Chapter 99 [Maid] I'm Sick, so Please be Gentle - Part 2

 Alexis looked at Fatima's breast.
 Her breast, which is still wrapped by the blouse and changing its shape, is sending a melting sensation to Alexis.
 Then Alexis' tentacle starts to move more and more actively, and start to push his pants from the inside.
 Fatima was in a state of shock for a while, because of the pushing and shoving that she could feel even through her pants, but then she said.
「...Ah, truly, Her Highness is right. Y-You're still the same. Alex is a man who can't be helped...」
 Fatima said with a red face, and her thin white hand gently covered Alexis' crotch.
 Fatima unzips his pants by herself while Alexis blinks his eyes. Then, as if waiting for Alexis' cock to come out, Fatima stretches the cock and it comes out from the gap.
 Alexis is embarrassed by his own crotch, which does not hide his true feelings of wanting to do it.
 However, he thinks that this will not be the case today.
「Wait, you have to rest, right?」
「Yes, but... as long as it's not too strenuous. So, it's okay.」
「Eh? That's—」
「Well, I don't have a choice. It's just... you know, I have no choice...」
 Fatima turns red and reaches for Alexis's penis, then gently strokes it.
「B-Because. If I don't do this, Alex will... I mean, I'm Alex's slave... So, I'm willing to go out with you for a bit.」
 "Hmm?" Alexis lifted the edge of his lips.
「Okay, maybe we'll just leave it at that, okay?」
「W-What else is there to say?」
 She turns bright red and says back, and Alexis reaches out to touch her breast.
 For the first time in almost a week, he was enjoying the weight of her ample breasts.
 Fatima breathes a little as he flops and bobs through her clothes.
 He felt the weight for a moment, then reached for the ribbon, loosened it, and unbuttoned it.
 Her blouse was flung open on either side, revealing two large bulges from her breast sacks.
 They were bouncing, and their luscious fruits were exposed in front of Alexis.
 At this, a sigh escaped from Fatima's lips.
 Alexis' hand crawls on her breast, and his hand is gently placed on her breast.
 "What?" Alexis asked back, and Fatima hesitated for a moment and then said.
 After a moment of hesitation, Fatima answers, "...Nothing".
 So, Alexis continued to rub her breast gently and enjoyed the soft and fluffy texture of her breast, and then he caressed her nipple areola tickling it.
「Mmm... Haah...」
 Fatima was shaking her body a little bit because of the ticklish sensation she hadn't felt in a while.
 However, Alexis pinched her nipple, all of sudden.
 A stifled voice leaked out.
「Nn, ugh... Is, is it too intense...」
 Fatima says with a gulp of her breath, and Alexis replies, "I know, I know," while gently rubbing her nipples.
「Oh, oh... Ahhh...」
 Fatima is trembling sensitively.
「You still have a weak chest, don't you?」
 Alexis says, lowering one of his hands.
「Too bad I can't use the rope...—」
 After said so, his hand slips under Fatima's skirt.
 He runs his hands up her garter stocking-clad thighs, rubbing her pussy through her panties.
 Fatima shuddered. At the same time, Alexis felt something sticky on his fingertips.
「...You're wet.」
 When he pointed out while rubbing her crotch, Fatima's body trembled and her cheeks became redder and redder.
「I-I can't help it, can I...? Haah, haah, because—」
「Because Alex...」
 Fatima turns red and says, "...I haven't seen Alex for a long time. It can't be helped," she confided in a whisper.
 Alexis couldn't help but smile when he heard this.
「So, you've been very frustrated?」
 Fatima let out a groan.
「I-It's not like that...」
「Really, you're cute.」
 Alexis says, and Fatima swallows down the excuses she was already about to make.
 Then, Alexis pushed her down on the bed, and he put his hand on her panties.
「I'm going to take it off.」
 I pulled on her panties and Fatima lifted her hips up.
 After he took it off easily, Alexis pushed her thighs up and turned her upside down in a bunion position.
 Fatima's cheeks were stained with a color of shame.
「T-This position is not so good...」
「No, this is the best way to see. —...」
 Alexis's eyes were not on her soaking wet secret, which was covered with golden hair that matched the color of her hair.
 Rather, it was her anus that was twitching and moving beneath it.
「Why is that? To my eyes, this one looks more lustful.」
 When Alexis ran his finger along Fatima's anus, Fatima's body trembled "Hyah!"
「No, no, no... that's not possible—nghhhh!」
 Fatima tried to open her mouth in a tone of confusion rather than excuse, but her voice was interrupted by Alexis' anal stroking again before she could open her mouth.
「Ah, ah. Don't touch that—」
 Fatima tried to escape from Alexis' hands by rocking her hips with her trembling voice.
 But Alexis pushes up her thighs with one hand and fixes them again, and then he slowly runs his fingers over the wrinkles of her anus, which are repeatedly coming close to each other and loosening.
「Ah, ah, ahh—」
 Fatima's body trembled and her ears turned red.
「No, no way, why—」
 Fatima seemed to be very confused.
「Why...? The monster, I thought it left...」
 After lightly rubbing Fatima's anus as she talks breathlessly, Alexis raises his little finger and slowly inserts it into her asshole.
 The lack of lubrication causes some resistance, but when he advances slowly in time with her breathing, it surprisingly slips in.
 After inserting it up to the first joint, he gently stroked the intestinal wall. Just then—
「Ah, ah, ahh—!」
 Fatima was shaking her body and letting out a charming cry.
 Soon after that, she repeats "Why, why—" with a puzzled look on her face.
「I thought it left, the monster is—!」
 Fatima must have believed that the feeling she had in her asshole was caused by the presence of the monster.
 But Alexis smirked and said to Fatima, "What does it matter?
「Whether there is monster or not, it doesn't change the fact that you are an anal pervert.」
「Eh, that's absurd!—Hyah!」
 Fatima does not seem to want to believe it, but she easily trembles when Alexis moves his finger lightly.
 She has not been touched for a while, and she wants it. That is why she feels it excessively.
 As Alexis continued to stimulate her anus with his fingertips, he started to feel more slippery, as if her intestinal juices were coming out.
 So Alexis inserted his pinky finger, which was up to the first joint, up to the base of the anus.
 Fatima's eyes were wide and her hips were shaking.
「Haaah, haaah, that can't be, that can't be—」
 Fatima denies it stubbornly, but every time the finger is pulled out or in, her secret passage twitches on the side of her anus, and the pleasure is claimed by dripping love juices.
「...Now, is it time to go?」
 Alexis stands up on his knees and stretches out his cock when he sees the secret place which is still increasing the amount of secretion.
 When he pressed his penis against the hair-covered crack, it made a slurping sound.
 Fatima is breathing hard, her eyes moist with anticipation and excitement, and her body is shaking.
「I think it's time to finish this one」
 Saying that, Alexis pulled out his little finger that had been inserted into Fatima's anus.
 Fatima shuddered at the sensation of the finger being pulled out, and then asked, "W-Why?"
 Alexis looked at Fatima's face, and she quickly turned her head away from him, the blush on her cheeks increasing.
「Uh...no, no. Nothing...」
 Alexis's mouth hangs open as Fatima says in a muffled voice.
「I think you like it in your asshole, don't you?」
「Uuuu. No, no...! That's...!」
 Before she could say anything, Alexis inserted his penis deep into Fatima's quivering honey pot.
 As he did so, he lowered his hips and changed his position to the normal position.
 When he caressed the vaginal wall with his tentacles, Fatima's body trembled.
「Ah, ah... Aaahhh—」
 Fatima turns her moist eyes to the lower part of her body while her body is trembling. Then she says, "Oh, um," as if she is having a hard time to say.
「M-My butt...」
 The voice comes out as if it were fading.
 "Butt?" Fatima turned bright red when Alexis asked her.
「M-My butt ...」
 Perhaps her shame got the better of her, and she choked on her words.
 But she couldn't help it—Fatima wriggles her ass.
「Ah, my butt...」
「Your butt, what?」
 Alexis grins and nudges him onward, and finally Fatima confides.
「I want you to put it in my butt. I want Alex's...」
 Fatima must be feeling much better in her asshole than in her vagina. But Alexis stifled a laugh and dared to ask, "Why not?".
「But, normally, isn't it enough that it's in your pussy?」
 He then stirred her vaginal hole with slow strokes.
 Fatima let out a charming squeal and inhaled heavily.
「—Haah, haah, well, that's... Yes, but...」
 She mumbles something difficult to say and finally turns her face away with a sulky look on her face.
「Ugh... T-That's enough... I-I am going crazy. It's strange...」
 Fatima looks seriously depressed.
 Remembering that she was not the right person to be blamed so relentlessly, Alexis smiled wryly.
「...Okay, okay, I'm just kidding.」
 He patted her head.
「Anyway, I'm the one who's been working your asshole this hard.」
 Fatima nodded her head with a bright red face as Alexis spoke softly to her.
「...Yes, that's right. Alex... touches it a lot. T-That's why I...」
 Alexis lowered one hand and lightly touched Fatima's asshole with his fingertips.
 Fatima's body shuddered and trembled.
 Fatima turns her expectant, moist eyes to Alexis, her breathing ragged.
「Well, but—」
 Alexis kept smiling.
「I know you want it in your asshole, but I'm not going to let you have it this time.」
「Eh—what, why?」
 Fatima came back to herself after saying that, and even her ears were red.
「You know... You can't do it too hard, can you? You've got too much feeling in your asshole, we shouldn't do that.」
 Hearing Alexis' words, Fatima feels more shame and shuts her mouth. Then, "Besides," Alexis continues to talk to her.
「You didn't clean your asshole like you used to, did you?」
 "Yes," Alexis says, pushing his tentacle deeper.
 Hearing Fatima's wild cries, Alexis tells her.
「The asshole is... It's not really meant to hold a cock. That's why there are so many different contents. If you want me to stick my dick in you, you have to go to the hot water or something, and get cleaned up and defecate before you do it.」
「Hahhhh— I-I have to wash up—」
 While her voice was leaked out by the tentacle moving back and forth inside, Fatima was absolutely mortified when she realized the meaning of Alexis's words.
「...Well, if you don't know what you're doing, I'll go along with you for the first time or two. Anyway, you'd better clean your asshole next time, right? For me, to use it as a proper asshole.」
 As Alexis repeats the piston slowly, her vagina, though relatively dull as expected, becomes more sensitive, and her voice becomes more vocal, "Haaah, ah, ah, ah".
「I-I know, I know—」
 While Alexis fucked her vagina, Fatima put her hands on his back and hugged him tightly.
「N-Next time— Ah, uhh, uhn— I-I'll clean my ass」
 After nodding to Fatima's fainting voice, Alexis placed his hands on her breasts.
「I'll touch them together instead. That way, I can come in front of you, right?」
 He touched her skin directly and caressed her nipples with gentle kneading. Then...
「Ah, ah, ah—!」
 Fatima's body trembled.
「Ahhhh— this, this is, Alex—」
 Her voice sounds desperate, and her hips start to buck.
 Alexis told her not to move because she was getting tired, and then increased the movement of his tentacle.
「Ahhhh, Alex, Alex—!」
 Fatima was tightening her hold on Alexis.
「Alex, kiss me—I can't take it anymore—」
 Alexis covered Fatima's lips with his as she pleaded with him. Then, with a muffled voice, she shakes and trembles all over.
 Fatima's whole body is trembling.
 Alexis wanted to enjoy the feeling of her tightening vagina for a while longer, but he couldn't force her to do anything, so he decided to take it out.
「Come on, I'm going to cum, Fatima... but is it too hard for you to pour it inside?」
「Ahhh— Alex, please. Come on, just pour it all over me...」
 Nodding in ecstasy at Fatima's words, Alexis got up on his knees and pulled out his cock. And then...
 And then....
 He ejaculates his semen into Fatima's abdomen.
「Haaah, haaaaah—!」
 Fatima was bathed in the white cum of Alexis on her clothes while her body was shaking with the afterglow.
 After a while, when she saw that Alexis had finished spitting out his cum, and that a pool of cum had formed on the bed around herself, she smiled loosely.
「...You've cum a lot...」
 Fatima says in a whispering voice, squinting her eyes as she looks dazed.
「Yeah. Good work, Fatima.」
 Alexis put his hand on Fatima's head.
 By that time, Fatima had closed her eyes and was breathing softly in her sleep as if she was comfortably tired.

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