Chapter 32 Black-haired Woman, Part 1

 Main Character’s Perspective
 "Oh, no. I am totally late, aren't I?"
 I woke up and looked at the clock on the wall of my room, and it was already around 11:00 a.m.
 It was a weekday, not a national holiday, which is an irrefutable fact that classes have already started.
 The situation was such that I could have regretted my mistake because I was still playing the role of an honor student at school.
 But I did wake up at least once. Or, more precisely, I was disturbed from sleep.
 I think it was around 6:00 in the morning.
 Yesterday, like today, was a weekday, but it was a substitute school holiday, so Ayano was sleeping next to me, who looked as if she deserved to be there. Ayano had gone to the bathroom in the morning, and I was awakened by the chilly winter air when she turned over the futon.
 Ayano was naked in the futon, holding me in her arms, with the traces of last night's intense affair still intact.
 Even though I hate to be disturbed from my sleep, I was not bothered by it. However, Ayano noticed that I was slightly awake at that time and started to play tricks on my morning wood.
 Looking back, I should not have given in to my sexual desire and shot twice in Ayano's ass after that. So I fell asleep twice with a pleasant feeling of fatigue after ejaculation.
 When I looked at my phone, I found a text message from Ayano saying that she had to go to school first.
 In summary, she apologized for not waking me up after all, though I was not sure whether she should have, and as usual, she wrote long words expressing her love for me. I wonder how she can send me such a mail everyday, even though I don't even reply to her messages except for important matters.
 Well, I don't hear complaints from her if I ignore her, so I let her do what she wants to do.
 I also received a concerned e-mail from Kyouka, to which I replied that I just overslept. I guessed that the school has called my home phone to confirm the call.
 Well, I would have to tell them honestly that I overslept when I arrived at the school since I was sure I would be late even if I called them back now.
 "But that Ayano, did she go to school properly after that? I mean, why is she so energetic? Maybe she's stronger than me."
 Last night, too, I got a nasty fellation, and I gave her one just as a greeting.
 Then, I shot inside her, which was already melted, and then I shot her twice more. In total, I gave her three shots.
 Ayano must have used a lot of energy since she went to heaven and didn't come back for a while.
 If I hadn't fallen asleep after that, she might have still been asking for more.
 I have no intention to complain since it was I myself who had changed Ayano's body into such a state. The fact that she woke up this morning and immediately asked me for anal sex is also cute. However, I'm sure that I was just in time when I shot my second load in Ayano's anus this morning.
 If so, did Ayano go to school without showering and with her body covered with my semen?
 With such an absurd thought in my mind, I took a shower and changed into my school uniform, then left the house and rushed to the school to avoid an unexcused absence.

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