Chapter 229 [Medical Officer] Last Training - Part 2

 The next morning Lily is in a surprisingly good mood.
 She sits down on the bed and says "Good morning" to Alexis. And when his eyes open, she gives him a soft smile.
 She straddles Alexis' waist as he tries to get up and says, "I'll be here, too, today... well... you know... I will, won't I?"
 She says this, and Alexis stops her with a hand.
「You don't have to do it on a day like this, okay? I'll only be going home today. You can take the rest of the day off from being a caretaker too.」
「Is that so?」
 Alexis nodded as he got up in front of Lily, who looked puzzled.
「...I see.」
 Lily's cheeks turn slightly red and she looks down.
 "What is it?" Alexis laughs teasingly.
「Or did you want to get laid again today?」
 He teases her, as he always does.
 But he quickly realizes it, and for a moment he wonders if it's a bad idea on a day like this when she would be so lonely, but then she giggles.
「No, I'm fine from today on.」
 Lily said, her voice brightening.
「I've felt that I belong to you a lot. So I'm fine. I'm going to keep trying.」
「...I see.」
 Seeing her bravery, Alexis loses the desire to tease her.
 After a moment of contemplation, he patted her head.
「Well—it's not exactly a faraway place, is it?」
 Then, Alexis tells Lily, who nods, "I'll come back and visit you again if you don't call it a visit."
 Lily's face lights up. She must have been holding back her loneliness.
 On the contrary, Alexis feels more regretful than Lily.
 However, it is a bit embarrassing to say it honestly.
「...Well, you can come to visit me when you're free too.」
 When he said this, she nodded "Yes" with a smiling face.
「...Your Majesty.」
 Lily handheld Alexis' hand.
「It's strange. I'm not as anxious as I used to be. I used to be so worried that you would forget me, that I would become unimportant. But now...」
 At that moment, the door to the room rang.
「Alexis-sama, it's almost time. Are you ready?」
 It was Valencia's voice.
* * *
 At the entrance of the Flores town, where the fresh morning sun pours in, Alexis gets into a covered carriage.
 And Valencia is on the coachman's dais.
 He said that he would be out of sight once he got on the carriage anyway. So he said there was no need to see him off. But Lily was standing there.
 Today Lily is wearing a white coat over her medical officer's uniform.
 She is going back to her daily life soon. But first.
 —Please let me serve until the end.
 That's what Lily said. So, here we are.
 Valencia looks down at Lily from the dais.
 Valencia has heard Alexis' story, so she gives Lily a soft smile.
「Lily. Please remember that I will bring Alexis-sama back to you again.」
 Lily smiled back at Valencia.
「I told His Majesty that I'm fine. This town will be thriving soon. And with that, I'm sure it will get busy. I'm in charge of a clinic that will represent this country for years to come. I will make it a fine clinic that will please and please His Majesty. —I'm sure.」
「Yes. Lily... I promise to protect His Majesty and the others.」
 Both women held out their hands to each other, palms pressed together.
 When their hands parted, Valencia cracked the whip on her horse.
 After watching the horses start to move and the carriage pulls away, Lily snaps back.
 The busy days ahead are to come again.
 —I am sure that I will grow up together with the Flores town.
 With these thoughts in her heart, Lily heads for the clinic.
    The end

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