Chapter 37 Buried Regrets, Part 2

 Main Character's Perspective

  As if to blow away the feeling of entanglement inside me, I smile teasingly at Kyouka and drop a kiss on her forehead in a mischievous manner.

 This action triggered a flirtatious atmosphere between the two of us.

 As if we were playing tricks on each other, I kissed her forehead and she kissed my cheek. We kiss each other lightly over and over again.
 While we were joking around like this, I hugged Kyouka from the side, and I tilted my face slightly to the side so that our lips were firmly pressed together.
 At the same time, I could feel her lips on mine.
 Although we have already exchanged many times, I feel more excited than usual when I think that her lips are going to give me fellation.
 Perhaps the fact that we were alone without fear of anyone else probably had something to do with it.
 We kissed each other more intensely than ever, and I could tell that not only I but also Kyouka was gradually getting carried away.
 Our tongues made a sizzling sound, and we caressed each other's tongues as if we were devouring each other with our lips.
 Such kissing continued for quite a long time. And after I had fully enjoyed the feeling of Kyouka's lips on mine, I decided to break the kiss and move on to the next action.
 "Hey, can you take off your clothes, just the top?"
 "Hmm... just to be sure, you don't want to finish the sex, do you?"
 "Yes, I promise. Though I'll probably touch your breasts and lick them a little."
 "Ahaha... as expected, you will do that. But, let's see. Shuu-kun, you won't be disappointed if it's not what you expected, okay?"
 Kyouka looks troubled as she says this.
 As she had done before, Kyouka seemed to be concerned about her breasts, as if she was not very confident about them.
 "I think Kyouka cares too much. Don't worry, it will never come to that."
 I can't explain why she thought that.
 Still, I was confident that I would not be disappointed enough to assure that Kyouka was overconfident. Not only that, I had a hunch that Kyouka's breasts would be close to my taste.
 "All right. Well, I knew that would happen anyway. But, wait a minute. I'll take them off myself."
 The sweater was a coffee-colored one, a little too big to cover the inseam of the tight black skinny pants. Kyouka puts her hand on the sweater and pulls it up toward her head.
 I could see from the beginning that Kyouka was wearing long-sleeved innerwear under the sweater, so I was not expecting to see her naked just because of that.
 However, I could clearly see the lines of her body as she took off the loose-fitting sweater, and I could clearly see Kyouka's long-sleeved breasts pushing up the innerwear from the inside.
 Then, after glancing at my face with her sideways glance for a moment, Kyouka took off the remaining innerwear in the same way.
 "Wow, it's so embarrassing. Still, I've prepared myself for this. Though, I'm so nervous when I'm about to do something..."
 What appeared in my sight were two big bulges that were about to stick out from the clean, pure white bra.
 Compared to Ayano and Sayaka, her breasts are a little less full.
 However, it seems to be only because of the lack of height at the top, and the overall volume does not seem to be that different. Kyouka's breasts seemed to be as big as Ayano's and Sayaka's, as they seemed to stick halfway out of her bra.
 "You don't have to be in such a hurry after I asked you to do this. If Kyouka is still embarrassed, I'll just grit my teeth and bear it."
 "Don't be so dramatic! Shuu-kun, that's not fair. If you say so, then I'll have no choice but to do my best."
 "No, I'm just kidding. I'll just wait until you've made up your mind. Kyouka."
 "No, I've already made up my mind to show Shuu-kun. But, I need to be vigorous about it too. Phew... Phew... Huff... Thennn, here we go..."
 Saying this, Kyouka puts her hand on the front hook and takes off her bra.
 As soon as I saw what was hidden under it, I understood what Kyouka was concerned about, and at the same time, my intuition that I must like it turned out to be right.
 "What's the matter, it's so beautiful. Where was the need to be concerned about this?"
 "Ugh... it's embarrassing to be looked at so closely. Because, you see, this is..."
 I think I know what Kyouka is trying to say. I mean, it can't be found anywhere else.
 Though, I'm glad to say that it fits my taste perfectly.
 The vertical boobs are more agitated by the faint traces of swimsuits. In the center of her breasts, her nipples were completely covered with pink nipples, which was unusual for a Japanese.
 It must have been the sunken nipples that had been bothering Kyouka.
 "Oh. I understand your concern. It's just that it's rather the opposite. I don't know what to say, there are guys out there like me who like nipples like that."
 "Whoa!! There's a pervert here. I didn't think Shuu-kun had such a hobby..."
 "Tsk! You're embarrassed to reveal your breasts, and now I'm being treated like a pervert. Well, it's a fact that I have a taste for it."
 "It's a lie, a lie. I was just a little embarrassed. I'm actually relieved to hear you say that, Shuu-kun. Besides, it made me a little bit happy."
 Despite being a little bit embarrassed, Kyouka's face turns redder than I've ever seen it before.
 Her face also looks happy.
 However, I was conscious of something else in front of such a face of Kyouka. I noticed that I felt something strange.
 I was staring at Kyouka's boobs with no restraint, and for some reason, I felt that similar memories overlapped with each other for a moment in my mind.

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