Chapter 12 Change of Perspective, Part 1

 Third Person Perspective
 The current underwear was her favorite light pink top and bottom.
 Ayano thinks that the underwear is not flashy, but it is erotic enough.
 She wonders what to wear as a top but finally decides on a tight-knit one. She thought that it would show the line of her breast clearly and emphasize her big breasts, her pride, and her joy.
 As for the bottoms, it was denim short.
 It was quite tight so that even the base of her legs was visible. Although it was not a good combination with the knit, Ayano decided that it would be easier to seduce Shuu if the panties were visible.
 After that, she puts on a perfume that smells a little sweet.
 She did not wear much make-up except for a thin layer of lipstick. Anyway usually Ayano likes to wear gal-like makeup, but this time she decided to wear almost no makeup, considering that her partner is Shuu.
 Even if she looked like a normal girl, Ayano was absolutely confident of her attractiveness as a woman.
 She thought about what else to prepare, and took out her spare underwear and an unopened contraceptive from the accessory case on the bed shelf, and put them in her bag. She puts them in case Shuu doesn't have them.
 The contraceptive was one that she had bought out of curiosity, even though she had no intention of using it at all.
 And right now, her heart is racing with nervousness and anticipation.
 Ayano doesn't even think about Shuu's refusal in the slightest.
 In fact, she had noticed Shuu's eyes glancing at her breasts from behind her back, so it was a good thing that she had gone to the trouble of asking him to do it with her. Ayano knew that a young man in the prime of his sexual life would never refuse such an invitation.
 Even if it was a man with a girlfriend, there was no way he would be able to resist such a nice girl in a place where he could get his hands on her.
 Still, she was nervous. She was about to give her virginity.
 Although Ayano was determined to mature into a woman in a sexual sense.
 However, Ayano has no intention of asking Shuu to do it with her.
 She was just going to make Shuu get aroused and make him touch her. Maybe she would pretend to refuse for a little bit, and after a while, she would let him have his way with her.
 In Ayano's mind, she wanted to create a situation where she had no intention of doing so, but Shuu was coming on to her so forcefully that she had no choice but to do so.
 And after the act, she decided to say this at the drop of a hat.
 (I don't dislike Shuu at all. But I can't see you as a lover, so I'll only let you have intercourse with me. Besides, I don't want to ruin your relationship with her, so don't worry about it. That's the kind of relationship I want with Shuu.)
 Ayano was going to give Shuu the maximum concession as a woman.
 And then, Ayano feels a little guilty for Shu and her lover Amazawa Kyouka, who has fallen in love with him...
 Such a fantasy was going through her mind at this time. So, why wouldn't it happen?
 However, just like when she had met Shuu earlier, Ayano was more worried that the panties she had changed would get soaked before the important part of the session started and that she would be exposed to the fact.
 Anyway, she has to do it. And checking on the time, it is 9:00 p.m.
 It's time for her to call Shuu. It was to check if Shu was at home, but also in case, he was still with Amazawa Kyouka.
 "Hello, Shuu?"
 'Ayano, huh? Hey, you know, if you're still hanging out with those guys—'
 "Stop, stop. Are you home right now? Can I come over there now?"
 'Yeah, I'm home. I don't mind too.'
 "I'll get your sermon there. But don't you have a girlfriend right now?"
 'You mean Kyouka? I took her home after that. I mean, you guys are ruining my whole day.'
 "It's none of my business. The guys did it on their own. Then, is that all right? I'd like to talk about it in detail."
 'Hmm, I see. Okay. I'll wait for you at home.'
 After hanging up the phone, Ayano unzips her panties and once again checks if it's clean.
 (Hmm. it's okay).
 After making sure of that, Ayano decides to leave the house.
 She thinks about putting on something over her clothes, but it is not that cold tonight. She went down the stairs dressed as she was, and this time she said to her mother who was downstairs.
 "I'm going to Shuu's for a while. I may be a little late."
 "Ara, is that so? But you should use contraception, okay?"
 Her mother makes a joke about Ayano.
 Although Ayano knew it was a joke, she was about to do exactly that, which made her jerk for a moment. Still, Ayano quickly went to the front door as if she was doing something wrong, and went to Shuu's house without turning around. 

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