Chapter 99 [Maid] I'm Sick, so Please be Gentle - Part 1

 Fatima must have met with Valencia, communicated with Neige, talked with Fransisca, and did other things.
 After all, it was almost night when she visited Alexis.
「Alex, are you there?」
 Fatima called to him while knocking.
 Alexis, who had just finished dinner and was doing push-ups for training, interrupted her and said, "Yeah, Fatima".
 To which Fatima replied through the door, "...Yes".
 The bluntness of her manner of speaking made Alexis feel nostalgic as he had not heard her for a long time, but....
「Come in.」
 Alexis urges Fatima to come in.
 Fatima nodded, opened the door, and stepped in.
 When Fatima entered the room, she seemed to have cleaned up and changed, and was wearing the maid's uniform that she had always worn.
 Her ribboned breast pouch was still in place, and Alexis couldn't help but look at it.
「You're dressed like that so soon after being sick. Why don't you get some rest?」
「No, I'd feel uncomfortable if I wasn't wearing this... By the way, Alex, can you stop looking at me as if my breasts are talking to you?」
 At Fatima's suggestion, Alexis finally moves his gaze toward her face.
 When his blue eyes met Fatima's, she looked uncomfortable and looked away.
「But when I try to look you in the eye and talk to you, will you stop looking away?」
「No, I mean...」
 Fatima coughed awkwardly and said in a muffled voice, "...Well, it's been a while. So, I'm kind of embarrassed...」.
 Alexis felt embarrassed at this and decided to change the subject.
「By the way, did you meet Valencia?」
 Alexis pointed to a chair and Fatima nodded toward it and sat down.
「Yes. I'm glad to see her well. That's a relief... thanks to you. She's fine.」
 Fatima narrowed her eyes and smiled benignly as she thanked Alexis.
 "Yeah, I'm glad there were survivors," Alexis replied.
 Fatima nodded and then began to talk about her memories of Valencia.
 They had been close sisters when they were in the villa and had always played together.
「Valencia was a crybaby since she was little... I used to cover for her when she cried because our brothers (Ani-tachi) played tricks on her. My parents used to worry more about Valencia than me...」
 Fatima tells Alexis in a nostalgic tone.
「But when it came time to train as a knight, I was the one who fell behind. Valencia was getting better and better, and I was happy but frustrated... to be honest.」
 "Of all my siblings, I was the worst," says Fatima.
 Alexis was surprised to hear that she was so envious of Valencia who was even mean to him at one time.
 This was because he thought that even the mild-mannered Fatima had such a side.
 However, it was said that no matter how mean Valencia was to her or how much she disliked her, she did not stop calling her “sister (Ane-sama)” and pining for her innocently. Seeing this, Fatima said she felt sorry for herself and decided not to compete with Valencia any more.
「Valencia has always been an honest and lovely little sister, without any ill intentions and without any backstabbing」
 Fatima says so, but "...isn't that just because she's an idiot and didn't realize that people don't like her?" Alexis thought so.
 However, he did not want to say it out loud.
 By the way, looking at Fatima's leisurely but talkative appearance, he guessed that she was feeling much better. Besides, she seems to be in a good mood.
 For a while, Alexis sits on the bed and listens to Fatima's story, but when she stops talking, he opens his mouth and says, "By the way".
「When are we going to date?」
 "What?" Fatima opens her eyes.
「Well, you said you want a date, didn't you? So, yeah, I'm probably not the only one who knows something like that, but... if you're okay with me...」
 Had she forgotten what she had said until just now?
 Fatima's cheeks are turning bright red.
「Ah, ah, t-that was...! Well, I mean, I was trying to cheer myself up...! Uh, well... You don't have to...」
 Fatima says in a depressed, slurred voice.
 But Alexis says, "What?".
「What are you talking about? I'm saying that because it's not impossible, isn't it? What are you going to do with that? You're the one who started this.」
「Well, that's true, but... but... A-Alex is royalty, after all...」
 Fatima turns red with her head down.
 Alexis is not quite sure of her point, and he is puzzled.
(I guess she is hesitating for something she doesn't understand. Maybe she is getting nervous after not seeing each other for a while?)
 Alexis had an idea.
 Then it's easy. He thinks that he can help her relax.
「Okay. Fatima, come here.」
 Fatima's face became stiff as she was beckoned by his hand while she was sitting down on the bed.
「Come here, come here. Or you don't want to?」
 Fatima could not refuse when Alexis said so.
 After shaking her head, she stands up and walks over to him.
 Alexis pulled her hand and hugged her as she fell down on his lap.
 He puts his hand on her waist and says, "Are you feeling better?"
「Hmm...well, I don't know. I've been bedridden for a while without much food...」
「I see. You've done well.」
 When he pats her head, Fatima's heart is so full that she can't help it.
 Fatima felt Alexis' thing swell up and Fatima gulped as she let her body fall into his arms.
 Alexis recognizes the change in tone of voice.
「I'm sorry. But you know, when something so full and generous is forced on me, I just can't help it...」

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