Chapter 17 Nightmare - Part 2

 (Ah, it's getting big. Is this what they call morning wood?)
 Ayano's hand slips into Shuu's sweatshirt and touches his important part.
 At first, her fingers lightly touch the top of his underwear. But then, her fingers become bolder and bolder, and eventually, they slip into his underwear. The long, slender tips of her fingers grasped Shuu's hot thing and began to slowly work it up and down.
 "Shuu, it's getting bigger."
 "Of course, I'm getting a morning wood when I get that kind of stimulation."
 "Hey, hey. Can Ayano suck it?"
 "What, you want to do that in the morning? Even though you haven't given it with a mouth before."
 Ayano herself was curious, too.
 But she also hoped it would make Shuu feel a little better. She also had a perverse desire to serve this male.
 All of these combined led to Ayano's desire to give him a service.
 "But I feel sorry for you because you're so full. Am I wrong?"
 "No, not really. I'd like to take a shower, too, so let's move to the bathroom. In that case, Ayano's the one who's going to do it. I'm sure you'll get so aroused that you'll soak the sheets and stuff. But blowing pee and stuff all over the place is the best feeling ever, isn't it?"
 "You don't have to say it so clearly..."
 "Hey, you don't mind showing your breast and etc, but you're ashamed of such things? Even though you're peeing like a fool with your face so loose and so comfortable."
 Shuu's words gave Ayano a thrill.
 She wondered if she might be a masochist. Maybe she was a pervert who felt pleasure from being humiliated by Shuu.
 Shuu's face also showed a look of cruelty. To Ayano, it looked as if he was enjoying tormenting her.
 "You're mean..."
 "Don't you like it when I'm mean?"
 "Uhh... I like it. I like it when Shuu says mean things to me and when he's mean to me."
 Shuu's face comes down to hers, and their lips meet for a moment.
 Ayano's head was spinning and she felt light-headed. Apparently, no matter how unreasonable he might be to her in the future, she would forgive him with just one kiss.
 After all, such a kiss made Ayano's emotions filled with happiness and no matter how many times they kissed, it would never be enough.
 "Well, I'm sure we'll be soiling the sheets here soon anyway. So, let's go downstairs."
 Ayano followed Shuu downstairs.
 She already feels no resistance to Shuu seeing her naked. In fact, she even wanted him to take a closer look at every part of her.
 Now, in the small changing room, she and Shuu undress each other, exchanging lovers' kisses.
 Ayano secretly checks Shuu's body as they play with each other, and finds not a single bruise on his body. At least there was no sign that he had been beaten by Sakaki and the others.
 Ayano felt a little relieved that they might have been able to talk it out.
 "Well then, I'll wash your body."
 Ayano, with her hair, pulled up in an updo, enters the bathroom and puts body soap on Shuu, who is sitting on a chair and washes her body with the shower nozzle in her hand.
 She uses not only the body sponge but also her own fingers.
 In the meantime, Shuu's thing remains erect and shows no sign of subsiding. Then, with her finger, covered with bubbles, Ayano moved her finger up and down as if she was urging him to ejaculate.
 "Hey, you! Do you want to wash me, touch my dick, or kiss my face?"
 "I want to do all of them."
 "Well, that's all right. But if you keep touching me like that, I'm gonna come out."
 "Are you ready to come out?"
 "Yeah, but not for much longer."
 "Then I will clean it up and do the rest with my mouth."
 Ayano rinsed off Shuu's crotch in the shower as soon as he said that, and sat down between his legs. Then she immediately sinks her face into his crotch.
 With a gulp, she swallows it in one go.
 The penis disappears into Ayano's mouth as if it is wrapped by her pouty lips. Then, when she had swallowed more than half of it, her head began to move up and down.
 The movements are terribly monotonous as if to say that she has no experience. At the same time, it was a deep-throating movement that one would not expect from an inexperienced person.
 Squelch! Squelch! At the same time, such a sound can be heard as if she was clamping it in the back of her throat.
 "Ugh, it feels so good!"
 It was deep enough to make her vomit. And this was her first blowjob. Despite this, Ayano was not in pain but rather felt pleasure in the act.
 (I like it. I'm going to get addicted to sucking it)
 Gradually, the sound of the bathtub was filled with a loud and obscene sound.
 The sound gradually quickens and even begins to mix with a sucking sound.
 At the same time, Ayano also started to come lightly.
 The fact that her love juice was dripping onto the bathroom tile only made her more aroused.
 She felt pleasure from sucking a penis and was shocked that her body was so horny that she could come from it, and even the shame was transformed into arousal.
 It would not be an exaggeration to say that the act of blow job was exactly what Ayano fell in love with at that moment.
 "I'm going to cum!!"
 The moment she received Shuu's sperm in the back of her throat, that sensation hit Ayano.
 She felt that incredibly happy and pleasant sensation. It seems Ayano didn't realize that she was peeing between her legs and making that stupidly loose face that Shuu had told her to make before she knew it.
 Main Character's Perspective

 "Hey, are you sure you're okay?"
 "What is it?"
 "About Shintaro and the others."
 "I told you it's all taken care of."
 "But you were having nightmares this morning. I was just a little worried."
 I was having a nightmare?
 I don't remember that at all. Was I dreaming?
 "Me? I don't remember at all, but maybe I was having a nightmare."
 "Ayano has a few words to say. But Shuu might get mad at me for doing something I shouldn't."
 "You're a worrier, you know. Sakaki won't do anything else. You don't believe me that much?"
 "No! I trust Shuu. I believe you. So, I won't say anything about Shintaro and the others."
 "That's all right. Ayano, all you have to think about is me."
 "I know. Yeah. I love you, Shuu."
 After that, we kiss on the bed.
 Ayano straddles me and begins to look ecstatic about the kiss.
 Really... at this rate, I'm going to spend the rest of the day making out with Ayano. Although there are a couple of things I want to try in the interdimensional storage, it's not something I'm in a hurry to do. It can wait until next time.
 More importantly, I reach out my hand to Ayano's breast.
 They feel soft and taut, like slime. Has it affected her here, or was she slime to begin with?
 I was thinking about such unimportant things as I flicked her nipples, which were hardening inside my sweatshirt.
 Still, Ayano looked happy as she accepted my hand. As if in return, she extended her long fingers to my crotch.
 "Did I have that much of a nightmare?"
 "Yeah. You've been like that for quite a while, and I wasn't sure if I should wake you up."
 "Ah. I see. Because I told you not to wake me up last night. In that case, you can wake me up if I have a nightmare again. Well, at that time, I just meant don't wake me up when I didn't want to be woken up."
 "Okay, I'll do that next time."
 "So, did I say something funny?"
 I was worried that I might have said something about the other world and cheats.
 Well, I guess I could always cover it up later, though.
 "Hmmm. You were mumbling something, but I couldn't make out what you were saying most of the time. Just..."
 "Just, what?"
 "Yukina? Maybe her name is Yukina? I think you called her name a lot."
 I don't know who that is. I don't remember that name.
 "I don't know. Maybe I was dreaming about having sex with someone famous."
 "Ahhh! Why didn't you dream about having sex with Ayano anyway?"
 "But wouldn't that be real life? Or is it okay if we don't have sex today?"
 "No. We're gonna have so much sex. Look, you're getting hard already."
 Ayano raises the pitch of her rubbing as she says this.
 She rains kisses all over my face, and her plump lips suck on my neck.
 After that, I surrender myself to the pleasure and dive into the vortex of my memory once more to see if I know Yukina.

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