Chapter 8 Physical Change, Part 2

 Third Person Perspective
 At that moment...
 "Mmm... Ah, ah, ah"
 Ayano's hips jumped of their own accord.
 And unintentionally, Ayano drops the pudding in her hand.
 Her body starts to twitch and her head starts to spin dizzyingly.
 It feels as if something melted into sludge is gushing out from deep inside her womb.
 She also feels that her nipples are painfully sharp in her bra. Her whole body is sensitive. All this information starts to stimulate Ayano's brain at once.
 Ayano had no idea what had happened.
 However, there is one thing that she does know. The only thing Ayano could understand now was a certain feeling.
 (It feels good...)
 She feels something that shouldn't come out of her crotch. And Squirt! Maybe pee is coming out with it.
 She did not have any feelings of being dirty or anything like that even though she was at a friend's house, and he was not her boyfriend.
 No matter, she felt so good, and she felt happier than she had ever felt in her whole life.
 (Am I coming?)
 That was all that Ayano could barely make out in her half-muddled mind.
 She did not know what was causing it. No, it would be more correct to say that it felt so good that she couldn't even think about it.
 She felt as if she was being licked and caressed, and her whole body was tingling and numb.
 Ayano was so absorbed in the pleasure that she did not care about anything else.
 Now all she could do was pray that the pleasure would not escape from her.
 But then, in the distance, she thought she heard Hiiragi say something.
 "Hey, Ayano."
 Ayano has no idea how long she has been doing that.
 The pleasure has not left her yet, and the ecstatic feeling lingers in the air.
 However, when Ayano manages to recover enough to think, she soon notices a cold sensation between her legs, and also notices that her skirt is a little wet.
 Ayano rushes to the restroom.
 She takes off her skirt in the bathroom and finds it even worse.
 It looked as if she had wet herself. Her panties were soaking wet, and a little yellowish traces of pee could be seen mixed in.
 (What happened here?)
 She felt a little uneasy. However, her uneasiness was soon overwhelmed by the tingling sensation coming from between her legs.
 And without hesitation, she pulls her panties down to her feet.
 Ayano then immediately knew what the pleasure was. It was her enlarged clitoris, which was as large as possible.
 Her puckered clitoris popped out of its skin, and she could see it was bright red and bloodshot. Below it, she saw her lovely little cunt opening and closing its mouth, as if it was looking for something to feed on.
 She herself thought that her clitoris was relatively large compared to that little cunt, but she did not remember it being so enlarged, even during masturbation. Even now, her clitoris was hungrily transmitting tingling pleasure to Ayano.
 (If I touch it now...)
 She can't help thinking about such a thing.
 The happy feeling continues, trying to push Ayano's rationality away.
 She wants to play with her clitoris right now.
 She wants to put her finger in her hole while playing with her clitoris, and rub it as she always does when she pleases herself.
 (How good would it feel if I do it now?)
 Ayano's thoughts were almost filled with such thoughts.
 The sane thought that she could just do it after she got home was far away from her mind.
 But just as she was about to...
 "Ayano, are you okay?"
 If she hadn't heard the knock at that moment, she would have done so without shame.
 "Eh, yeah. I just have a stomach ache."
 "Really? But the material was fresh and I don't think you'll get a stomachache."
 "Hmm, I think it's lunch."
 "Ah, I see."
 She wipes the wet part with a piece of toilet paper. It's not a mess that can be fixed with toilet paper.
 But there is nothing she can do now. And having confirmed that Hiiragi's footsteps are moving away from her, Ayano cleans up the mess as best she can, puts on her panties and skirt, and leaves the bathroom.
 "I'm sorry, I'm going home now. The sushi was delicious."
 She walks quickly through the passage next to the living room.
 Ayano then reaches the front door trying to hide, feeling relieved that Hiiragi had not noticed her.
 And as soon as she opens the front door, cold air rushes toward Ayano's body. Ayano felt that the cold air had a cooling effect on her body, which was still in a state of arousal.

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