Chapter 32 Black-haired Woman, Part 2

 Main Character’s Perspective
 "Excuse me. What grade are you in?"
 As soon as I arrived at the school gate, I was being talked to by a stranger.
 She was so beautiful that I couldn't help but look back at her, with her long shiny black hair that suited her slender figure.
 However, I was a little disappointed with her Showa-style Yankee fashion of black leather pants and a scajan with dragon embroidery.
 Even though she is a beautiful woman, I don't feel like answering her sudden and blunt questions, and I try to pass by her without speaking. However, the woman noticed this and turned around to my front side and glared at me with sharp eyes.
 "Hey, you, don't ignore me. I'm not trying to take your money. Have you ever heard of a second-year student named Higuchi Nobuo?"
 From the top of her head to the tips of her toes, I looked down at the woman standing in front of me as if I was trying to evaluate her.
 She was probably in her mid-twenties, the same age as Sayaka.
 She was tall and slender, and her long legs were very remarkable. Her legs looked so long that they were comparable to my legs, which are relatively taller than hers.
 Besides, I was not so surprised because I am used to seeing Ayano and Sayaka, but she must be a very beautiful woman with a strong-looking high bridge of her nose. However, her breasts do not seem to be that big.
 I think so because I was familiar with Ayano and Sayaka.
 "Hmm... I don't know."
 I shake my head lightly and reply in a curt tone, and walk past her.
 To tell the truth, it was true that I thought she was bothersome, but it was also true that I had no idea who this Higuchi Nobuo was.
 But as we passed each other, the woman grabbed my wrist. It was partly because I was careless, but it was also because she moved more quickly than I had expected.
 "Wait a minute. Then what about Sakaki Shintaro? I heard that Shintaro is famous at school, so maybe you know him?"
 When Sakaki's name came up, as expected, this made me aware of it.
 I remembered that there was a guy called "Nobuo" among the four I met at the abandoned factory.
 "Well, I've never heard of him. As you can see, I'm running late. I'm in a hurry."
 "You're lying. Your face right now was absolutely acquainted with him. Because the moment I said his name, you looked as if you had something in mind. You really know, don't you? I'm sorry to rush you, but can you let him know that Yukari, Nobuo's sister, wants to see him? Please."
 "Is it your brother? Why don't you just call him on his cell phone or something?"
 "I want to do that, but Nobuo won't even let me, his own sister, know his cell phone number."
 "Ah, I see. Then, you can ask the teachers, right? The staff room is on the left as you enter the building. It's almost time for lunch break, so I think at least one teacher should be left in the staff room."
 "That may be true, but I've always disliked teachers. And a cool boy is the one who's willing to do what a girl in trouble asks, isn't he?"
 "Huff... why should I? Okay, I can't help it. I'll sure I can think of someone who might be like that... so I'll check it out..."
 "Oh, thanks. I appreciate it. If you tell him that his sister Higuchi Yukari is waiting for him at the school gate, he'll understand."
 The reason why I accepted her bothersome request was because she was a beautiful girl, as it should be.
 But that is not the only reason.
 When Yukari came around to my front, I noticed that her steps were somehow strange.
 Perhaps she has injured her left leg or something. It was just a slight discomfort that a normal person would miss. But because I noticed it, I felt compelled to help her.
 "I might have mistaken it for someone else, so please don't think that I will be able to get in touch with him by this. And if I'm wrong, I'm going to go to the class as it is. So, if you don't see him after a while, please ask the teacher or something."
 "Yes, I know it. That's all right. I'm sorry, you're going to be a great guy in the future."
 I reminded her like that and I left the place.
 I didn't think I had mistaken his brother for anyone else, but I wasn't going to look around for him either.
 And I think his class was at the end of the hallway. If I don't find him there, I don't know the rest.
 It's quite possible that he could have wandered off somewhere after a lunch break. But I don't want to search the school building during the lunch break.
 Then, just as I entered the entrance of the school, I heard the chime of the lunch break. I changed my shoes at the shoe box and walked up the front stairs to Sakaki's class.

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