making-up After a Late-night Visit - Part 2

(It doesn't look like a joke...)
 As Alexis thinks so, her breasts are pressed tightly against him. The softness of her breast is directly felt through the thin clothes, and Alexis' member starts to swell up involuntarily.
 Fransisca seems to feel Alexis' hardness through her clothes, and then she happily smiles and brings down one of her hands, gently stroking Alexis' dick through her pants.
「...Fufu. Your penis is getting bigger.」
 Fransisca's eyes narrowed and Alexis felt somewhat awkward.
「Well, that's what happens when you're that close to me...」
「...After all, I'm your slave right here, aren't I?」
 Alexis' mouth was turned up at the realization that this was Fransisca's way of inviting him to stay.
「What? You were just looking for sex, even though you had something to say to me?」
 Fransisca's cheeks turned vermilion.
 Seeing her like this, Alexis feels like being a little bit mean to her.
「Well, then, you'd better speak up!」
 Then Fransisca turned red and said in a muffled voice
「...Alexis-sama's penis, I want it. So, please give me... Alexis-sama's, please...」
 Alexis smiles and says, "I can't help it, you're my slave," with a dare and meanness in his voice.
「You couldn't wait for your master to call you and then come and ask me yourself, couldn't you?」
 Fransisca's cheeks reddened more and more, as if she was embarrassed.
「A slave with no discipline who can't even wait needs to be punished.」
 Hearing Alexis' words, Fransisca's cheeks become irresistible.
 Fransisca makes sweet noises.
 Then, she pulled away from Alexis, turned around and got down on all fours, and pushed her butt up to the air.
「My bottom, it's been a long time... please, punish me...」
 Fransisca's voice trembled with anticipation and shame.
 Alexis reaches up Fransisca's skirt and pulls it up, only to find that there is no panties.
 Under her thin silvery hair, clear nectar from her moist, wet folds slowly trickles down her inner thighs.
「...What's that? I told you to be normal while Jerome is here, didn't I? I told you to put on your underwear and be normal, didn't I?」
 "Y-Yes...," Fransisca replies, her voice trembling.
「T-That's right, but I couldn't resist...」
「No panties, huh? Isn't that what you seemed to resist at first? Now you can't stand it and you're taking it off?」
 Fransisca's breath was all raspy with excitement.
「I-I was wondering how I could get Alexis-sama hold me... and I was wondering if Alexis-sama would think I was naughty if I didn't put on my panties...」
「You wanted me to think you were naughty?」
「Do you want me to look at you sexually?」
 Alexis asked her again, and Fransisca nodded her head, "Yes—," she said.
「I want Alexis-sama to look at me with dirty eyes and do many, many dirty things to me. 「
 Fransisca shook her ass.
 Then, she makes a sweet voice, "Please".
「Alexis-sama, please do lots of... P-Please do something nasty to me...」
 Alexis can't help it when he sees Fransisca pleading with her gasping breaths.
 So, while the edges of his mouth lifted, he answered, "Okay, I understand...".
 After running his hands over the softness of Fransisca's waiting, expectant ass a few times, he lifts her up this time.
 The sound of flesh hitting flesh echoed lightly.
 A charming cry escaped from Fransisca's waiting lips.
 Fransisca lifted her ass high in the air, tears streaming down her cheeks.
「Ah, ah! Aaaaah—! Alexis-samaaaaa—!」
 Every time Alexis's hand slammed, Fransisca felt a trembling vibration in her lower half of her body mixed with pain.
 Gradually, the pain faded away, and Fransisca was left with only the shaking sensation of the zinging, her legs trembling with fear.
「Ahhhh—This is good—! I'm cumming, I'm cummming—Ahhh, hwahhh—I'm cumming just from the spanking—!」
 Fransisca complains in ecstasy, and Alexis whispers to her, "You're still a pervert, as usual".
「Yes—I'm a pervert. Ah, ahhhh—No more, stoppp, Alexis-samaaaa—!」
 Shaking all over, Fransisca turns around and asks Alexis' permission with her eyes only. Alexis nods, then slaps her on the ass again, and Fransisca's jaw tilts back.
「Ah, ah, ahhhhhhh—!」
 She climaxes with her whole body trembling, and the tide comes out in a powerful spurt.
 When Alexis stopped, Fransisca lay down on the bed sheet. As she did so, she managed to lift up her wobbling buttocks and slowly wiggled them from side to side.
「A-Alexis, Sama... in my inside...」
「Really! You're still not satisfied after cumming so loudly?」
 Alexis smiles mockingly at Fransisca, who smiles raptly at him.
「Y-Yes... I haven't had Alexis-sama's penis yet...」
 Fransisca reaches down and opens up the folds of her secret and presents her most embarrassing part to Alexis.
「Here, in here... please, Alexis-samaaaa...」
「You. Don't you remember that I'm going to punish you?」
 Alexis strokes Fransisca's now reddened ass.
「Oh... So, do you want some more? Do you want it...?」
 Fransisca sticks her ass out with a mellow look on her face.
「A lot, that's good. Hit me as hard as you want, okay? Then, as a reward...」
 Fransisca smiles, her eyes moist with anticipation.
「—No, that's enough.」
 Alexis couldn't help but smile.
「I'm not going to punish you if you're so happy, am I?」
「Uh... I'm sorry. But I'm happy with everything Alexis-sama does for me...?」
 Looking at Fransisca's disappointed face, Alexis didn't care about the punishment.
 "It can't be helped,」 he said, sliding his pants down.
 Fransisca's face relaxes in ecstasy when she sees the exposed penis.
「Ah... Alexis, sama. Please make love to me a lot...」
 Alexis stretched out his cock for Fransisca, who was shaking her ass and demanding. Then, he placed it on her already flooded secret place and inserted it deep into the honey pot.
「Ah, ah, ahh—!」
 Fransisca screams charmingly as the sensation of the penis penetrating her vaginal wall.
 But it is not long before the distance seems to be bothering her and she says breathlessly to Alexis.
「Ah—uhn, no—uhhhhhh... please come closer, Alexis-samaaaa... —」
「I think I'm close enough...」
 Alexis is puzzled, but Fransisca says, "Please give me a hug".
「I want you to give me a big belly rub while hugging me」
「You're so demanding.」
 With that said, Alexis did as he asked and pulled her close to him, hugging her from behind.
 He then shifted his position and sat her cross-legged on his lap with her back to him.
 Fransisca sighed happily.
「Mmmm... Kiss me, please...」
 She turns around and Alexis hugs her and kisses her.
 Fransisca's body trembled as Alexis moved his tongue in and out of her.
「Mmm—haah, ahhh—Mmm.... I'm going to cum... Alexis, sama—I'm going to cum again...」
 She gives him an inquiring look from a close distance.
 Her eyes are asking, and she tries to hold back until Alexis nods. Knowing this, Alexis smiles thinly and whispers, "No".
「You're going to have to hold out until I do it. Do you understand?」
「Oh. Uuuuu. I understand... nnnnghhh—!」
 Fransisca's hips bucked up as Alexis moved his cock slightly further inside.
 Her body trembled as the cock was gently placed at the opening of her cervix.
「Hwahh, ah, ah—T-That's it. Aaaaahhhh—!」
 Alexis pushes his cock into Fransisca's body in order to force her way in. No matter how hard she tries to hold back, this is the last thing Fransisca can bear.
「Ahhh, no, no... don't... Don't do that—」
 Still, Alexis pushes his cock deeper into Fransisca, who shakes her head no, and finally passes through the opening of her cervix. He thrusts his glans up into her cervix. And then...
 Fransisca's whole body convulses and she bursts into tears, as if she couldn't hold back anymore.
「Ahhhh, I'm sorry... I'm soryy, Alexis... sama—」
 As Fransisca apologizes breathlessly, Alexis moves his cock as if to expose the depths of her body.
 Fransisca seemed to climax again and trembled heavily, then apologized with tears running down her face, "I'm sorry... Ahhhh".
「No, I couldn't stand it—I was no longer being loved... Uuuu.」
 Alexis don't know what she thinks, but she seems to be very depressed like that.
(Oh, good grief, this girl...)
 Alexis wanted to sigh, but he hugged her from behind and said, "I'm going to love you. I'm going to love you first"
 Fransisca's mouth let out a surprised "Eh?" and he could see through her back that she turned bright red up to her ears.
「Eh? What did you just say, Alexis—Hyaaaa」
 Fransisca stopped mid-sentence. It was because she had been penetrated again.
 Alexis moved his cock widely to enjoy her depths.
「Ah, no, no... not now. It's not fair that you say it now! Ah, ahhhh—!」
 Once again, Fransisca is reduced to a mewling creature.
 Alexis exhales loudly as he hugs Fransisca, feeling a surge of emotion.
「Haah, haaah... I'm going to let it out, okay? Catch it properly.」
 Fransisca's eyes narrowed in ecstasy and she nodded broadly.
「Yes—Yes... Alexis-sama, let it out!」
 In response to Fransisca's voice, Alexis was ejaculating inside her.
 Through his cock, he could feel the white spurt of cum filling her.
「Ah, ahhhhh—」
 Fransisca shuddered and placed her palms on her bulging abdomen.
「Haah, haah... Alexis-sama's here...」
 Fransisca breathes heavily with her eyes narrowed.
 After a while, Alexis finishes spitting out the whole thing and breathes.
 By this time, Fransisca has also finished the cum and seems to have regained some of her composure.
「...Umm, you know, Alexis-sama?」
 Fransisca turned bright red and looked somewhat flustered.
「Why are you telling me now? It's true that I said I wanted you to love me. But why now?」
 Apparently Fransisca is not happy.
「What? You didn't like it?」
 Alexis had decided to push through.
 It is a secret that he would have been too embarrassed to say so had it not been for the timing of the meeting.
「No, it's not that I don't...」
 Fransisca blushed and seemed to nod in the end.
 But she was not satisfied.
 She turned her face back to the sheets and mumbled, "B-But," which caused Alexis to move his still-inserted penis.
 Fransisca wincing at the persistent sensation.
「Ah, no, don't stir it, please, it's bubbling inside me—ah...! Ah! Hwaah!」
「You got a problem with that?」
 Alexis asked, and Fransisca shook her head.
「No, I don't... ah! Aaah!」
 Fransisca reached the limit again, her body shaking and trembling.
 Then, as her breasts were moving up and down, she opened her mouth to complain, "B-But," and Alexis was stirring inside her again to make her shut up.
「Haah! Alexis-sama, that's not fair!」
 But in the end, Fransisca was made to cum twice more.

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