Chapter 40 Hatred and False Love, Part 2

 Third Person Perspective
 "You still don't have enough faith, don't you? You should serve more carefully. That's your duty from God."
 Such a voice comes to the woman who was shaking her head up and down and sucking his cock with a jabbing sound.
 The woman who was sucking the cock with her face buried in her big belly seemed to be listening to the man's words with a fascinated expression on her face, as if the penis in front of her was really a gift from God.
 "That is it, Miki. You can do it if you try. Now serve me with your dirty cunt."
 "Y-Yes. Founder. Thank you for your mercy."
 It has been only a little more than two weeks since Miki joined the Gospel of Love.
 Even so, Miki felt very joyful to be in a position to serve the Founder in this way.
 The daily troubles of the mundane world are somehow tolerated because she is able to do physical service as a priestess. It all started that day when she received the sacred wine from the founder.
 At the moment when the founder's penis entered her cunt, Miki was so happy and comfortable that she almost came lightly.
 However, she felt embarrassed when she thought that her dirty cunt had already learned the taste of his penis.
 Thinking back, the sex she had with the founder that day was the best experience of all the sex she had ever had. She instantly understood that she could never think of sleeping with other men again after having such a good sex.
 Since that day, just the smell of the founder's penis has caused her cunt to drip a little bit of dirty girl juice.
 Miki herself had always thought that she did not dislike sex. But after experiencing sex with the founder at that time, she realized that it was good.
 She knows men in her own way. She was confident that she had an attractive body to attract men, and since she worked in a cabaret club, many dirty men asked her to spend a night with them. To tell the truth, the founder was one of them.
 She was not so keen on it at that time and yet, ended up paying a million yen for it, and right after that Miki felt like repenting.
 She almost missed such a wonderful and happy experience.
 Of course, she had not received the promised money. On the contrary, Miki was now more than willing to donate the money.
 Miki understands the great effect of the sacred wine. However, no matter about the sacred wine, she can't live without the founder's penis any more.
 The sensation of the hard penis gouging her cunt left her cunt in a state of spasm and mess.
 Miki had already come so many times that all she could think about now was how good it felt to be penetrated by this penis. She had thought of the founder as nothing more than a dirty, fat old man, but now she couldn't help but love him, and her cunt felt so good.
 Miki herself had to admit that all her female instincts had given in to this penis.

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