Chapter 23 Phone Call from Mother, Part 2

 Main Character's Perspective
 Last night, I decided to sneak into the hospital on short notice and changed my plans with Ayano accordingly.
 After that, there was also the incident with Sayaka, and it was quite a busy weekend. However, it is also true that my body does not remember the fatigue too much.
 On Saturday night, I snuck into the hospital and had a shot with Sayaka.
 On Sunday, after a date with Kyouka, I had one with Ayano.
 Even with my young body of 17 years old, I notice that I don't feel tired at all, even though I am in a situation where I should be tired. Of course, I know that it is because of the cheat.
 But I still wonder.
 I feel more vigorous and full of vitality than when I was in the other world. I am not sure if it is because of my physical youth or my mentality.
 There is no doubt that since my return to this world, I have had a strong desire for the conquest of women. Even though I have done it with Ayano daily, the fact that I react immediately to the slightest stimulation was just as Ayano had said.
 "Eh? It's already this late. Well then, I'd better get ready. But are you sure you want curry? I could have made something more decent. Maybe you don't think Ayano is a good cook?"
 "No, I want to eat curry. I'm not accusing you of not being able to cook. I just remembered I haven't had homemade curry since I got back."
 "Hm? Home? What do you mean?"
 "No... Well, it's just an expression. I just remembered I haven't had curry for a while. And I didn't buy any other ingredients."
 "Oh, I see. Come to think of it, Shuu eats a lot of ready-made meals. I'm going to make it now, so just wait a bit."
 Ayano, who had finished putting on her clothes, moved into the kitchen with a knowing look on her face.
 She was not wearing her usual clothes, but a sweatshirt similar to mine that she had brought with her and was using as her nightgown.
 I feel that Ayano's personal belongings are increasing in the house, but to a certain extent I have given up on this. Ayano seems to know this and doesn't try to bring in more things than she needs, which is acceptable to me.
 Now, I lie down on the sofa and stare at Ayano as she begins to cook in the kitchen, which is connected to the living room.
 Perhaps sensing my gaze, Ayano smiles at me as she cooks.
 I'm sure that if my schoolmates could see Ayano's face like this, they would be envious of me.
 Anyway, she may have some personality problems, but she must be outstandingly good-looking. Having such a woman at my beck and call, and having intercourse as much as I want.
 I could not help but feel a little superiority in this situation. However, I couldn't let people know that I had such a relationship with her. Even now, it seems that Kyouka is suspicious of me.
 While I was thinking vaguely about this, I suddenly heard the sound of the house phone ringing.
 I immediately check the phone display.
 It is my parents calling. After signaling Ayano to keep quiet with my finger, I pick up the phone.
 'Ah, Shuu, it's me.'
 "Hmm, Mom, huh? What's going on? I just called you the other day, didn't I?"
 'Yeah, not that there's anything wrong. I just wanted to make sure Shuu is eating well. Do you have enough money?'
 "Don't worry. I'm not that extravagant, so what I get is enough. Besides, I cook for myself once in a while."
 'Heh~, Shuu is cooking. You should treat your mother sometime.'
 "Whenever you feel like it. And that's it? You called me because you have something to do, didn't you?"
 'Well, I'm wondering if your father can take a vacation at the beginning of December. He's kind of pressed for time at work. So I thought I'd go home alone next week.'
 'Eh? Shuu?'
 I was shouting into the phone.
 "No, I mean. You don't have to go that far. Mom'll be back by the end of the year anyway, so there's no need to come all the way out here to check on me. Besides, I got a girlfriend recently. It's more convenient for me not to have my parents around."
 'Hmm, really? Who, who is it? Is it someone your mother knows? Like Ayano-chan from next door?'
 "Not really. Well, maybe you'll meet her sometime."
 'Why don't you tell me? Well, Shuu has a girlfriend... Mother will trust Shuu. After all, I don't want to be too strict, but you have to be moderate in your relationship with her.'
 "I understand. I'm not going to have kids in high school either, so don't worry."
 'Oh my god, Shuu. That's not what I meant. But at least make sure it doesn't come to that.'
 "Okay, okay. I'm hanging up now since this is going to be a long conversation. See you."
 I forcibly hang up the conversation and puts down the phone.
 Ayano comes from the kitchen and asks worriedly if something is wrong, but I half-heartedly tell her it's nothing.
 I wasn't worried that my mother would come home now and find out about my relationship with Ayano.
 But I didn't know why.
 It was just that I felt at the moment that I had to stop her from doing what she was doing. It was strange that I couldn't find any reason for it.
 Is it possible that I am still forgetting something? I was getting more and more worried about the imperfection of my memory.

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