Chapter 50 Aura of Jealousy, Part 1

 Main Character’s Perspective
 Naoko sits down on a cushion and glares at me with a provocative look.
 After the argument at the entrance, Yukari is clearly on the verge of losing her temper with Naoko, who refuses to show any sign of leaving.
 It may be that Yukari's feelings toward Naoko have been changing, but more than anything else, her attitude toward me was intolerable to Yukari.
 That's how I had nailed her.
 Although I don't think she would dare to lay her hands on me, I don't think it would be good for the conversation to get complicated. So I should keep the situation as calm as possible so as not to make a big deal out of it.
 But it seems like every time Yukari defends me, I just become more and more of a villain in her mind. If it were in the other world, I could just eliminate such an obstacle or I could threaten her to make her listen to me, but I don't want to do that in this world.
 So I suggested that she come in and talk with me.
 It was as if the roles had been switched from when Yukari came to the Gospel of Love Church, and I was about to let out a sigh.
 "Naoko, you know what? Are you trying to argue with my choice?"
 "If Yukari-san looked in a decent state, I wouldn't have said such a thing."
 "What? Do you think I'm crazy?"
 "Yes. At least, you don't look like the usual Yukari-san."
 "What's the difference? You're just assuming that I have to be that way, aren't you?"
 "No, you have no intention to date a man now. Besides, didn't you always say that bringing a man home when you're not married to him is just being a slut?"
 "That's because I'm really in love with Sienna. Now I know that I just haven't met anyone like that before. So, I can understand why you don't agree with me after such a big talk. Isn't that how it is with love?"
 "Oh gosh... If that's the case, why did you give up on bringing Miki back so easily? Did you change your mind about that too? That's not very Yukari-san-like."
 "I have told you many times that it was a result of respecting Miki's decision. And moreover, there is a love affair involved. It's not something everyone should say. I mean, Miki is old enough to get married."
 "No, Yukari-san, wasn't it you who said that Miki must have been deceived by the religion and that you would bring her back even if you had to grab her by the neck?"
 Right now, neither of them seemed to accept the other's argument, and Naoko seemed to have no intention of giving up trying to persuade Yukari.
 Well, it was understandable that she could not believe Yukari's change of mind, but I was getting somewhat fed up with the conversation going round and round in circles.
 It seemed that Yukari was the same, and I could see the frustration on her face.
 "It seems you don't understand me at all. So, what do you think, Sienna? Should I kick her out by force?"
 "At this rate, I'm afraid that would only cause a commotion outside the apartment."
 "Sigh... In that case, why don't I make her a servant? That way, she'll listen to us, right?"
 Yukari suddenly says such a thing in front of Naoko.
 But it is not that I did not think about it.
 In other words, Yukari could become Naoko's servant by sucking her blood.
 But then, the Lesser Species does not have the ability to make its target vampiric.
 So, even if Yukari sucks Naoko's blood, Naoko does not become a vampire, but only becomes loyal to Yukari in her human state. I don't know how loyal she will be, but it will probably be better than what she is now.
 In a sense, it is similar to the bond between me and Yukari, but the crucial difference is that Naoko is still a human being.
 Regarding the fact that she is forced to live her life as Yukari's servant with such human feelings, I am not going to say anything about it now. All I was worried about was whether or not there would be any problems as a result of making Naoko a servant.
 "That's true, but you know what will happen as a result, don't you?"
 "Yes. Sienna explained it to me many times."
 "Yukari-san, once you make her your servant, you will be responsible for taking care of her for the rest of her life."
 "I don't mind that. Then, what do you want to do? She seems to be still a virgin. If Sienna is interested in Naoko's body, I think she can be a toy for both of us."
 "What! What do you mean 'toy'!? .... Yukari-san, what are you talking about!?"
 "Hmm, you want it too, don't you? Don't worry, I'll take good care of you."
 "Yukari-san, I really think you've lost your mind..."
 "I know, you're not being mean to me about Miki. The point is that you like me and you're jealous of Sienna, right?"
 Naoko's face turned reddish as she heard Yukari say such a thing so casually.
 "T-That's not true!"
 "Are you saying there is no such thing? I've noticed that you've been looking at me that way for a long time."
 "E-Even if that's true, it's not the same thing!"
 "What is it? Is it possible that you don't like being embraced by me so much? I see you don't like..."
 "N-No, that's... Yukari-san. Why do you have to talk about it now?"
 "After all, that's what you're complaining about, isn't it? I'm sorry, Sienna. That's the reason why this girl is so insistent on getting involved with you."
 Before I heard Yukari's words, I was aware of this.
 It was impossible for me not to notice the black aura of [Jealousy] hidden behind the aura of [Hate], and the pink of [affection] and [sexual desire] that was constantly directed toward Yukari.
 So, in any case, it's not right to be angry at Yukari.
 If she has a problem with Miki, she should have gone to the Gospel of Love herself and brought Miki back. However, instead of doing so, she blames Yukari unilaterally and her actions are nothing but sophistry to hide her feelings.
 "It can't be helped. Now that we've talked that much, I can't just ask you to leave like this, Naoko. However, Yukari-san too, you'd better watch what you say and do."
 "I'm sorry. But if I let her go, she might talk nonsense among my friends. That wouldn't be very pleasant for Sienna, would it?"
 "That's true, but... No, that's right. In your case, it might be better to do so."
 When she said that, I couldn't say anything back to her.
 I was even thinking of using the aphrodisiac I used on Miki to shut her up too.
 But if I did that, Yukari would find out about my lies. I had no idea how Yukari would react to this, so I had kept my mouth shut until now, but I had no idea that Yukari would propose something similar to this...
 "So, I'm going to respond to your feelings. It's not a bad idea, right?"
 Naoko's face showed surprise at Yukari's superior and unsympathetic tone.
 But what I saw was a yellowish color with [expectation] hidden in the purple of [surprise].
 Even Naoko must have known that Yukari was going to do something to her. In fact, Yukari is now approaching Naoko gradually from a standing position.
 But she is not trying to run away at all, which I could have guessed without seeing her aura.
 While I was thinking about that, Yukari was pushing down on Naoko without much resistance as if she was covering her.

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